The best recipes of pollock: step-by-step cooking on the stove and in the oven. Cooking delicious and juicy dishes from pollock on step-by-step recipes

The best recipes of pollock: step-by-step cooking on the stove and in the oven. Cooking delicious and juicy dishes from pollock on step-by-step recipes

Pollock is one of the most useful and inexpensive fish. It is prepared very simply, quickly, with the right approach, it will also be very tasty. Here are the best step-by-step recipes of pollock dishes that will surely please!

Pollock - general cooking principles

Pollock in the shops is usually frozen, so he needs to thaw out beforehand. It is advisable to do it right. Do not place fish in warm water or heat it. The best way is to leave in the fridge overnight. Next, wash the carcass, cut. You can cut it into fillets or buy it immediately.

With what pollack is prepared:

• with different vegetables;

• cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream;

• cereals.

The fish loves different spices, seasonings, while marinating it turns out tender and juicy. If you need to stew pollock in sauce, you can pre-fry. When baking in the oven, the fish is simply laid out in a form with other products, poured with sauces, covered with cheese. Preparing pollock quickly, usually takes about half an hour. If you add potatoes or other hard vegetables, you need to make a complex sauce, then the total time may increase.

Simple pollock recipe (step by step for the oven)

In this step by step recipe, the pollock is baked under cheese. The fish turns out just delicious, soaked with sour cream sauce, gets a very pleasant aroma. The size of the pieces can be done at your discretion, but it is better not to cut too large.


• 1 kg of pollock;

• 150 g sour cream;

• 1 tsp. mustard;

• 1-2 onions;

• a clove of garlic;

• 120 grams of cheese;

• 5 ml of oil;

• salt, pepper or seasonings for fish.


1. Rinse, cut pollock into small pieces. It can be stripped across with the ridge. Or remove the fillet, cook small plates, as you like. You can even cut into cubes, they are even better soaked in sauce. Throw all the pieces of pollock in a large bowl, in which it will be convenient to stir the fish. 2. Rub garlic clove in a small bowl, add a teaspoon of mustard, spread the sour cream, season it with spices. You can simply add salt and pepper. Or use seasonings for fish or any other mixture at its discretion. Soy sauce fits perfectly here, you can pour in a spoon. Stir well.

3. We shift the sour cream to the pollack and now we mix it all with the fish. It is better to do with your hands to cover all the pieces with sour cream. Leave about ten minutes. If there is a lot of time, then the fish can be pickled for up to a day, but only in the refrigerator.

4. Lubricate the form for baking.

5. We cut onions with thin ringlets. Let us pass by hands so that he slightly releases the juice. Lay out as the first layer in a blurred form.

6. Top put pieces of pollock in sour cream. Rinse the whole sauce from the bottom of the bowl, pour the fish on top.

7. Put the form in a heated oven. Cooking pollock at 200 degrees 15 minutes.

8. Cheese rubbed large.

9. We take out the fish, we fall asleep with cheese and send it to the oven for another 10-15 minutes, until a ruddy crust appears.

Pollock recipe (stepping with potatoes)

Potatoes are the most popular addition to fish. This is another step-by-step recipe for pollock in the oven. The dish is convenient because you do not need to additionally prepare a side dish. In addition, a bit of grated cheese is used on top, but this is an optional ingredient; you can cook a dish without it.


• kilo of pollock;

• 6-8 potatoes;

• 2 onions;

• 170 g sour cream or mayonnaise;

• oil, salt and pepper;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 60-70 grams of hard cheese.


1. You can simply combine the fish with potatoes and mayonnaise, put into shape and bake. But this is not a very good option, as the potato prepares longer, the pollock will have time to dry up. It is better to do a little different way. Tubers cleaned, cut into plates of 3-4 millimeters.

2. Boil a couple of liters of water. Well we salt, we throw in the prepared potato and we boil three minutes. Pour everything into a colander, let the plates cool for now.

3. Cut pollock into small pieces, approximately from a matchbox. Squeeze lemon juice on it. 4. Now take the salt and pepper, sprinkle with pieces of fish.

5. In this dish you can use sour cream or mayonnaise. In the second case, it will be fatter. You can mix sour cream with mayonnaise. In general, we take any product and shift to the fish. Stir.

6. Peel the onions, you can cook this dish without it. We cut into thin half-rings and leave them on the board for now.

7. Lubricate the form for baking, lay out a thin layer of onions. You can use a piece of foil as a substrate, so you do not have to wash the form.

8. On top of the onion, overlap the pieces of potato, which by this time had already cooled down a bit.

9. You do not need to season the potatoes with spices, there will be enough seasoning flowing from the fish, but you need to slightly salt the vegetable.

10. On top of the potato, lay out the pieces of pollock, which have already managed to slightly marinate. We pour the rest of the juice with fish sauce on top, let them soak the potatoes.

