Preparation of sorrel for the winter

Preparation of sorrel for the winter

Summer gives us so many delicious fruits and vegetables! Remember how long in the dreary winter you want something sweet cherries, then stuffed pepper, then summer borscht and rich? You can not suffer and do not saliva, and in time to make stocks for the winter, then waiting for warm days will not be so sad. Do you think that homework is hellish work, standing in the kitchen, which looks like hell because of steam and fire? What can cope with spins only experienced hostess? It is not, in fact there are very simple recipes that anyone can handle. For example, harvesting sorrel for the winter does not require much effort, and the benefits of such reserves are enormous.

Sorrel is a very useful product, in its composition there are many vitamins, acids, macro-and micronutrients. In winter, oxalic borscht or green soup will be an excellent support for immunity and even a great variety of menus.

In sorrel in large quantities contain vitamins A, E, K, group B, ascorbic and oxalic acids, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and tannins.

Vitamin C in 100 grams of sorrel 43 mg, beta-carotene - 2, 5 mg, vitamin E - 2 mg, potassium - 500 mg, phosphorus - 90 mg, magnesium - 85 mg, calcium - 47 mg. Calorie sorrel is not high, only 22 calories for the same 100 grams.

Sorrel for the winter can be prepared in different ways, choose the easiest and easiest for yourself.

Freezing sorrel

The easiest way to prepare sorrel for the winter can be using freezing. If you have a large freezer or a separate freezer, then all you need to do is wash, cut, pack sorrel into the bag and send it to the cold. It is reasonable to freeze sorrel not in whole briquette, but in portion. Suppose you usually cook soup or borscht from two medium beams of sorrel - so make frozen portions in the same volume. You can immediately add to the sorrel chopped greens - onions, dill, parsley.

But sometimes a place in the freezer is too valuable to give it to a product that can be prepared in some other way. After all, with the help of freezing for the winter you can stock up on berries and fruits.

Rolling in cans - 1m way

This method of harvesting sorrel using standard seaming of the product in sterile jars. When preparing sorrel, it is necessary to wash the container very thoroughly and sterilize it properly, since no preservatives (salt, vinegar, citric acid) are used in this recipe.

Sorrel must be thoroughly cleaned from dirt and sand, which is often caught in it and cut. After that, bring 1 liter of water to the boil and lower the sorrel there, it will quickly darken and limp. Boil sorrel is not necessary, literally after 1 minute of being in boiling water, it should start to be laid in half-liter jars (liter and larger ones are not profitable, you will not consume so much sorrel at a time and the rest will disappear). Place the sorrel very tightly, at the end add a little boiling water with suck so that the water completely covers the contents and is flush with the neck of the jar. Sterilize covers and close with a key. Allow the banks to cool at room temperature and store in the pantry or cellar.

Rolling in cans - 2m way

In this recipe there is salt, quite a lot. Therefore, when using sorrel harvested in this way, it is not necessary to put salt in the broth.

Sorrel leaves are sorted, washed and dried. Cut them in large enough and mix with salt in the proportion of 100 grams of salt per 1 kg of sorrel. Banks for this workpiece is better to take small - 0, 25-0, 35 liters. They put sorrel in them tightly so that the juice is separated and closed with sterile plastic or iron caps. We keep stocks in the refrigerator, on the cold balcony or in the cellar.

Rolling with salt and fat

To prepare sorrel for this recipe you will need a meat grinder, glass bottles, salt and fat.

Sorrel we touch, wash, dry and pass through a meat grinder. Add 30 grams of salt, mix. Put the masses into sterile bottles through a funnel and pour melted fat on top. Bottles are closed with stoppers and stored in a cool dark place in a horizontal position.

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