How to replace Mascarpone

How to replace Mascarpone

Mascarpone is a cream cheese, whose soft taste is very similar to high-quality sour cream and to all of us familiar baked milk. Many tasty desserts are made from it, it is used as a salad dressing and sauce for a variety of seafood. Eat and as a separate dish. Finding such a decent alternative to cheese is not an easy task, but it can be solved. Then we will tell you what is best to replace the creamy yummy.

Most Popular Substitutes

Famous chefs and talented hostesses have come up with a lot of interesting alternatives for delicious cream cheese. Here are the best.

1. Puddings and custard. To replace the mascarpone for different desserts, there will be enough powder for puddings or regular custard mixed with condensed milk. Send the mixture to the refrigerator for 3 hours - and you're done!

2. Fatty cream and vanilla curds. Such a replacement is best suited for sweet desserts. You just need to take the usual children's cheeses with vanilla or vanilla syrukovoy mass, beat them with cream (the proportion should be 2, 5 to one). The fatter the cream, the better. Here is an excellent refueling and ready.

3. Ricotta cheese. Ricotta is an excellent cheese, which has a very delicate taste and soft texture. It can be used instead of mascarpone in a variety of desserts. You just need to:

  • Take 200 g of ricotta and 250 g of cream (minimum 25%);
  • mix well (in a food processor or blender);
  • Beat the mixture thoroughly, make it airy.

You need to be careful with ricotta. This cheese is very versatile - it can be both sweet and brackish. So here you need to find the right note so that the taste of ricotta is as close as possible to mascarpone.

4. Philadelphia cheese. “Philadelphia” - very soft cheese. In terms of consistency and taste, it is in many respects similar to mascarpone:

  • take one pack of “Philadelphia” (300 g);
  • 35 percent cream (2 tablespoons);
  • 3 tablespoons sour cream (minimum 20 percent);
  • mix the ingredients thoroughly.

In addition to “Philadelphia”, you can also use a classic, without any additives, cheese called “Rama Bonjur”.

5. Fat cottage cheese. The recipe is very simple:

  • whip up fat cottage cheese (350 g) and 100 ml of cream (minimum 25%);
  • add sugar (150 g) and lemon juice (quite a bit - 4-5 drops is enough);
  • we also lay 2 eggs, while separating the yolks and proteins and adding them separately;
  • whip the ingredients so that in the end a solid mass resembles a cream.

If the resulting mixture has insufficient thickness, add a little gelatin. 6. Nutella (sour cream). It is, of course, not so delicate and mild in taste as mascarpone, but, nevertheless, not far from the famous Nutella cheese. For ordinary cakes is fine.

Replace Mascarpone for Tiramisu Dessert

No mascarpone, and “Tiramisu” well, really want? No problem. Simply:

  • Take the curd cheese, which does not have the icing.
  • Take advantage of Greek yogurt. By the way, in this version “Tiramisu” will be less calorific, although the taste properties will not suffer at all.
  • Take cottage cheese and sour cream in equal proportions. However, to taste this option is slightly different from the pleasant sweet mascarpone. It feels a little exquisite sourness.

Replace the mascarpone for the cheesecake (aka from the curd)

When cooking cottage cheese cake, mascarpone will perfectly replace:

1. High-quality sour cream (high fat). One kilogram of this cream corresponds to approximately 750 g of mascarpone.

2. Cheese Almette. The recipe is simple:

  • Take 400 g of almette;
  • add 3 tablespoons of cream (at least 40%) and the same amount of sour cream;
  • Whisk the above ingredients to make a homogeneous mixture.

3. All the same almette plus granular cottage cheese and plus cream in the Mediterranean (aka “Fitaki Crème”). Cooking like this:

  • we take 300 g of almette and 150 g of fetaki;
  • add 3 tablespoons of granular cottage cheese;
  • The above ingredients are thoroughly whipped.

In terms of taste, the resulting cheese and cottage cheese mixture is no worse than Mascarpone.

Or maybe not replace, and cook your homemade mascarpone?

Making mascarpone itself is also an option, especially since there is nothing complicated here. Simply:

  • Take a liter of cream (25 percent minimum).
  • Heat the cream in a water bath at a maximum temperature of 85 degrees.
  • Add 3-4 tablespoons of lemon (natural) juice.
  • Do not let rest mix - stir constantly.
  • After about 15 minutes (when the mixture is “tied up”, it becomes doughy), transfer the future tasty cheese to a colander. Before this, cover the colander with several layers of gauze.
  • Stir well (then serum will flow faster).
  • When the mass has cooled, put the future yummy in the fridge.

The next day, the home economical version of Mascarpone will be ready!

When a cheese luxury like mascarpone could not be found on store shelves or the price bites it too much, you can easily prepare a decent replacement.

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