A dry biscuit is a simple basis for wonderful cakes. Recipe and technology of baking dry biscuits

A dry biscuit is a simple basis for wonderful cakes. Recipe and technology of baking dry biscuits

A dry biscuit is a universal cake cake. Such baking is ideally combined with any cream, and its dryness is easily smoothed by impregnation.

By itself, the taste of biscuit is simple enough, but if it is soaked and well-lubricated, and even supplemented with fruits or berries, you get a wonderful dessert, which is in no way inferior to the purchased delicacy.

General principles for making dry biscuits

• Dough for sponge cakes prepared on eggs, sugar and flour. Standard proportions of products: three medium eggs - 100 grams of wheat flour and 90 grams. fine sugar Baking powder, as a rule, is not added to such dough, except for the preparation of chocolate baking, if melted chocolate is used. Fats, namely butter, are added rarely and in small quantities in order to only slightly soften dry pastries.

• In the preparation of the biscuit, the most important thing is the air, so you need to beat the eggs well. Whether it is a yolk or protein mass, with properly performed whipping, it should increase approximately threefold. Interrupting is still not worth it, otherwise the biscuit will be heavy.

• Stir flour in beaten eggs with extreme care so that it does not precipitate a fluffy mass. Usually it is administered in parts and interfered from the sides to the center, with movements from the bottom up.

• To change the taste, biscuit dough can be filled with vanilla or chopped zest of any citrus. Chocolate color achieve cocoa powder or the addition of melted bitter chocolate. In the second case, biscuit cakes have a richer color and bright chocolate taste.

• Bake biscuits in square or round shapes in the oven. The optimum temperature for baking biscuit is 170-180 degrees. Multicooker can easily replace the oven, under it you can adapt any recipe. To make the biscuit bake well, it is prepared on the “Baking” option for one hour, after which it is left in the “Heating” mode for another 10 minutes. • Forms are recommended to prepare before the preparation of the dough. Their bottom and walls are covered with vegetable oil, and in order to facilitate the extraction of the finished baking, the oil layer is sprinkled with flour or laid out the bottom of the form with parchment. A bowl of multivarki need only be treated with oil.

Dry sponge cake: a classic recipe for eggs


• 160 grams of wheat flour;

• eight eggs;

• a glass of sugar;

• citric acid, crystalline.

Cooking Method:

1. Choose two small bowls. Thoroughly wash them with hot water, wipe dry with a towel. On the containers should not be a drop of moisture.

2. In one of the bowls merge proteins, in the second - the yolks. We break the shell carefully so as not to damage the yolk. Even a small amount of it, hitting the protein, will prevent the beating.

3. Place the protein container in the refrigerator, and rub the yolks thoroughly with half of the prepared sugar. For the aroma, you can mix a bit of crushed citrus peel into the already frayed homogeneous mass. For taste - a walnut, broken by a blender or in a coffee grinder.

4. Fill the yolk mass twice sifted with a fine sieve flour and well interfere with it. Lumps should not be.

5. Wash the mixer with degreased hot water, wipe dry with a towel. At low speeds, we begin to beat the chilled proteins. Having achieved uniformity and easy foaming, add a few crystals of citric acid. We continue the process, gradually increasing the speed and pouring a spoonful of sugar at the very rims.

6. The main thing - do not rush, the next portion of sugar should not be entered until the crystals previously added will not dissolve completely. Stop beating, when with a slight inclination of the bowl, a dense mass of proteins will not flow out.

7. Spread proteins to the yolk mass. Enter in portions, two spoons. We interfere gently, and in order not to precipitate proteins, we interfere from the bottom up.

8. When the biscuit dough is ready, we shift it to a grated with vegetable oil and place it in an oven heated to this time to 150 degrees. We bring temperature to 180 degrees. Cooking sponge for about 45 minutes. Check the readiness of the puncture wooden skewers.

Classic recipe for Genoa dry biscuit


• creamy, preferably 72% butter - 80 gr .;

• eggs - 6 pieces;

• fine sugar - 190 g .;

• 130 gr. quality flour.

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare the form for biscuit. We cover the bottom with parchment, apply a thin layer of vegetable oil on it. If there is no parchment, simply lubricate the form from the inside with butter, lightly sprinkle a layer of flour on it. Excess flour removed, turning the form upside down.

2. Pereseivaem flour several times, melt the butter.

3. Fill the pan halfway with water, put on an intense fire.

4. We select a bowl by the size of the pan. It will need to be placed on top so that the bottom does not touch boiling water.

5. Pour sugar into a bowl, pour eggs into it. As soon as the water begins to boil, slightly reduce the heat and put a bowl of eggs on the pan, begin to beat at low speed. Warming up the beat up mass to 38 degrees, remove from heat and continue to beat for about a quarter of an hour. Mass by this time should increase in volume by half, and traces of whisk should not spread.

6. In three passes, gently mix melted and cooled butter and flour into the air mass.

7. Pour the dough into the prepared form. Bake the cake for half an hour.

8. We get ready-made sponge cake not immediately, letting it pause right in the form.

Dry sponge cake with butter and white chocolate


• white non-porous chocolate - 50 g .;

• 130 grams of flour;

• a spoonful of ready-made ripper dough;

• butter - 50 grams;

• six eggs;

• 160 gr. sugar, preferably small;

• potato starch - 15 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Melt white chocolate and butter separate from it. It is desirable for this to use a steam bath. Mix both liquid mass, cool.

