Liver sausage home - budget find. Cooking liver sausage at home with bacon, rice, buckwheat

Liver sausage home - budget find. Cooking liver sausage at home with bacon, rice, buckwheat

Shop and homemade liver sausage - heaven and earth. This product is like again and again. He has an amazing meat taste, despite the simplicity and cheapness of the composition. Yes, and cooking technology is not complicated. But something still needs to be known. Prepare a homemade sausage from the liver?

Liver sausage at home - general principles of cooking

What kind of liver can be used for sausage: liver, lung, kidney, heart. Kidneys desirable to cut and soak in water. You can take any offal: beef, pork, lamb, and from any bird. You can also take the mixture. To smooth the taste in the mince pork fat or fat is added.

What else is put in liver sausage:

• cereals;

• onions, garlic, and sometimes other vegetables;

• cream, sour cream;

• eggs.

You can add any spices to your taste. For filling use artificial or natural shell. For liver sausage, it is preferable to take guts, as it turns out to be especially tasty in baked and fried form. But the natural shell needs to be able to clean and prepare. To do this, turn the intestine, fall asleep with salt, then scrape the mucous layer. Purified chereva soaked for days in acetic solution to remove the smell, the water periodically needs to be changed.

Recipe 1: Homemade Sausage at Home

A simple recipe for homemade liver sausage, which is prepared on the basis of boiled offal. The number of ingredients is approximate, you can increase or decrease something at your discretion.


• 800 grams of lung;

• 600 grams of liver;

• 400 grams of heart;

• 300 grams of fat;

• 2 heads of garlic;

• 400 grams of onions;

• black pepper, salt;

• 300 grams of cream.


1. Flush all offal. Cut the heart and lung into pieces and fold into a saucepan. We don’t touch the liver yet. Fill with water, boil for an hour. Cooling down. 2. Mince meat, lard, separate fresh liver and peeled garlic.

3. Put the lard into the frying pan, fry until the fat is boiled out.

4. Cut the onion into cubes, send to the fat. Fry until light ruddy.

5. We skip the boiled offal through the meat grinder.

6. Mix the chopped liver with the rest of liver, fried onions and bacon. Pour in the cream, put chopped garlic.

7. Add the minced salt, pepper, stir.

8. We start the prepared shells, tie the tips. Now we pierce the sausages with a needle and boil for 40 minutes. You can simply put in a baking dish and send it to the oven for the same time.

Recipe 2: Liver sausage, homemade with bacon

Another option is homemade liver sausage, which requires sour cream, as well as chicken eggs. It is desirable to stuff such stuffing into natural casings. Liver take already boiled.


• 2 kg of liver;

• 500 grams of sour cream;

• 15 eggs;

• 4 bulbs;

• 300 grams of fat;

• 1 spoon of salt;

• 1/3 tablespoons of pepper.


1. Cut the lard into cubes, fry until golden brown and remove the pieces. Cooling down.

2. Cut the onions finely, fry in the melted fat from the bacon. Cooling down.

3. Pass the fried lard through a meat grinder with large holes on the grid. It should make pieces.

4. Replace in the meat grinder a large fine mesh small, miss the liver.

5. Mix the prepared bacon from the fried bacon, liver, add raw eggs, salt and pepper. Mince mix well.

6. Put sour cream and stir again. We give the mass to stand for an hour in the cold so that the liver will absorb the sour cream. Stuffing will be thicker.

7. We start sausages in the usual way, it is better not to make them long. Then we put on a baking sheet, grease with oil and fry in the oven until golden brown.

Recipe 3: Boiled liver sausage at home

For boiled homemade sausage from the liver can be used and artificial casings. Grind minced need as much as possible, it is better to use a blender. But if it is not, then skip through a meat grinder 2 times. Ingredients

• 1.8 kg of liver;

• 1 kg of pork cheek;

• 40 grams of salt;

• 2 spoons of sugar;

• 0.3 tablespoons of peppers;

• 2 bulbs;

• pinch of coriander.


1. Leaver cut into pieces, which will be held in a meat grinder. Fold in the pot, pour water and cook for an hour. Cool the pieces, do not pour the broth.

2. Twist the liver and pork cheek, immediately chop the onion.

3. Add all spices to the mince, mix.

4. Now you need to pour broth. The amount depends on the resulting consistency of minced meat. On average, it takes from 200 to 400 grams. We mix a lot, the leaver absorbs moisture well.

5. We start with cooked stuffing shells, tie the tips, make punctures.

6. Boil sausages in boiling water for an hour, then take out, cool and you can take a sample!

Recipe 4: Uzbek “Hasip” homemade liver sausage

Liver for sausage Uzbeks use any, but not swine. It is understandable, the use of this product is not provided by religion. Fat used fat tail.


• 1 kg of liver;

• 300 grams of beef or lamb;

• 200 grams of fat tail;

• 1 cup long rice;

• 2 bulbs;

• 1 Bulgarian pepper;

• salt, thyme, paprika;

• put garlic to taste.


