How to grow Kombucha from scratch

How to grow Kombucha from scratch

Kombucha is a truly unique natural remedy that strengthens the immune system and helps fight a variety of diseases. However, to find it on sale is almost impossible. Of course, if you have friends who already use the mushroom for health purposes, then you can borrow a portion of the medicine from them in order to subsequently get a tasty and healthy drink from it. But if this is not possible, then do not despair: there are several ways that allow you to grow Kombucha from scratch at home without any problems. True, it should immediately be noted that this process is rather lengthy and laborious. In order to get the mucous mushroom mass, widely used in traditional medicine, will have to wait at least 2-2, 5 months. Nevertheless, to spend time in order to acquire a reliable and proven over the years medicine is still worth it.

Recipe for growing Kombucha

For the simplest recipe for growing mushrooms, you will need about 1 tablespoon of black tea, 100 g of sugar and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Next, you should brew a sufficiently strong drink, bring the volume of tea leaves to 1 l, cool it and add sugar and vinegar to it. Then the mixture must be poured into a clean three-liter jar, the neck of which should be tied with a piece of gauze. The container for growing Kombucha is specially chosen large and free, so that it feels comfortable and can develop freely both in width and in height. In addition, you need to find a pretty warm place for the jar with a constantly maintained temperature of + 22-25 degrees. It is important that direct sunlight, which is very harmful for him, does not fall on the ripening kombucha. In addition, it should be remembered that in any case it is impossible to move the jar during the ripening of the fungus, therefore, it is necessary to consider the choice of place with special care. Now it remains only to wait until a thin film appears on the surface of the tea, which, as a rule, is formed already after 3-4 weeks. When its thickness reaches about 1-2 mm, the drink in the bank should have a characteristic acetic odor, which indicates that the kombucha has already matured. Now you can gently drain the liquid, replacing it with fresh sweet tea. True, this should be done very carefully and carefully so as not to damage the delicate surface of the fungus itself. Until the moment he gets stronger, it will take several more months.

As it grows, various bubbles and thickening will appear on the surface of the kombucha. There is no need to worry about this, because in this case there is a natural process of development of this unique microorganism. Approximately in half a year you will have a full-fledged adult mushroom in your house, suitable for daily preparation of a drink. Externally, it should resemble a jellyfish, in a very smooth and soft upper surface and a pimply “belly”, which is responsible for enriching tea with useful substances. About once a month, the fungus should be removed from the jar and rinsed gently with warm water. When its thickness reaches several centimeters, the mushroom should be divided into two parts. It is not necessary to use a knife for these purposes, since adult kombucha splits easily.

Kombucha can be grown from scratch on many nutrient mixtures. Especially gentle and useful, it turns out in the event that for these purposes use the broth hips. To prepare it, it will take about 30-40 dry fruits that need to be thoroughly washed and pour 1 liter of boiling water, adding 2 tablespoons of sugar to the mixture. After that, the resulting drink should be placed in a thermos so that a sufficiently large air “plug” remains between the liquid and the lid. Therefore, it is best to take a thermos of 2-2, 5 l, which will allow the Kombucha to grow and develop well. Now it remains only to tightly plug the thermos and leave it for about 2 months. If you have enough restraint and patience, after the specified period, a rather dense and thick jelly-like substance forms inside the container. To use it for the preparation of a healing drink will not immediately work, as the Kombucha must still ripen, for which it may take at least a month. Therefore, a young fungus should be carefully removed from a thermos, thoroughly rinsed with warm boiled water and placed in a three-liter jar, which is about half filled with sweet strong tea. Every few days, tea should be slightly updated, adding a new batch. At this time, the fungus continues to grow rapidly and grow in diameter. When it completely covers the entire surface of the liquid, then the drink should have a characteristic vinegar aroma. From now on, Kombucha is completely ready for medical use.

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