Fruit salad with yogurt - the top five recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a fruit salad with yogurt.

Fruit salad with yogurt - the top five recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a fruit salad with yogurt.

Fruit salad with yogurt - general principles of cooking

We all love sweets. This is not surprising - sugar is a fast-absorbing carbohydrate, which immediately penetrates the blood and gives a very tangible burst of energy, which improves mood and even gives a feeling of euphoria. But it has long been no secret how industrially obtained sweets are harmful. Not only that the excessive consumption of sweets affects not the best way on our appearance, plus to this candy and flour products harm our body. What exactly? The fact is that a large amount of empty, that is, unhealthy calories, trans fats, palm oil, preservatives in the composition envelop our bodies with a thick layer of fat and do not allow us to look healthy and beautiful.

Such products are simply dangerous to health. However, it is not necessary to give up sweets, especially since sweet influences us so well.

The fact is that the easiest and most useful is to replace harmful candies with useful natural desserts. A great substitute for light fruit salads with yogurt. Eat them every day, have fun and have a good day by day.

Fruit salads with yogurt - preparing food and dishes

Since one of the ingredients is fruits and berries, before preparing the salad, wash them well under running water. If you buy apples or pears that are not seasonal or imported, be sure to peel them off - this is where most wax and preservatives accumulate so that the fruit looks good.

The second important ingredient is yogurt. Yoghurt, which we are accustomed to see on the shelves of stores, with sugar and fruit, is just a sugar-containing dessert. Natural yoghurt is an unsweetened dairy drink with a delicate neutral taste. Pure yogurt is also sold in stores, on shelves with sour milk products. You can also do it yourself. To do this, you need to purchase probiotics at the pharmacy or supermarket - bacteria for the yogurt starter and add them to warm homemade milk, then put them in a warm place for a day to start the fermentation process. Homemade yogurt is tasty and healthy and will be a perfect help in preparing delicious fruit salads with yogurt. What kind of dishes to serve the best fruit salad with yogurt? Select batch feed. Serve the salad in a bowl or transparent tall glasses.

Fruit yogurt salad recipes:

Recipe 1: Fruit Salads with Yogurt

Our country is not rich in citrus or tropical fruits, but apples are available all year round. Red, yellow, green, sweet and sour, juicy and tasty. Apples are well kept if each fruit is wrapped in paper and kept in a cold place. Harvest in summer will delight you throughout the year. Prepare a simple fruit salad with apple yogurt.

Ingredients Required:

  • Apple of the “Semyrenko” variety - 1 piece
  • Golden variety apple - 2 pieces
  • Ligol apple variety - 2 pieces
  • dried apricots - 100 grams
  • yogurt - 200 grams.

Preparation Method:

Apples need to be washed well. After that, cut them, remove the seeds and tails. Apples cut into cubes or slices.

Stew dried apricots in boiling water for 10-15 minutes, then rinse and cut into small pieces.

Mix the fruits and season them with yogurt. The salad will be very sweet and will not require a supplement in the form of sugar.

Recipe 2: Fruit salads with yogurt and citrus

Citrus fruits are a great antioxidant. If you have stressful work or you spend a lot of energy on housekeeping, such a salad is what you need. Prepare a great fruit salad with citrus every day, recharge with useful energy and be cheerful and cheerful!

Ingredients Required:

  • oranges - 3 pieces
  • tangerines - 2 pieces
  • grapefruit - 1 piece
  • yogurt - 200 grams

Preparation Method:

Peel off fruit. By the way, the peel is an excellent product for further preparation of color candied fruits. Divide the fruit into slices and remove the film if possible, remove the bones. Cut slices into 2-3 pieces each.

Mix citrus fruits with yogurt and serve to the table. Fruit salad with yogurt and citrus can be decorated with colorful candied fruits.

Recipe 3: Fruit salad with “Exotic” yogurt

Tropical fruits are not only tasty, but also useful. They are sold in our stores throughout the year, and at the moment have sufficient price accessibility. Ingredients Required:

  • Kiwi - 3 pieces
  • banana - 2 pieces
  • canned pineapple - 200 grams
  • orange - 2 pieces
  • yogurt - 200 grams.

Preparation Method:

With a kiwi, remove the skin and cut into thin, semicircular slices.

Remove the peel from the banana and cut it into cubes.

Open the canned pineapples, pour out the juice, and cut the fruits themselves into cubes.

Peel the orange, remove the film from the slices and remove the bones. Cut slices into 2-3 cubes.

Mix the ingredients with the yoghurt and serve.

Recipe 4: Fruit salad with Basket yoghurt

The salad will be especially tasty if you combine all the fruits in one dish - both tropical and “domestic”. In addition, you can add some sliced ​​dried fruit to a fruit salad with yogurt.

Ingredients Required:

  • Apple - 2 pieces of the average size
  • oranges - 1 medium size
  • bananas - 2 pieces
  • Kiwi - 2 pieces
  • grapes - 200 grams
  • yogurt - 200 grams.

Preparation Method:

Prepare all the fruits for cooking: wash them well, cut off the tails, remove the peel and remove the bones.

Apples and oranges should be cut into cubes.

Bananas and kiwi cut into semicircular thin slices.

Vinogradinki need to be separated from the bunch, if they are very large, then cut each into two halves.

Mix all the ingredients and season with yogurt. Fruit salad with basket yogurt is best filled before serving, so that the dish is not glass!

Recipe 5: Fruit salad with yogurt with berries

Berries to taste sweet and sour, so you might want to sweeten the salad. To do this, use better honey or a handful of raisins, but do not spoil the naturalness and usefulness of the dish with sugar. In extreme cases, add a spoonful of fructose to the salad. It is also calorie, like sugar, but is a natural product, and is absorbed more slowly, without raising blood sugar levels.

Ingredients Required:

  • cranberries - 100 grams
  • raspberry - 200 grams
  • currants - 200 grams
  • raisins - 200 grams
  • yogurt - 200 grams

Preparation Method: Berries need to be washed well. If they are frozen, use only defrosted berries.

Raise the raisins with boiling water and leave it for 10-15 minutes, then drain the water and rinse the raisins again under running water.

Mix the ingredients and season the fruit salad with yogurt.

Fruit salads with yogurt - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

Fruits are best used in good quality. Apples must be firm, without “dented barrels”. Bananas should not be laid, not very soft, without dark spots on the skin.

You can use fruits and frozen. Fruits that are frozen do not lose their beneficial qualities and properties at all, but they should be thawed before preparing the salad.

You can make a smoothie from a fruit salad with yogurt. To do this, grind the finished dish with a blender. The resulting drink will be very tasty, and most importantly - 100% useful.

You can add a little cinnamon or vanilla to the dish to make the fruit salad with yogurt more flavorful.

If you do not have enough sweetness in a salad, then instead of sugar you can add a spoonful of honey, a handful of raisins or dried apricots crushed with a knife or a little natural fructose.

If the recipe is pineapple, you can use fresh fruit, but note that it will be a little bitter in salad. Canned pineapple does not have such a bitterness.

How to decorate a fruit salad with yogurt? Use nuts, sesame, candied fruits.

If you serve fruit salad with yoghurt in ice-cream bowls, then you can not mix it, but spread the fruit in portions, and pour yoghurt on top.

Fruit salads with yogurt should be consumed in the morning. The fact is that this method of use is the most optimal. In the morning you will receive the necessary charge of energy that will not leave you all day.

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