1. Boil rice until cooked, but grains should not be boiled soft. Broth merge, but not discarded. It is quite sticky and is perfect for minced meat.

2. Leaver, kurdjuchny fat and meat is passed through a meat grinder. If you add garlic, it can also be immediately chopped.

3. Peel the onions and peppers, cut them very finely and throw in the stuffing.

4. Add spices, knead and add rice water to make the stuffing softer and easier.

5. We begin guts. Uzbeks for this purpose use sheep rounds, sausages turn out thin. But you can use ordinary artificial shell or pig.

6. We put the finished sausages in the shape of a snail. We pierce. Pour water enough to cover sausages. 7. Sent to the oven. Cooking 2 hours at 150-160 degrees. Also, the sausage can simply be steamed.

Recipe 5: Liver Sausage at Home “Beef with Rice”

One of the many options for homemade sausage from the liver with the addition of cereals. Rice use small, better round. You can take a chop (crushed groats). We use beef offal, but pork lard. Opponents of pork can take duck, chicken, turkey fat.


• 500 gr. the liver;

• 300 gr. hearts;

• 300 gr. lungs;

• 200 gr. sala;

• 1 cup rice;

• 3 tablespoons of gelatin;

• 3 bulbs;

• 4 eggs;

• spices;

• 100 gr. water.


1. Pour gelatin with water, leave to swell for 20 minutes.

2. Boil rice, cool, do not forget to drain the water. If the croup is sticky, you can rinse.

3. Boiled liver. You can put everything in one pot. We take out a liver in 20 minutes after boiling, we get lungs in 40 minutes, and heart cooks longer, and we prepare it exactly an hour.

4. All offal cooled and cut into pieces for twisting in a meat grinder.

5. Cut the lard into cubes and simply fry in a pan with onion until light golden.

6. We pass through a meat grinder all offal and fat with onions. It is desirable to do this at least two times so that the mass becomes homogeneous.

7. In the swelled gelatin add a glass of hot broth, stir. All grains should dissolve.

8. Add gelatin broth to the mince, put spices, boiled rice, raw eggs, mix.

9. We start pre-prepared shells (artificial or natural).

10. We make punctures with a needle and boil the semi-finished products for 40 minutes.

Recipe 6: Liver sausage home “With slices”

To make liver sausage with slices at home, you need chicken hearts, which, if desired, can be replaced by any other. The main thing - to have pieces. This sausage resembles ham, it turns out very tasty and fragrant. Offal take any, it is better to use a mixture of lung, liver, heart. Ingredients

• 1.5 kg offal;

• 0.5 kg chicken hearts;

• 200 grams of fat;

• 0.4 kg of onions;

• 4 eggs;

• spices.


1. Boil liver, cut into pieces, cool.

2. Boil chicken hearts separately.

3. Lard cut into thin layers, fry in a pan, remove the pieces, leave the fat.

4. Fry chopped onion in fat after fat.

5. We skip through a meat grinder boiled liver (except hearts), lard and fried onions at least 2 times. To make the mass more homogeneous, you can use a blender.

6. Cut the hearts into cubes or just circles, send them to the stuffing.

7. Add eggs, spices and a glass of broth remaining after boiling hearts.

8. Stuff sausages and cook. Since almost all products are ready, it is enough to boil for 20 minutes or bake until crusted in the oven.

Recipe 7: Homemade Liver Sausage with Buckwheat

For this dish we use ordinary buckwheat porridge, boiled in water. Leaver take any, wash well and boil until cooked.


• 1 kg of boiled liver;

• 400 grams of buckwheat porridge;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• 2 onions;

• salt pepper;

• 300 grams of fat;

• 150 grams of cream or sour cream.


1. Fry peeled and chopped onions in a pan with lard, cool.

2. We cut boiled and cooled liver in pieces for scrolling in a meat grinder.

3. We twist lard, liver and garlic through a meat grinder 2-3 times. The mass should be homogeneous, like a pie.

4. Add to the scrolled minced cream (sour cream can be), put the spices and knead well until smooth.

5. In the last place we put buckwheat porridge, mix.

6. We start the prepared shells, tie the edges, make punctures with a needle and send the sausages into the oven for 20 minutes.

7. They can also be boiled in water or steamed, the time is about the same.

Liver Sausage Home - Tips and Tricks

• So that the casing does not burst when cooking sausage, you need to cook with a weak boil. Also, do not forget to pierce sausages with a needle every 10-15 centimeters. If there are air bubbles, then we prick directly into them.

• Liver sausage has an unsightly gray color, but this can be easily fixed! Add ground paprika or turmeric to the mince. And the product will not only change the shade, but also become much more fragrant.

• Do not forget that the cooking time is different for different livers. The liver is prepared most quickly, the heart will have to be cooked the longest. And the lungs - the golden mean. In general, the liver can not be boiled in advance, it will perfectly reach readiness in sausages.

• Liver sausage does not happen much! Stuffed products can be frozen in raw or already prepared form. By the way, they make a wonderful filling for pies. It is only necessary to fry the onion and diced sausage, add cabbage, potatoes, rice, buckwheat if desired.

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