Dough for chebureks - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook the dough for pasties.

Dough for chebureks - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook the dough for pasties.

Hot chebureks even in summer, even in winter, are very popular. They are sold literally on every corner.

They have taken root so much in our country that many people take them for the age-old Russian dish. This is not entirely true, the recipe for their preparation came to us from the East or Asia, because This is a traditional dish of the Mongolian and Turkic peoples.

It was they who first began to fry meat patties and spices in a large amount of fat.

Initially, the simplest unleavened dough of three ingredients, salt, water and flour, was used for pasties. Since then, much has changed, today the dough is kneaded on milk, kefir, mineral water, brewed with boiling water, vodka and eggs are added to it. And each housewife considers her own method of making dough the best. Try it, maybe you will enjoy the recipes.

Chefurek dough - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Pasta for pasties

Dough for chebureks - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook the dough for pasties.

This recipe could be the most common, if not for one trick. Butter (or fat) is added to the dough in a very hot, almost boiling form. It is hot oil that promotes the formation of small bubbles when frying. And to make the dough softer and more tender, ordinary water can be replaced with mineral water.

Ingredients: 4 cups of flour (600g), 0.3l of warm water (mineral water can), sugar and salt - without a slit of 1 tsp, 80g of fat (margarine, vegetable oil, lard).

Method of preparation

Dissolve salt and sugar in warm water and pour flour into it. But not all at once, but so that the dough was half-thick. To navigate - the spoon should not stand, but slowly fall, if you put it in the dough. Exactly at this stage, pour in boiling oil, quickly stirring with a spoon. When the oil is mixed, you can begin to pour the rest of the flour and knead, so that the mass becomes elastic. Cover the dough so that it does not blown away, and leave for some time - about thirty minutes. Then thinly roll out and cook pasties.

Recipe 2: Dough for cheburek brew (on boiled water)

Dough for chebureks - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook the dough for pasties.

A very good recipe for the test. It turns out crispy, bubbly and not at all tough. Although it is thin, but it does not break at all when roasting the pies and it is easy to roll it. Below are 2 cooking options - with and without eggs. Ingredients (1 variant): 600g of flour (approximately 4 glasses), 300 ml of water, 2 tables. spoons any grows. Butter (odorless), 1 egg, half a spoonful of salt and a tablespoon of vodka.

Method of preparation

Add oil and salt to water, boil. Add flour to boiling water (incomplete glass) and stir quickly to avoid lumps. In the cooled mass enter the egg and vodka. When they are absorbed into the dough, add the rest of the flour and knead everything well. Before rolling, let the dough stand - the more time, the better (you can leave it at night), but not less than an hour, and fry the pasties.

Ingredients (option 2): 600g of flour, 300 ml of water, sugar and salt - without a slide, 1 tea. spoon, table. spoon of pork fat.

Method of preparation

All ingredients (except water) mix and rub with your hands so that the flour absorbs the fat. Then brew a lot of boiling water (boiling water) and mix first with a spoon, and when cool, knead with your hands. Put the dough in the cold and after an hour you can roll out.

If you do not find lard, drain ordinary lard in the pan, chop it finely. Remove greaves, and fat, when it cools, use as directed.

Recipe 3: Egg dough for pasties

Dough for chebureks - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook the dough for pasties.

Chebureks made from this dough are always soft and crispy, with bubbles. And the crunch is not on the stiffness, namely the fragility of the test. The egg shell acts as a measuring cup. The shell is not broken in half, but a small hole is carefully made at the top, about a centimeter in diameter, an egg is let out through it and an empty container is obtained.

Ingredients: 6-8 shells of water, 4 eggs, 1 shell of vegetable oil, vodka - 100ml, salt, flour (how much it takes to make not too sticky, but not hard dough).

Method of preparation

It’s very quick and easy to cook - mix all the ingredients, knead thoroughly and place in the cold for two hours. Then you can proceed to rolling.

Recipe 4: Dough for pasties on beer

Beer is often used in cooking - they stew meat in it, add it to sauces, soups, and batter. And, of course, knead the dough, which we will do now. You can use light, dark, even non-alcoholic beer. Dough need to roll out very thin. Serve them, like any pasties, preferably hot. Ingredients: 1 glass of beer (250ml), 1 egg, salt, flour - 3-4 glasses.

Method of preparation

Beer mixed with egg, add a pinch of salt and flour to knead the dough. Initially, it turns out tight (hard). To make it softer, it is left to rest for a while (a couple of hours), covered with a napkin or towel.

Recipe 5: Cheesewort Dough with Curd

Dough for chebureks - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook the dough for pasties.

Cottage cheese, which is part of the dough, makes it unusually juicy. And pasties turn out to be soft, both hot and cooled.

Ingredients: a pack of cottage cheese (200g), flour - 1-1.5 cups, one egg, salt, soda - 0.5 hl, vinegar - a few drops to quench the soda.

Method of preparation

Carefully knead cottage cheese with a fork so that there are no large lumps. You can even pass through a sieve. Add egg, salt, slaked soda (drip vinegar on it so that it starts to hiss), mix everything up. At the end, add flour and knead not tight, but not sticky dough, so that it can be finely rolled. If the dough sticks, you can add more flour.

Chefurek dough - useful tips from experienced chefs

- Before you knead the dough for pasties, you need to make sure that you have more flour in your inventory than a prescription. Firstly, it is needed for powder, and secondly, flour is of different varieties, grinding, quality, and in order for the dough to turn out to have the necessary consistency, it may need more (or less).

- If the dough from the ready-made chebureks turned out to be very hard, put them in a pile in a saucepan and cover with a lid, let them stand and otzymanu a little.

- When frying pasties, be very careful with boiling oil: you only need to pack and turn the cakes with dry hands. If even a drop of water gets into the pan, the oil will instantly shoot and may burn.

“To make the edges of the chebureks more beautiful, you can pinch them not with your hands, but with the teeth of a fork, slightly pressing it down.

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