Delicious cream: what can you prepare it from? Choose the best recipe for delicious cream for cakes, homemade cakes and other desserts.

Delicious cream: what can you prepare it from? Choose the best recipe for delicious cream for cakes, homemade cakes and other desserts.

Confectionary cream is the final touch in baking preparation, which will give a special, rich taste to a cake or other treat. If you learn how to prepare several basic creams (for example, oil, custard or protein), you can come up with your own unique recipe. The taste of the most common biscuit cake will change dramatically if you add an additional ingredient to the classic butter cream: nuts, cocoa powder, orange zest, etc.

Delicious Cream: General Cooking Principles

The main types of creams for confectionery products are as follows:

• creamy;

• protein;

• oil;

• sour cream;

• custard.

Based on these types, hundreds of different creams are invented, unlike each other in taste, composition and consistency. Skillfully combining ingredients and various flavors, you can turn the most ordinary cake into a real work of culinary art.

The most popular are cream based on butter and sour cream. They do not require a large number of products and time-consuming, so they are in demand among busy housewives. You can note the cream of yogurt or cottage cheese cream, which is not as high in calories as the rest.

Each cream has its specific advantages. Custard is not only very tasty, but also gentle, melting. Prepare it from egg yolks, butter, milk and flour. It is with this cream that the famous “Napoleon” is coated.

It should be noted that too sweet cream can spoil even the most perfect sponge cake. For each type of baking you need to choose a special recipe. As a basis, you can take not only cottage cheese, butter or sour cream, but also less familiar ingredients: for example, creamy ice cream or condensed milk.

What is a cream? This is a bulk weight, which is obtained by whipping proteins, yolks, cream, sour cream, butter, sugar and other ingredients. Vanillin and gelatin are often added to the cake impregnation. Here are the basic rules for making pastry cream:

• The most important rule is that products must be of high quality and fresh. The basic ingredient of most creams is butter. If it contains too much vegetable fat, the finished impregnation will begin to delaminate and be difficult to beat. Another major disadvantage of bad oil is an unpleasant taste. If the manufacturer does not specify all the ingredients and used an insufficient amount of animal fat, the cream will be similar in taste to margarine;

• cream for the cream should ideally be greasy. The minimum percentage is 38%. It is best to use a home product. Low-interest cream is badly whipped, which is why the cake will not be lush and will flow;

• it is important to prepare the necessary kitchen utensils and appliances: mixing containers, a blender or mixer, an egg separator, a small saucepan, etc .;

• If the cake is prepared for a major celebration, it is better to decorate it with roses and borders. Help in this liquid food dyes. They are added to the whipped cream at the end of cooking. To get a bright saturated color, you need only a few drops of concentrate. Those who are afraid of chemistry may use beet juice or a small amount of spinach juice. It is important not to overdo it with such natural dyes, otherwise the impregnation will acquire a specific flavor;

• for aroma and savory taste, you can add liqueur or brandy to the cream. It is also important to observe the proportions.

Cooked cream stuffed cakes and sandwich cakes, also decorate the finished product. The easiest way to decorate a cake is to apply a mass on its surface with a knife or other convenient object and distribute it carefully. A great helper in the kitchen - a culinary bag with a variety of nozzles. With it, you can create to decorate the product with fancy patterns - as fantasy suggests. Pastry bag, as a rule, is sold as a set of two components: an elastic bag and a nozzle. The package can be reusable and disposable. For frequent use it is better to purchase a plastic bag. Nozzles can be very different: in the form of flowers, stars, waves, or various shapes. With the bag you can decorate the sides of the product. For this purpose, they also use a special long knife, the blade of which is not too sharp and wide.

If there is no such device, you can take regular baking paper and build a cone-shaped bag out of it, which you then need to fill with cream. The end of the bag is cut straight, at an angle or in the form of cloves. The finished cake, covered with impregnation, can also be decorated with chocolate figurines, confectionery dressing, crushed nuts, candied fruits, fruits, etc.

Recipe 1: The most delicious cake cream


1. Butter - 150 g;

2. Sour cream - 150 g;

3. Sugar - 150 g.

Method of preparation

Sour cream cake to prepare very quickly and easily. It can be safely used for the layer of cake layers and filling cakes. Its main advantage is the minimum of ingredients, but this does not affect the final result. The cream is light, fluffy and very tender. It can be used to make any kind of baking.

First you need to use a blender or mixer to make sugar a glass of powdered sugar. The softened butter is whipped with chilled sour cream (cream as an option) and powdered sugar. Get a thick foam, it should not spread. Sugar powder needs to be poured gradually, in small portions. The finished mass can be filled with cakes or fluff cakes.

The key point in this recipe is sour cream. If you beat it too long, it will look like butter. And yet - an excessive amount of sugar makes the cream liquid, and it is absolutely not necessary. It is best to whip the mass with a whisk, although it takes some time. The finished cream should stand in the refrigerator.

Recipe 2: Delicious Chocolate Cake Cream


1. Chocolate - half a kilo;

2. Half a cup of tea;

3. Orange zest.

Method of preparation

Chocolate must be melted in a water bath. Next, you need to brew tea and let it brew. Tea leaves are filtered from tea leaves through a strainer, after which it can be poured into liquid chocolate. The cream is whipped until a homogeneous consistency, in the end you need to pour orange peel. If the cream is prepared for sandwiching the cake, it is better to make it in advance and place it in the refrigerator until the mass thickens. Before applying it should be whipped with a mixer until the formation of air mass. If the cream is used as a glaze, it is better to leave it liquid - so it will be evenly distributed over the entire surface.

