Compote of black apples with apples for the winter - minimum of hassle, maximum of taste. Cook "Altai" compote: apples with chokeberry

Compote of black apples with apples for the winter - minimum of hassle, maximum of taste. Cook

Chokeberry ... from one name it becomes languid on the soul, and autumn landscapes come to mind. And indeed, how lovely it is to gaze out through the window during the autumn weather, sipping a fragrant, slightly pungent compote. Or in the midst of the January blizzard to open the cherished bottle, to the delight of the kids.

Preparation of compote from apples with black chokeberry for the winter - general principles of preparation

• Preparation of compotes for the winter painstaking and time-consuming work. To preserve the drink for a long time, before canning, they carefully sort through the raw materials, rejecting spoiled, rotten rowan berries and wormhole-beaten apples.

• Sorted berries and fruits are thoroughly washed with normal running water. Heavily polluted - pre-soaked, and then washed. After washing, be sure to allow the water to completely drain.

• Some recipes require blanching of berries and apples in boiling water. It is recommended to do this in an aluminum or enameled pan.

• For canning use sterile glass jars, with an optimal volume of 3 liters. Of course, the containers should be intact, without cracks, the neck of the jar should not be pierced either. They are washed thoroughly, always with hot water with detergent, non-aggressive means, rinsed thoroughly and put their neck down on a towel so that they are well dried. Then dry jars are sterilized by setting on a wire rack, which lies on a saucepan with boiling water. Caps for canning boil separately for at least 10 minutes.

• Fill banks at least half. First, put more dense fruit, and mountain ash fall asleep on top. The berries and fruits put in banks are poured with boiling syrup on the very neck and hermetically sealed with a hand seamer.

• Some types of cooked apple compote with aronia in the winter are pasteurized. To do this, the filled containers are placed on a wooden grate, placed on the bottom of a suitable volume pan, and poured over the hanger with hot water. Then bring it to a temperature of 85-90 degrees and pasteurize the drink specified in the recipe time. • After seaming, the containers should be turned down their necks and wrap well with a thick cloth or blanket in order to keep the heat in the jars for a longer period. This provides additional sterilization for seaming.

Compote from apples with black chokeberry for the winter - “Paradise apples”


• one and a half kilograms of apples, varieties of Chinese or Ranetka;

• four glasses of sugar;

• 4.5 liters of water.

Cooking Method:

1. Go through the apples, tearing off the tails and putting aside damaged and rotten fruits. Wormhole fruits are also unsuitable for compote harvesting.

2. Put the clean apples in a bowl and fill them with cold water.

3. Put the rowan in a colander. Washing with lukewarm water, grab the berries from the twigs, simultaneously removing the spoiled ones.

4. In sterile dry jars, first lay out the moisture-dried inlays, and put about two handful of black-wafers on them. Make sure that the jars are filled to about half.

5. Boil the water, immediately pour the fruits laid out in the jars with it and stand, covered with lids, until completely cooled.

6. Cool the infusion, strain it through a capron lid, in which you make the holes yourself, back into the pan, add sugar at the rate of 200 grams. to one liter of infusion, and put the container for a quick boil at maximum fire. Constantly stirring the syrup with a spoon, wait for the sugar to dissolve.

7. With a ladle, carefully pour the boiling syrup into the jars, filling them up to the neck, and hermetically seal the containers with sterile caps.

Blackberry compote with apples for the winter - “Cherry flavor”

Ingredients per 3 liters (one bottle):

• two large sweet apples;

• incomplete glass of chokeberry;

• 300 gr. sugar;

• six fresh cherry leaves.

Cooking Method:

1. Thoroughly rinse the cherry leaves and place them to dry on a linen towel.

2. Clean apples with a sharp and thin knife cut into slices and be sure to remove the middle with the seeds.

3. Wash the mountain ash and dry the berries from moisture in a colander. 4. Transfer dried berries and fruits into a sterile glass container. Put cherry leaves on top of the fruit and pour boiling water under the neck, cover it with sterilized cover for seaming.

5. Without rolling up, leave the jar on the table until it is completely cooled, drain the infusion out of it into the pan and cover the jar with the same lid again.

6. Boil the infusion over high heat, add granulated sugar into it, and lower the temperature, boil until all the crystals melt. Then increase the heat, wait for boiling and pour the boiling syrup into the jar.