11. Warm up to two hundred degrees oven, set the form with fish for 25 minutes. During this time, the dish almost comes to readiness.

12. Rub a piece of cheese with small chips so that it grabs a thin crust and only lightly decorated the dish.

13. Take out the pollock with potatoes from the oven, lightly sprinkle with cheese and bake for another 5-7 minutes, add the temperature to 220 degrees.

Pollock recipe (incremental in tomato)

In this step-by-step recipe, pollock is cooked on the stove. The fish is stewed in a delicious tomato sauce with other vegetables. If there are no fresh tomatoes, then you can use the paste. No less tasty is obtained with tomatoes in its juice.


• 700 g of pollock;

• 3 tomatoes;

• 2 peppers;

• 50 ml of oil;

• 2-3 tablespoons of flour;

• 400 ml of water or broth;

• carrot;

• onion.


1. Rinse pollock thoroughly from the inside and outside, cut into pieces across, about 3-4 centimeters in length.

2. Put wheat flour in a plate. Roll the fish.

3. Heat the oil in a frying pan, make fire strong. Fry the pollock for a minute on each side, should appear ruddy, but not burnt crust. We shift in a saucepan or in a small saucepan, in which it will be convenient to simmer the dish. 4. Clean the onion, dice the vegetable and place it in a pre-heated pan with 2-4 spoons of oil. Begin to browse.

5. Clean the carrot, rub or cut into thin strips, you can crumble in small cubes or circles. We spread to the bow. Slightly fry together.

6. Cut the bell peppers in half, choose the seeds and the inner flaps, they are not needed. Pulp chop neat straw. You can crumble into cubes, like onions.

7. We shift the Bulgarian pepper to the vegetables, cook another minute.

8. Tomatoes are incised with a cross from the side of the spout. Dip in boiling water for a minute. We shift in a bowl and fill it with cold water. Remove the skin, which after these manipulations should easily part with the fruit.

9. Cut the peeled tomatoes into small cubes, transfer them to the vegetables fried in a pan. Stew it all for about five minutes.

10. Dilute vegetables with fish or vegetable broth. But you can just use water. In order not to delay the process of cooking the sauce, you can measure the boiling water from the kettle.

11. Give the tomato sauce to boil, put salt, pepper, add any seasoning.

12. We shift the vegetable mass with the sauce in a saucepan or in a saucepan to the roasted pollock pieces.

13. Cover the pot, set on a small fire and simmer for 15-20 minutes.

14. At the end of the dish we fill with laurel, put fresh greens. As a side dish we use boiled rice, buckwheat, potatoes.

Pollock recipe (stepping with vegetables)

The oven takes part in this step-by-step recipe of pollock. It is easy to cook fish in it, it turns out juicy and tender. If desired, some vegetables can be excluded. We take just a carcass or fillet, it will turn out perfectly in any variant.


• 1 kg of pollock;

• two bulbs;

• carrot;

• two peppers;

• three tomatoes;

• lemon;

• 3 spoons of mayonnaise;

• 100 grams of cheese;

• spices;

• 2 spoons of butter.


1. Fish cut into fillets, cut into pieces of five centimeters, rub with spices and pour with lemon juice.

2. Add mayonnaise to the pollock, stir, leave to marinate for 20-30 minutes, while we prepare the vegetables. 3. Cut bulb onions, grate carrots, add vegetable oil to them, stir, salt and shift into shape.

4. Put vegetables for 10 minutes in an oven heated to 200 degrees, let them bake a little.

5. Cut the peppers into strips. Optionally, you can cut one zucchini or eggplant, they are also perfectly combined with pollack.

6. Tomato slices cut.

7. We take out the form with vegetables from the oven, we put the Bulgarian pepper on top, level the layer.

8. Now lay out the pieces of pollock in the sauce.

9. On top of the fish lay a layer of chopped tomatoes.

10. Return the form to the oven, cook the fish under the vegetables for twenty minutes.

11. Cheese rubbed with large chips.

12. Take out the pollock from the oven, sprinkle the dish on top with grated cheese.

13. Re-send to the oven. Now the temperature can be added to 220 degrees so that the crust appears faster and beautifully browned.

14. Cook the pollock for another 8-10 minutes, remove and serve to the table along with the vegetables.

Pollock - useful tips and tricks

• Lemon - the most safe addition to fish. It gives great taste, perfectly impregnates the product. You can mix lemon juice with honey, soy sauce, mustard and olive oil.

• If the pollock is moving away from the bones, but there is no foreign smell yet, the product can be used. For greater security, you can soak the pieces in a weak solution of vinegar or manganese.

• Unpleasant fishy smell from hands and dishes perfectly removes lemon. But also for this you can use coffee or its thick.

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