Recipe 3: Delicious cream cheese cake “Curd”


1. Three grams of lemon zest;

2. 250 g of cottage cheese;

3. Vanillin;

4. 40 grams of nuts;

5. 150 grams of sugar;

6. Half a cup of fatty cream;

7. Tablespoon of gelatin.

Method of preparation

To get a lush mass, you need to grind the cottage cheese through a fine sieve, mix it with sugar (or powdered sugar) and how to beat. The next stage of preparation - soaking gelatin. At the specified amount is taken a glass of water. Whipped cream is introduced into the fluffy whipped mass. Next you need to add vanilla, lightly roasted and chopped nuts, lemon zest, soaked gelatin. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed. The finished cream must be kept in the refrigerator for three hours. The finished cream smeared cakes, they can also fill eclairs. You can diversify the filling with pieces of berries and fruits.

Recipe 4: Delicious Cream Butter Cake


1. Butter - 250 g;

2. Two eggs;

3. A quarter cup of milk;

4. A glass of sugar.

Method of preparation

Products with this cream are very fond of children, and there are many ways to make the filling. Here is one of them. Cooking begins with beating eggs with sugar. In the fluffy mass you need to carefully pour the heated milk. The mass is heated in a water bath until the sugar is completely dissolved. The finished mass should be allowed to cool. Butter should be softened and kneaded properly. An egg-milk mixture is introduced into the oil in small portions, all ingredients are thoroughly ground. Delicious cake cream is ready. It is perfect for sandwiches, and for filling custard cakes.

Recipe 5: Delicious yoghurt cake cream


1. 300 g of yogurt;

2. 7 g of gelatin;

3. 300 g of cream;

4. 100 grams of powdered sugar.

Method of preparation

In this recipe, it is important to choose and soak the gelatin. It is better to use an imported product, as it is prepared much easier and faster. Such gelatin is soaked in a small amount of water. The swelling time is not half an hour, as usual, but only five minutes. Soaked gelatin need to put warm in a water bath and wait for the complete dissolution of the particles. Cream is whipped with powdered sugar to form a thick foam. Next, you need to beat the yogurt with a blender and gelatin brought to the desired consistency. If the yogurt is cold, you can not pour out all the gelatin at once, as it can thicken and “go” into lumps. Gelatin mass is poured gradually. Cream is introduced at the end, after which the whole mass is whipped again. The cream will usually turn white or slightly yellowish. It can be colored with fruit juice.

Recipe 6: The Most Delicious Sponge Cake Cream


1. 400 g of cottage cheese;

2. 100 g of sugar;

3. 4 egg yolks;

4. 60 g of berries;

5. 50 g of raisins;

6. 50 grams of nuts;

7. Vanillin.

Method of preparation

Another recipe for delicious curd cream cake. Such impregnation is ideal for biscuit dough. Egg yolks fray with sugar, curd skip through a sieve. Pureed curd mixed with egg-sugar mass. Nuts are lightly roasted and ground. The raisins are thoroughly washed, dried and cut in small pieces. Add prepared nuts and raisins to the mass, then add whipped cream. If desired, vanillin and various berries can be added to the cream. This curd cream also goes well with gelatin (if you need to leave the impregnation stored for some time) and butter. It should be borne in mind that in the latter case, the treat will come out more high-calorie.

Recipe 7: Delicious Scallop Pastry Cream


1. Two glasses of milk;

2. Two eggs;

3. A glass of sugar;

4. Three tablespoons of flour;

5. Vanillin.

Method of preparation

This recipe is one of a large number of custard making options. It can be taken as a basis and prepare with it more complex versions of creams. So, for example, butter will give it a great pomp, and if you add a little brandy or liquor, the mixture will become fragrant and savory. Adding cocoa powder will turn the mass into a chocolate custard.

It is better to beat the eggs with a whisk, after which the flour is introduced into them and a glass of milk is poured. Flour should be poured in small portions. In a separate container pour the second glass of milk, add sugar there. We put the milk-sugar mixture on a gentle fire, bring to a boil. After the milk begins to boil, remove the container from the heat and immediately pour the mixture in a thin stream to the eggs, flour and milk. During the connection, the mass must be continuously stirred. Care must be taken to ensure that eggs do not curdle from too hot milk. Now put the resulting mixture in a water bath. Warm up, stirring occasionally, until mass begins to thicken. The resulting lumps can be broken mixer or blender.

Delicious cream - tricks and helpful tips

Each housewife probably has several secrets of cooking delicious cream for the cake, so that the treat gets a unique, exquisite taste. And here are some other little tricks that can be noted:

• if the icing sugar creaks too much or the cream needs to be made whiter, you can do this: first, the butter and powder are whipped with a mixer at maximum speed for 5-10 minutes. Then additional ingredients are introduced;

• You can aromatize the cream with cocoa or fruit puree. Any berries are perfect: raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc. You can use not only fresh berries and fruits, but also frozen ones; • It is important to remember that the cream is a perishable product. The finished mass is stored in the refrigerator, and the soaked cake can be kept for no more than 40 hours;

• The type of cream depends on the type of cake. If the cake needs to be decorated only on top, the cream should keep its shape well and not spread;

• Cream plays an important role in preventing cakes from drying out. The fat content and consistency of the cream should be monitored while cooking or mixing the ingredients;

• cream can be used not only as an addition to baking. It may well become an independent dessert. To do this, add fruits, berries, dried fruits and nuts to the mass. Here are a few options: creme brulee with strawberries, raspberry curd cream, coconut cream with dried fruits and bananas, coffee cream with chocolate, and delicate cream cream cheese. The cream base for such recipes should not be too fat.

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