How much herring is stored under a fur coat

How much herring is stored under a fur coat

In many families there is a tradition to cook herring under a fur coat for a celebration. And this is not surprising, because this puff salad has a great taste. Herring under a fur coat is usually cooked in large portions, so often the salad remains uneaten. It contains a lot of perishable foods that have different shelf life, so when preparing this dish for future use, it is very important not only to monitor its shelf life, but also to store it properly.

Expiration date of herring under a fur coat

To store a layered salad herring under a fur coat should be strictly in the refrigerator. From the moment of its preparation, it can keep freshness up to a maximum of 2 days at a temperature of 0 to +5 degrees. Such a short shelf life is due to the fact that a dressing, that is, mayonnaise, is introduced into the dish, not before serving, but immediately during cooking. Also the shelf life of the dish reduces the presence of onions and boiled eggs. Salad prepared on the basis of homemade mayonnaise with raw eggs, can lie in the refrigerator for no more than 24 hours. For this reason, even professional chefs recommend using store mayonnaise with preservatives.

Storing herring under a fur coat in the freezer is unacceptable. Freezing adversely affects the taste and texture of the dish. In addition, there is mayonnaise in the salad, which when frozen freezes into its constituents.

Tips for preserving herring under a fur coat

  • For storing herring under a fur coat, like for other salads, it is necessary to use glassware. Also suitable for this porcelain and ceramic packaging. But from the dishes of stainless steel and aluminum is better to refuse, because it is able to oxidize products, which reduces their shelf life.
  • It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the salad should be tightly closed with either a lid or cling film.
  • Eggs should always be boiled before use, that is, they must be freshly cooked. The shell must be cleaned before cutting the product. Boiled eggs are recommended to be cut into salad in fairly large pieces.
  • It is necessary to start grinding the boiled vegetables entering the herring under a fur coat only after they have cooled completely. If this is not done, they will reduce the shelf life of the salad, because they will speed up the deterioration of perishable foods.
  • For salad, use only the freshest ingredients, especially for perishable ingredients such as herring and eggs.

Secrets of cooking herring under a fur coat

  • For the salad to get a more refined taste, you need to pickle onions. To do this, chop the vegetable, then put it in a bowl with a small amount of water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. A quarter of an hour is enough for the onions to acquire a sweet-sour taste and a pleasant crunch.
  • To get a soft and well-impregnated salad, ingredients are recommended to be passed through a fine grater. If you add to a herring under a fur-coat apple, then, on the contrary, it is better to grind it in the form of cubes, otherwise it will give a lot of juice, which will give the salad excessive wateriness.
  • The herring under the fur coat will be softer and richer if you mix the onions and fish with vegetable oil, and only then put the salad in layers.
  • For a salad, it is better to buy a medium-sized, slightly salted herring. Fresh fish has a silver color, elastic texture, bulging, not dull eyes, dark red gills and a pronounced fishy smell. It is important that there is no damage and “rusty” spots on the herring.
  • Salad turns out to be tastier if laid out in thin layers. Thick layers significantly distort the taste of the dish.
  • Putting the salad right on flat dishes. Thus, the layers will be uniform, therefore, one ingredient will not interrupt the other.
  • The herring under the fur coat will become much more tender and richer if you let it stand in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. This time is enough for it to be thoroughly soaked with mayonnaise. By the way, never regret mayonnaise for this salad.

By following the described tips, you can cook an incredibly tasty herring under a fur coat and properly preserve it. But it is still better to cook this dish in small quantities so that it does not lie in the refrigerator.

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