Baby cereals - the best recipes. How to cook porridge for children.

Baby cereals - the best recipes. How to cook porridge for children.

Baby cereals - general principles and methods of cooking

Baby cereal as a complementary food is introduced into the diet of a child from 7-10 months. After all, it's time for the baby to get a more complete and balanced diet. You can buy special soluble children's cereals, but you can not give “quick” porridge, such as muesli, with various fillings. They are not adapted for the stomach of a small child, contain dyes, flavor enhancers and other food substitutes. What can cause baby allergies or upset stomach. It is best to cook porridge from natural cereals. And you can start with rice. This croup does not contain gluten, is completely hypoallergenic, does not irritate the intestines at all. And then gradually in the menu you can enter porridge from other cereals. Children under the year cooked porridge liquid consistency.

Baby cereals - food preparation

If dishes are prepared for children, then the processing and preparation of products should be approached with great care. All the croup, except for manna, gets over, i.e. it is inspected visually to exclude the ingress of extraneous small objects, and then it is washed several times. If vegetables or fruits are included in the dish, they must be thoroughly rinsed under water and cleaned. And then, according to the recipe, they are cut into pieces or rubbed on a grater.

If there is a small child in the house, it is advisable to immediately buy a measuring cup with graduations so that it is convenient to measure the amount of cereal or liquid. For children up to one year, whole grains of any cereal must be ground to a state of flour, and then boiled porridge. For this it is convenient to use a coffee grinder. If there is no coffee grinder, then the finished porridge is rubbed through a sieve or milled with a blender and diluted to the desired consistency with water or formula (breast milk). Baby cereals - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Rice porridge with apple for children

This porridge can begin to enter into the diet of the baby with six months. Yes, and older children will have it with pleasure. Rice porridge can be cooked with or without an apple. Children from the year can cook rice in milk and add some sugar, fructose or jam from a plate. Grains of rice, you must first grind in a coffee grinder or blender.

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of rice, 250 ml of water, butter, a small apple.

Method of preparation

Chopped rice pour water, add an apple (you must first clean it and cut it into pieces). Boil the porridge for 15 minutes, then beat in a blender until mashed, put the butter. If porridge is cooked for babies up to a year, you can add formula or breast milk.

Recipe 2: Semolina for Children

It is recommended to give semolina porridge to children from one year old. Milk is bred in half with water. From the age of three you can cook porridge on the same milk. It is believed that the semolina is boiled for 10-15 minutes. During this time, she manages to boil well, but also loses a certain amount of protein and nutrients. Therefore, it is better to change the cooking technology: boil the porridge for two or three minutes, then remove from the stove and wrap in a towel for 10-15 minutes. During this time, porridge will swell and reach readiness.

Ingredients: semolina - 4 tsp, 250 ml liquid (125 ml of milk + 125 ml of water), sugar (fructose), butter - 5g.

Method of preparation

Bring to a boil the liquid and fill the semolina. It is convenient to do it through a sieve. First, the croup is sifted in thin streams and no lumps are formed, and secondly, if any garbage falls into the croup, it will remain in the sieve.

Let the porridge boil for about two minutes, remove from the heat and wrap in a towel or blanket for 10 minutes. Add butter, sugar or jam to a plate with porridge and mix well.

Recipe 3: Oatmeal with Banana for Children

To oatmeal is not boring, you can serve it with jam, honey or different fruits - banana, grated strawberries, or an apple.

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of oatmeal flakes, a glass of milk, 1/2 banana, salt, 1 tsp. Sahara.

Method of preparation:

Boil the milk (you can dilute it with water), add sugar, a pinch of salt, pour oatmeal. Make a small fire and cook for half an hour. Finished oatmeal to cool slightly, add chopped banana and whip with a blender.

Recipe 4: Corn porridge with milk for children

Porridge for children older than a year. If you cook it for babies, the grits should be ground to a state of flour in a coffee grinder or you can mix the already prepared porridge in a blender. If the porridge is prepared for children older than a year, add butter to the plate and sweeten with jam, sugar or honey.

Ingredients: 3 tbsp. spoons of cereals, 250 ml of water, 100 ml of milk.

Method of preparation

In the water, stir 3 tbsp. spoon cereal, boil. Make a small fire and cook for 20 minutes. Beat the porridge in a blender (if necessary).

Then pour the milk into the mass, bring to a boil and cook for 5-10 minutes at low heat. At the end add a piece of butter, you can put a grated banana.

Recipe 5: Buckwheat porridge with milk for children

For children's cereals, it is better to buy unroasted buckwheat (light yellow-green) - it contains more nutrients. But the usual buckwheat will do.

Ingredients: buckwheat - 1/2 cup, water - 1.5 glasses, 1/2 glass of milk, 10 g of butter, sugar and salt to taste.

Method of preparation

Pour buckwheat with water, bring to a boil. Reduce the fire and cook, cover with a lid, until the water boils away, about 15 minutes. Remove from the heat, wrap in a towel for 10 minutes so that the buckwheat is ripped off. Add milk to the porridge, salt and sweeten and bring to the boil. Remove from heat, add butter. Serve warm porridge.

Recipe 6: Millet Porridge with Pumpkin for Children

Fresh pumpkin is preserved until the spring, without losing its beneficial properties. Therefore, in the winter months, it will help the child get the necessary vitamins. From it cooked casseroles, pancakes, boil porridge. They are juicy and tasty and like so many children.

Ingredients: 1/2 cup of wheat cereal, a glass of milk, 2 small pumpkin slices (about a glass, if cut into pieces), sugar and salt, butter.

Method of preparation:

Fill the millet with water so that it covers the grain for about 2 centimeters. Boil for 15 minutes, turn off the fire, leave the porridge on the stove. At this time, you can do pumpkin.

Cut the pumpkin in small pieces, add milk and boil. As soon as it is cooked and becomes soft, it needs to be sacked and added to millet porridge. Salt, sweeten, if the porridge turns thick, add hot milk and boil for 3 minutes. Add oil and can be served.

Baby cereals - useful tips from experienced chefs

If a kid eats badly, you can interest him - make a drawing out of a drop of jam on a porridge - a sun, a car, a bunny, a flower. Or decorate with pieces of fruit or berries.

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