Khinkali in Georgian (step-by-step recipe) is a nourishing meat dish. Cooking step-by-step Khinkali Georgian style of beef and lamb

Khinkali in Georgian (step-by-step recipe) is a nourishing meat dish. Cooking step-by-step Khinkali Georgian style of beef and lamb

Khinkali in Georgian is similar to ordinary dumplings. But their distinguishing feature is that they have a very juicy, fragrant filling and interesting shape. According to the traditions of Georgian cuisine, they are eaten with their hands, holding onto the plucked tail of dough on top of the hinkali. At the same time try not to lose the precious delicious meat juice inside them. After all, the main qualities of this dish are a large amount of watery filling and thin dough. As a side dish, they are served with garlic pounded in salt, and various fresh greens.

Khinkali in Georgian (recipe step by step) - general principles of cooking

You can take any flour for khinkali, the main thing is to sift it well. Water for dough should be boiled, but cooled. Egg must be fresh. If desired, the dough can be made without eggs. The finished dough should be given some time to infuse.

Meat for khinkali can be cut finely with a knife or mince. The meat itself must be fresh, without films and blackouts. This dish is made from beef, lamb and pork.

To prevent khinkali from sticking together during cooking, they should be cooked in small portions and in a sufficiently large saucepan. The water should boil well and only then, adding salt, you can omit the alternately prepared blanks, holding them by the tail. Boil need not longer than 20 minutes.

If desired, in addition to the meat filling, you can add greens, mushrooms or cheese in the khinkali. After cooking, the khinkali should be immediately served hot, so that they do not lose all their juicy taste.

Begin to eat khinkali should be on top. For a start, the tail is bitten off, then all the broth is drunk and only then everything else is eaten. In this case, no cutlery in the meal is not used.

Khinkali in Georgian: classic step-by-step recipe

Ingredients: • 400-500 g of wheat flour;

• 200 g of water in the dough;

• one chicken egg;

• two pinches of salt;

• 300 grams of beef meat;

• 100 g fresh pork fat;

• pinch of paprika;

• two cloves of garlic;

• bunch of cilantro;

• three peas allspice.

Cooking Method:

1. Sift flour through a sieve directly on the table.

2. With a hand we make a recess-funnel in the center.

3. Pour one egg into the funnel and pour out a pinch of salt.

4. Add a little cold water.

5. Knead the stiff, stiff dough, constantly kneading it with your hands. If necessary, add a little more sifted flour.

6. Remove the finished lump of dough in a plastic bag or food film for 40-50 minutes to “ripen”.

7. In the meantime, the dough fits, let's do the meat.

8. Cut off all the films and veins of the meat.

9. We wash it in cold water.

10. Cut the meat into small pieces (50-70 g each) in order to make it easier to pass it through a meat grinder.

11. Using the grill for minced meat (if desired, you can use a fine grill), grind all the meat.

12. Then skip the lard (with him the filling will be softer).

13. Clean and wash garlic and cilantro.

14. Finely chop them on a cutting board and send them to ground beef. We leave a little cilantro for registration of the finished dish.

15. Add paprika, a pinch of salt. You can put other spices, for example, a ready-made mixture of spices for meat or a pinch of hops-suneli, zira.

16. Pour about 150-200 ml of cold water into ground meat.

17. Thoroughly mix the filling until smooth. Stuffing for making real khinkali in Georgian in this step-by-step recipe should be a little watery.

18. Pull the dough out of the bag.

19. On the table we form from it not a thin sausage.

20. Cut the sausage into pieces weighing about 50-70 g.

21. Take the first piece and roll it into a thin cake with a diameter of about 10-13 cm.

22. Then we put this cake in a bent palm to make a kind of dough cup.

23. We put in this cup stuffing 40-50 g. 24. Now lifting the edges of the dough, collect them at the top and twist a little, turning in one direction.

25. It is necessary to collect the edges of the test carefully and without haste. Pinch the dough many times to get slightly twisted in the spiral folds.

26. From above, we pinch the end of the dough well so that the meat juice does not leak out. It turned out the bags of dough with meat inside.

27. We spread on Georgian table khinkali on a floury table or a chopping board.

28. The step-by-step recipe involves two options for the development of further steps. Freeze khinkali for storage and use later or cook them immediately.