2. Add baking powder with starch to the flour and double-pass the mixture through a sieve. Bulk components will mix evenly and flour will be enriched with oxygen. 3. Sugar is poured into a thick-walled stewpan, pouring eggs into it and put on a little heat. Active whipping whisk, raise the temperature of the mixture to 30 degrees. Remove from heat and continue to beat for about 15 minutes. Stop when the mass becomes lush and tripled.

4. We mix in the third part of the flour, pour in a part of the oil-chocolate mass, gently mix. Add another third of the flour, pour out the remaining mass of chocolate and butter, and, having mixed it well, introduce the remaining flour.

5. We shift the dough in the prepared (oiled) form, put it in a hot oven. The first 20 minutes pastry goes at 180 degrees, then lower the temperature by 10 degrees and bake for another ten minutes.

6. Ready biscuit free from the form only after complete cooling.

Chocolate dry biscuit (on bitter chocolate)


• six eggs;

• granulated sugar - 180 gr .;

• 100 gr. bitter high-grade chocolate;

• sweet cream butter - 140 g;

• powdered sugar - 40 g .;

• 130 gr. white flour;

• a small bag of vanilla powder;

• one and a half teaspoons of the ripper dough.

Cooking Method:

1. At least one hour, spread the oil out of the refrigerator. Biscuit requires soft, not melted when heated fat.

2. Before proceeding to the dough, apply a thin layer of vegetable oil on the bottom and walls of the mold and line it with parchment. Paper does not need to lubricate.

3. Chocolate break into pieces, put in a bowl and melt by heating in a water bath. We heat up, stirring, so that the pieces disperse faster. Putting hot chocolate aside, let it cool to air temperature.

4. Put the lightly melted butter in a bowl, sprinkle icing sugar and beat until homogeneous for two minutes. Add chocolate to the butter, add vanilla and add a pinch of salt. Continuing to beat, one by one we add yolks, whites are drained into a separate bowl.

5. Well whipping chocolate mass, go to the proteins. First, at low speeds, beat them up to the pomp. Then, gradually increasing the speed, we add sugar in small portions. 6. When the protein mass becomes dense, in three steps, gently, mix it into the chocolate mass. After that, we also interfere in the same way with flour, which has been previously transported with a ripper.

7. We shift the finished biscuit dough into a form and gently level its surface. We bake chocolate sponge cake at 170 degrees for about 40 minutes. Before turning off the oven, check the readiness of the dry skewer.

Dry chocolate cocoa sponge cake


• five eggs;

• 160 gr. flour;

• 250 ml glass of sugar;

• three tablespoons of cocoa powder.

Cooking Method:

1. Turn on to warm up the oven, deal with the dough. We wash the eggs with water, carefully breaking the shells, pour the proteins into a dry bowl. Put the yolks in a separate dish.

2. Take the tank with proteins and begin to beat them. Initially we do it at minimum speed. Having achieved a slight foaming, gradually increasing momentum. Beat for at least 10 minutes - the more luxuriant the protein mass, the higher the sponge cake rises. When tilting the bowl, properly whipped whites do not flow out.

3. Without stopping the process, gradually, adding no more spoons, add sugar. We do not leave undissolved grains.

4. Go to the yolks - like whites, beat them with a mixer, but not so long. Two minutes will be enough, it is necessary that the yolk mass only slightly increased in volume.

5. On the protein mass through a rare sieve, cross the flour and cocoa, gently pour in the beaten yolks. Mix with gentle, slow movements from the edges to the center.

6. We shift the dough in the form made by parchment, leveled. Cooking at 170 degrees, about half an hour. Take out only after checking the test “for a dry match”.

The easiest recipe for a lush, dry sponge cake for a multicooker


• wheat flour - 160 gr .;

• a glass of fine sugar;

• vanilla powder - 1 gram;

• Eggs - 5 pieces.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour sugar into a bowl, break eggs, add vanilla. Beat until smooth and completely dissolve the sugar crystals. Add peeled flour into the egg mass - beat for at least 8 minutes. 2. At the bottom and walls of the cooking bowl, apply a thin layer of sunflower oil. Slowly pour the dough out of the bowl into the bowl, level it.

3. On the multicooker panel, select the “Baking” program and activate it by setting the timer to one hour. After the end of the cycle, we maintain the biscuit, without opening the lid, on the heating for 10 minutes. Cool slightly, remove from the bowl with a steam container.

Tips for making a dry biscuit - useful tips

• When adding flour, do not stir the dough quickly - when baking, the cake will settle and will be heavy. For the same purpose, it is not recommended to interrupt the egg mixture, once it becomes homogeneous and all large bubbles disappear, the process should be stopped.

• Strictly observe the recommended proportions of products. Excess sugar can cause the upper crust to separate. The same can happen if the sugar crystals do not completely dissolve in the eggs.

• Do not add soda or ripper to the dough, mix the flour thoroughly with the egg mass. Otherwise, the biscuit will have uneven porosity, when cut, poorly mixed components may be noticeable.

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