How to make milk whey

How to make milk whey

Recently, you can often find whey-based drinks in stores. They are considered beneficial to health, well refreshed, but cost unnecessarily expensive. Whey is a by-product in the production of cottage cheese and cheese, and it is easy to get it at home. The home product will not only be cheaper than the purchased one, but will also be more useful than it. In addition, it can not only be drunk, but also used for making dough, as well as for cosmetic purposes. Learning how to make milk whey, you will simultaneously learn how to make home-made cottage cheese, which also turns out to be more tasty and useful than shop-based, much cheaper.

Cooking Features

Over time, under the action of lactic acid bacteria, milk sour, gradually turning into yogurt. If sour milk is reheated, it will curdle. In both cases, a clear, slightly yellowish liquid is formed, which is whey. In industrial production, it is produced in the production of cheese, cottage cheese or casein. Accordingly, it is called cheese, curd or casein. Cheese has the softest taste, curd most sour. Their composition also differs, but not significantly, all the listed products are equally useful.

At home, whey can be prepared from yogurt, sour milk, kefir and other dairy products. Small differences in the technology of its preparation from different products may be, but the general principles of obtaining serum will be identical. Milk need to ferment and curb, then separate the whey. To obtain the expected result, you need to know and take into account a few points.

  • On sale you can find milk reconstituted from powdered milk and subjected to ultrapasteurization. Such milk can be stored for months without souring for a long time even after opening the package. Attempting to make whey from such milk is doomed to failure. For the preparation of whey, you must use whole milk, which has a short shelf life. Ideally, it should be farm milk.
  • Milk acquired from hands can be obtained from a sick cow. It needs boiling. Only after that you can drink it without fear of harm to health, or use it for cooking whey, especially if you do it in a way that does not involve heat treatment.
  • To speed up the process of souring and curdling milk, you can use a special starter purchased from a store, but it will be much easier and cheaper to ferment milk with the help of sour cream or another fermented milk product.
  • In order for milk to curb faster, it is heated. This should be done over low heat. It is important not to heat the product for too long, otherwise the cottage cheese will become hard as rubber, although it will not affect the quality of the whey.
  • After the formation of cottage cheese, the product is reclined in a colander covered with a thin cloth or layered with several layers of gauze, then hung over the pan and wait for the whey to drain completely.

Whey should be stored exclusively in the refrigerator. If it is poured into a sterilized jar and tightly closed, it will not deteriorate within a month. Otherwise, its shelf life will be only 4 days.

A simple way to prepare whey


  • milk - how much is available.

Method of preparation:

  • Set the sour milk that started out of the fridge and leave it at room temperature for a day. During this time, it will exfoliate, turning into yogurt and whey. Sour milk huddles on top, whey will be at the bottom. If the milk was fresh, the process of turning it into yogurt and whey will be longer.
  • Place a colander or strainer above the pan. Put in it folded gauze or thin fabric.
  • Pour the sour milk into a sieve, let the serum drain.
  • Slice the sour milk into a cup. Pour the serum into a glass or a clean jar, close tightly and place in the refrigerator.

If the yogurt is heated by stirring, then it curses. After that, it should be thrown back on the same sieve, having received the second batch of whey and cottage cheese.

How to make whey by freezing


  • sour milk - 1 l.

Method of preparation:

  • Take two tight packages and put them one into the other so that they are guaranteed not to leak.
  • Pour sour milk into a double bag.
  • Tie the edges of the bag tightly, put it in the freezer.
  • Place a sieve above the pan, bedding gauze or thin fabric folded several times.
  • Remove the milk from the freezer, cut the bag, put the ice in a sieve.
  • Leave at room temperature until the milk is completely thawed. As a result, whey will be in the pan, and cottage cheese in the sieve.

The possibility of obtaining cottage cheese and whey without heating the milk will appeal to those who worry that the product during heat treatment may lose some useful properties. According to this recipe, it is possible to make whey not only from yoghurt, but also from kefir and other dairy products.

The classic method of preparation of whey


  • milk - 1 l;
  • kefir or other fermented milk product - 60 ml.

Method of preparation:

  • Heat milk to 30-35 degrees.
  • Add kefir, matsoni, sour cream or other fermented milk product to milk. Mix well.
  • Cover the pot with milk, cover with a woolen blanket. Leave for 8-12 hours in a warm place. At this time, try not to move the pan.
  • Place a cloth-stained sieve over a clean pan, fold the yogurt onto it. Tie the edges of the fabric in a knot, tied to the handle of a wooden spoon or spatula.
  • Remove the sieve. Place the spoon on the edges of the pan so that the bundle with yogurt is inside the pan, but does not touch its bottom. Put in the fridge. After about a day or even earlier, you will get cottage cheese and whey.

The fatter the milk was, the more you will get cottage cheese and less serum. If you want to speed up the process of separation of whey, yogurt should just be heated.

Fast way to prepare whey


  • milk - 2 l;
  • lemon - 1 pc.

Method of preparation:

  • Squeeze the juice from the lemon and strain it.
  • Pour the milk into the pan and heat it.
  • Pour lemon juice into hot milk.
  • Boil it, stirring it until it flaps.
  • Throw back in a colander, having previously placed gauze folded in several layers in it.

Serum and cottage cheese are prepared quickly for this recipe, but they are sourish. The main useful properties of the product from heat treatment are not lost.

Whey contains a large amount of vitamins, macro-and micronutrients. It is useful for ingestion and for external use. Beauties rinse her hair, make tonic and facial masks based on it. Mistresses knead the dough on it, make delicious refreshing drinks from it. For all these purposes, the product obtained at home is best suited. Serum can be prepared in different ways. All of them allow simultaneously with the whey to get cottage cheese, which is also a tasty and useful product.

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