29. To cook the Georgian khinkali, in a saucepan, with a volume of at least three liters, pour water.

30. Add a little salt and black peppercorn for flavor.

31. Put the pan on the fire.

32. When the water boils, lay out one khinkali into the water, stirring it with a spoon.

33. When the water boils again, slightly reduce the heat.

34. We stop stirring when khinkali float to the top.

35. Cook them for about 20 minutes.

36. Then take out the khinkali from the broth with a skimmer or spoon.

37. Serve at the table right there. Eating need only hot khinkali.

38. Putting them on a plate, sprinkle with finely chopped cilantro.

Khinkali Georgian lamb and onion: a step by step recipe


• 200 g of lamb;

• 100 g of beef;

• 250 g onion;

• pinch of red pepper;

• pinch of black pepper;

• three cloves of garlic;

• salt to taste;

• a pound of wheat flour;

• one chicken egg;

• a glass of chilled water.

Cooking Method:

1. First make the dough. To do this, pour in a bowl of boiled cooled water.

2. Add there one broken egg, a pinch of salt. We interfere with everything with the help of a fork.

3. We start to knead the dough, gradually adding sifted flour to the egg mixture.

4. Knead dough with hands, pressing on it with the inside of the palm.

5. We get cool dough for khinkali in Georgian.

6. Put it in a clean, dry cup. 7. Cover with kitchen towel.

8. Do not touch the cup with dough for about half an hour.

9. During this time we will have time to make the filling. With meat we cut off all the films and veins.

10. Wash the meat in cold water.

11. Cut the lamb and beef finely. Chop on a cutting board with a sharp knife into small pieces.

12. First, cut the meat into plates, then cut them in length into strips.

13. And the strips are cut across into small cubes.

14. Put the minced meat in a separate bowl.

15. Rinse the onions in water and clean them from dry scales.

16. Cut each onion head in half.

17. Spread onions on a chopping board cut down.

18. Cut across into thin plates.

19. Then the length of the small cubes.

20. Onions are sent to the meat in the cup.

21. Sprinkle meat with ground red and black pepper and salt. If desired, you can add any other spices to taste.

22. Add about 150 ml of cold water or some ice to make the mince juicy.

23. Mix the meat filling with a spoon.

24. Now we are engaged in the test. We get it from the package.

25. Hands on the table knead the dough into a big cake.

26. Then take the rolling pin and roll the dough into a thin layer.

27. Using a special shape or an ordinary glass with a diameter of 10-13 cm, we cut out round dough pieces from the dough.

28. Take in hand the first cake.

29. We spread in the center a little filling.

30. Picking up the edges of the dough, we collect them in the center above. There should be a lot of folds.

31. If the tail on top of the khinkali turns out to be long, we cut it off with a knife.

32. Thus, we mold all the cakes for khinkali in Georgian.

33. Recipe step by step continues. We put the khinkali on the table, covered with flour, so that the khinkali will not stick.

34. If the filling remains, then from the dough, which is left when cutting round blanks, make a lump.

35. This lump again roll the rolling pin into a thin layer.

36. Again, cut round blanks form or glass.

37. Sculpt khinkali.

38. In a large saucepan (more than three liters) pour water. 39. Add some salt to the water. For taste, you can also add a leaf of laurel.

40. We put on a strong fire plates.

41. When water boils, we begin to interfere with its circular movements with a spoon. It turns out the whirlpool of boiling water.

42. One by one we carefully throw the khinkali into the whirlpool.

43. We continue to interfere with water, until all khinkali dive into it. You can cook them in one or two steps.

44. When the water boils, reduce the heat to a slight boil.

45. Cook khinkali, stirring.

46. ​​When they rise to the top of the broth, stop stirring.

47. Cook for another 15 minutes.

48. At this time, prepare crushed garlic for refueling.

49. Peel the garlic.

50. Rinse it in water.

51. Finely cut and place in a glass or cup.

52. Sprinkle with salt to taste.

53. With wooden mortar or mortar pestle, mash the garlic with salt.

54. Put the garlic in a small bowl or salad bowl.

55. Finished khinkali are harvested from the broth using skimmers and laid out on a large platter.

56. We serve khinkali in Georgian with garlic pounded in salt.

Khinkali in Georgian (step-by-step recipe) - tricks and tips

• To make the filling watery, you can add some ice to the mince.

• To make the filling juicy, add lard to the mince.

• If the meat is cut against the fibers, it will cook faster.

• Before cooking, to prevent khinkali from sticking, they can be laid out on a rag napkin or on a table sprinkled with flour.

• Frozen khinkali should be prepared without defrosting, otherwise they may fall apart.

• The cooled and reheated dish loses its delicious and juicy taste.

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