What to do if oversalted sauerkraut

What to do if oversalted sauerkraut

Most hostesses, salting cabbage for the winter, follow the recipe and strictly observe the proportions indicated in it. But it may happen that, it seems, as much salt was added as the recipe requires, and the sauerkraut turned out to be salty. What to do in this case?

Of course, it would be best if you understand that the cabbage is too salty even during its preparation. In this case, you can increase the portion of vegetables . Extra cabbage and carrots will absorb excess salt, and as a result, the sauerkraut will turn out delicious and crispy. Just do not forget to mix the ingredients thoroughly before sending them under the press.

Peregrol cabbage can be found when she has already started to juice. In such a situation, you can drain part of the resulting brine and fill the deficiency with clean cold water. Just do not drain all the juice, because then the cabbage will lose flavor and get fresh.

Remove excess salt in sauerkraut will help raw chicken. Carefully free the egg from the shell, place it in an empty tea bag and immerse it in cabbage for 10 minutes. This method is considered effective, but very risky.

The methods proposed above can help in the process of salting the white cabbage, but it may happen that the salting is found already in the winter, before heading for a snack on the table. In this case, shred and add an additional portion of vegetables will not work, and washing the cabbage is unlikely to save the situation. But do not be upset and even more so to send the product in the trash! You can bake pies from over-salted sauerkraut, cook a vinaigrette and cook soup, just keep in mind that the cabbage contains more than salt, therefore you should not add more salt. Salted cabbage can be eaten raw, to muffle excess salt, add finely chopped onion and pour in vegetable oil. As you can see, there is a way out of any situation. If you overdosed sauerkraut, you should not be upset, because knowing the tricks offered to your attention a little higher, you can correct the situation and feed the household and guests with tasty and healthy dishes with the addition of sauerkraut. Probably, in your piggy bank of culinary tricks there are different ways from what is presented in the case of overdone sauerkraut, we would be grateful if in the comments to this text you reveal them.

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