Waffle cake - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook Waffle cake.

Waffle cake - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook Waffle cake.

Waffle cake - general principles and methods of cooking

Waffles are crisp and tender taste that reminds us of a happy childhood. The first tasters of these products were the ancient Greeks, who for a long time kept secret the secret of their pastry creations, passing it from generation to generation. Soon, however, European states "seized" the secret recipe, and then the whole world. Each confectioner tried to make his own contribution to the recipe, so many variations of dough preparation for waffles were “born”.

Today, purchase ready-made wafer cake layers is not difficult. As a rule, they are sold in any pastry shop or specialty stores. But no matter how tasty factory waffles are, they simply can't compare with homemade ones. Cooking homemade waffles is a great tradition, the joy of sharing witchcraft and the ability to awaken your imagination by inventing new recipes. After all, wafer cake layers are a universal product that combines with almost any ingredients.

Thin crispy plates with a characteristic cellular surface can be combined with custard, jam, jam, whipped cream, boiled condensed milk, honey and make a waffle cake from them, which can be decorated on top with everything that comes handy. These can be berries, pieces of fruit or sweet vegetables, chopped nuts, seeds or chocolate. Do not be afraid to experiment, connect the fantasy and invent your masterpieces.

Waffle cake - food preparation

The basis of the cake - wafer cakes, which can be purchased already prepared or try to bake on their own. If you buy finished products, be sure to appreciate their quality: the cakes should not be soft or burnt. If you decide to make waffles at home, then listen to some important tips:

1. For waffle dough, it is better to use some yolks and, if possible, not too much sugar, otherwise the products will begin to be tinted. Instead of regular sugar, use powdered sugar. 2. Bake waffles should be in special waffle makers at 180 degrees for two to three minutes. Before baking, be sure to grease the waffle iron with grease.

3. Waffle dough should be thin. We start it like on pancakes. To ensure its porosity, use special leavening agents.

Waffle Cake - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Waffle Cake with Pineapple

In addition to pineapple, you can add some strawberries to this cake. Wild strawberry is also excellent. If the dessert needs to be prepared quickly, then ready-made wafer sheets can be bought in the store. We are with you in this recipe try to bake them yourself.


- four squirrels

- marzipan mass 200 gr.

- 60 gr. of milk

- icing sugar 120 gr.

- a little cinnamon

- 60 gr. good sifted flour

- fresh pineapple 600-800 gr.

- 400 gr. cream

- orange liqueur 20 gr.

- strawberry (optional)

- ground pistachios 2 tsp

Cooking method:

1. Grind the marzipan mass, add mixed (but not whipped) proteins to it. Mix with a whisk, gradually pouring milk into it. Sugar powder mixed with flour and cinnamon (pinch), pour portions into the mass, stirring. We got the batter. Next, heat the waffle iron (if there is none - a frying pan) and bake crispy waffle sheets from the dough. Fold them on the grid, so they quickly cooled.

2. Clean the pineapple. The flesh is cut into two halves. The first half is ground with a knife into small pieces, and the second half is ground into mashed potatoes. Whip the cream until thick, dense foam and mix them with pineapple puree and orange liqueur. Beat again.

3. Lubricate the wafer layers creamy pineapple cream, folding them on each other. After 2 layers in addition to the cream, use pineapple and strawberry slices (optional). The last cake is smeared with cream and processed cake is processed again, so that there are no gaps.

4. We should still have cream. We put it in a pastry bag with any nozzle and on the surface of the dessert we begin to “draw” decorative elements, thereby decorating the cake. After that, we serve it immediately to the table, otherwise the waffles will soften and become non-crunchy.

Recipe 2: Blueberry Waffle Cake

Cake with waffles and blueberries will certainly appeal to everyone. All you need to make it is 40 minutes of free time. So let's get started?


- 600 gr. cottage cheese

- 600 gr. yogurt without additives (can be natural blueberry)

- 200-300 gr. blueberries

- 250 gr. waffle (but without filling)

- butter 100 gr.

- 400 gr. fine sugar

- one stack. heavy cream

- gelatin 4 gr. (in granules)

Cooking method:

1. First, break the waffles into pieces and put them in a bowl. Melt the butter in the usual way for you and pour it into a wafer crumb. The form for baking (detachable) is lubricated with oil, we spread the oil crumb into it and send it to the preheated oven (180 degrees) for ten minutes.

2. Cottage cheese, beat with yogurt, add sugar in portions and continue to beat until sugar is dissolved. Now we divide the mass into two equal parts. We touch, clean, wash blueberries, recline in a colander to let the glass dry. Then rub the berries in mashed hands or with the help of special tools. A few berries are left for decoration. The resulting puree mix with one half of the curd mass. Soak gelatin according to the instructions.

3. Heat a little cream and add gelatin to them. Stir. Pour our cream in half into curd mixtures (pour the first part into the curd mixture without blueberries, the second part - with blueberries, respectively).

4. Now we cut a wide ribbon from parchment and cover it with the sides of the form. On the wafer crumb (right in the form), we first lay out the cottage cheese mixture without blueberries, and then with the blueberries. Put in the cold to set for 2-3 hours. Then we get a cake, remove the parchment ribbon that held the curd mixture, decorate it with blueberries and serve on the table.

Recipe 3: Waffle cake with condensed milk

We will not describe here how tasty it is. Is a cake of boiled condensed milk can be unappetizing? Here we will use it for making waffle cake. By the way, wafer cake layers do not be lazy to purchase in advance in the store. Twenty minutes - and the dessert is ready! Ingredients:

- packaging of finished cakes

- 100 gr. butter

- can of boiled meat

- dark chocolate to taste

- any crushed nuts

Cooking method:

We thaw the oil and mix it with boiled milk (boiled condensed milk). Stir until a homogeneous mass. Next, we carefully coat the cakes with the resulting cream, folding them on top of each other. Formed cake must be retouched with cream again. Sprinkle with chopped nuts and chocolate chips. That's all! You can put the kettle.

Recipe 4: Waffle cake with condensed milk (option 2)


- six wafer cakes

For the first layer:

- 200 gr. boiled condensed milk

- 150 gr. drain oils

- ground nuts

- two spoons of cocoa

For the second layer:

- 50 gr. drain oils

- two egg yolks

- Cocoa 1 tea box.

- a pinch of vanilla sugar

- 2 spoons of sugar

Cooking method:

Condensed milk is poured into an enamel dish, rubbed with butter until smooth, then add nuts, two tsp of cocoa to the mixture. All thoroughly mix and coat with five wafer cakes. Next, do another cream. To do this, rub in a homogeneous mixture of 50 grams. butter, two yolks, a spoonful of cocoa, vanilla and fine sugar (you can sand). The resulting cream is impregnated with the sixth, top, cake, and also process the sides. Sprinkle with nuts and grated chocolate on top. You can decorate with pieces of fruit or berries. Enjoy your meal!

Waffle Cake - useful tips from experienced chefs

- To improve the taste of the wafer cake, add various aromatic natural additives to the dough (for example, cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon or star anise);

- Before baking waffles, go over the dough again with a mixer, so that they turn out to be fluffier and more porous;

- Waffle cake must be immediately served to the table, not keeping it in the cold, otherwise the waffles will “sit”, become soft and not crispy, and the cake will lose its original shape.

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