7. Cover the container with a metal lid and roll it well with a key.

Compote from black fruit with apples for the winter with citric acid


• a pound of autumn apples, any solid variety;

• 600 grams of chokeberry;

• three liters of distilled or filtered water;

• “lemon”, crystalline - 1/2 tsp.

Cooking Method:

1. Take the rowan from spoiled fruit and rinse well. Then fill with hot filtered water and leave under the lid for 12 hours.

2. After that, strain the infusion into the pan and add sugar to it.

3. Strain the berries into a sterile jar and place the apples cut into small-sized slices along with the peel. Preliminarily remove the seed box from the fruit.

4. Place the pot with the broth on high heat and boil quickly. Then reduce the heat and boil the syrup for 20 minutes.

5. Add citric acid, boil and pour boiling broth on the fruit laid in the jar.

6. Compote hermetically sealed canning lid and leave to cool completely under a blanket, turning it upside down.

Blackberry compote with apples for the winter, without sterilization


• 700 gr. black ashberry;

• 250 gr. medium-sized apples, variety “Semerenko”;

• 600 grams of sugar;

• two liters of distilled boiled water.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the apples thoroughly in warm water. Without cutting the fruit, carefully remove from each core. Apples are placed in a clean sterile container, pour boiling water and leave under a sterile cap for 20 minutes. 2. In a colander, rinse the black wolf and put the berries in the pan. Put a homemade capron lid with holes on a jar of cooled apple extract and pour the liquid out of it into a rowan pan.

3. Add sugar and, stirring, put on medium heat. Boil until the rowan berries start to burst. Then strain and boil again.

4. Pour apples with boiling compote, filling the container right under the neck, and roll it up with a clean boiled lid for preservation.

Compost from black insects with apples for the winter - “Assorted”


• 300 gr. pears;

• 800 gr. mountain ash;

• sweet and sour apples - 400 gr .;

• small vanilla bag;

• granulated sugar - 450 gr .;

• an incomplete teaspoon of crystalline “lemon”.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the fruit well with warm water and carefully cut the fruit into two halves longitudinally. Remove the center with the bones in it and cut a little pulp from the side of the stem, cut off the nozzles.

2. On a colander, rinse the black carp, while picking up berries from the branches and removing unfit for conservation.

3. Place the pears loosely in a sterile jar, trying to place them with a convex side to the glass. Seal the pears with apples and sprinkle rowanas on top.

4. Pour two liters of water into the pan and put on strong heat. Boil the water in a jar and leave, covered with a canning lid.

5. After 15 minutes, pour the infusion back into the pan, boil it, pour it into the jar and leave it until it is completely cooled.

6. After that, strain the decoction into a saucepan, dissolve sugar until it is completely dissolved and put on an intense heat. When it boils, add vanillin and lemon, boil the syrup for a minute, and, boiling, pour it into the jar, filling it to the top. Cover and roll up.

Compote of black insects with apples for the winter with lemon


• twelve dense small apples;

• half a lemon;

• 300 gr. refined sugar;

• one and a half glasses of chokeberry;

• filtered or boiled water - 1.5 liters.

Cooking Method: 1. Enumerate the black chop and rinse the apples.

2. Cut the apples in half, remove the middle with a knife and cut into thick slices.

3. In a saucepan, pour about 2 liters of drinking water into it, and put on an intense fire. When it boils, lower the apples and boil for two minutes at the minimum boil. Then carefully remove the fruit slices with a skimmer and put them in a clean jar.

4. The decoction remaining in the pan boil again and put the rowan in it. Grab the berries for about a minute and, like the apples, put them in the jar.

5. In the boiling broth add strained lemon juice, all sugar, and, stirring, boil.

6. Pour syrup straight from the pan into a jar and roll it up with a sterile cap.

Compotes from apples with black chokeberry for the winter - cooking tricks and useful tips

• To better clean the glass containers, soak them for half an hour in a solution of soda ash. To prepare it for one liter of water you will need a teaspoon of soda.

• In general, try to use less aggressive detergents, our grandmothers did an excellent job with boiling water and mustard powder.

• The integrity of the container can be determined by tapping it with a pencil. If there is even a slight crack on the walls, the sound made when tapping will be dull, slightly rattling.

• Do not leave free space between the lid and syrup; fill the jar with liquid up to the neck without fear of overflow.

• Place hermetically sealed containers for cooling in those places where there are no drafts, and be sure to cover.

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