Grilled mackerel is the best recipe for marinade and serve. How to cook mackerel on the grill with spicy and spicy sauces

Grilled mackerel is the best recipe for marinade and serve. How to cook mackerel on the grill with spicy and spicy sauces

Mackerel is a rather popular, fatty and healthy variety of fish. It is rich in essential oils, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It is baked in the oven, fried, pickled or even smoked. In any form, with proper preparation, the fish is always tender, juicy and soft.

Because of the presence of essential oils, mackerel has a rather strong specific taste, however it is excellent for marinating and grilling.

The most important thing in cooking this fish on the grill is to make the right sauce. If the sauce is soft and tender, its taste will be lost against the background of the fish. Therefore, it is recommended to cook spicy and slightly spicy sauces for mackerel.

Soft and savory grilled fish will make an excellent addition to outdoor recreation.

Grilled Mackerel - General Cooking Principles

For cooking, choose fresh fish without damage. She should have a black back with blue patterns and a light abdomen.

Frozen mackerel must be defrosted. Then gut the fish, remove the fins, gills and wash inside and out. If necessary, cut off the head of a mackerel.

To make a mackerel with a crisp crust, after you wash it and clean it, be sure to dry it with paper towels.

You can fry fish as a whole, or divided into portions.

Black pepper, paprika, dried dill, onion or garlic are suitable as spices for rubbing fish.

You can pickle fish in lemon juice, white wine, vinegar, soy sauce or sour cream.

Before frying, seasoned fish should be left to marinate for at least a quarter of an hour.

You can serve fish with rice, vegetable salads, buckwheat, horns or potatoes.

Italian grilled mackerel


• one mackerel;

• one lemon;

• a pair of fresh thyme and rosemary twigs;

• salt;

• freshly ground black and pink pepper;

• olive oil. Preparation:

1. Gut mackerel, remove the head, cut off the fins and tail, wash the carcass and dry a little.

2. Wash the lemon, cut it in two halves and squeeze the juice into a small bowl.

3. Wash, dry, chop, mix with salt, black and pink pepper, olive oil and add all the lemon juice to the branches of thyme and rosemary.

4. Rub the carcass outside and inside with a mixture of lemon, salt, pepper and herbs.

5. Place the prepared mackerel on the grill and fry, occasionally turning the grill for about 20 minutes.

6. If the fish carcass is dried during frying, pour it with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice.

7. Fry until crispy golden crust on the entire surface of the fish.

8. Serve with any spicy sauce, garnished with lemon slices and greens.

9. Boiled rice with dill is perfect as a side dish.

Mexican Grilled Mackerel


• one carcass mackerel;

• one lemon;

• a pair of garlic cloves;

• one chili pepper;

• one small onion;

• one sprig of cilantro greens;

• any vegetable oil;

• salt;

• ground black pepper.


1. Gut the fish carcass, remove the head and fins, cut into clean fillets. To do this, put the fish on one side, with a sharp knife to lead along the ridge from the tail to the head, cutting off the top fillet. Then put the carcass on the other side and go between the spine and the flesh of the fish with a knife, cut the fillets with a knife along the bone. Next, cut the bones of the fillet and the remains of fins.

2. Wash the lemon, dry it, cut it in two halves and squeeze the juice out of them.

3. Peel and peel the garlic and onion, chop finely.

4. Wash the chili peppers, cut the stem and gently clean the pepper from the stinging seeds. The flesh is finely chopped. For the treatment of chili pepper, it is better to wear disposable gloves on your hands, otherwise irritating and minor burns of the skin may result from the burning pepper juice.

5. Sort cilantro greens by removing yellowed leaves. Then wash, dry and grind.

6. Prepare marinade for fish. To do this, mix garlic, chili, onion, cilantro with lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper. Part of the marinade set aside. 7. Grate the mackerel fillets with marinade and leave in a sealed container for 10-15 minutes for marinating. If desired, you can put in the refrigerator.

8. Then the fish can be sent to the grill and grilled on both sides until cooked (about 5-6 minutes on each side), periodically watering with the remnants of the marinade.

9. Serve with spicy mexican sauce and fried potatoes.

Grilled mackerel with soy sauce and white wine


• one small mackerel;

• ground white pepper;

• a small glass of dry white wine;

• half a lemon;

• sunflower oil for frying;

• 6 spoons of soy sauce.


1. Peel and wash the mackerel dry and cut into pieces.

2. Squeeze half a lemon into a bowl, pour white wine, soy sauce and add white pepper. To mix everything.

3. Put the mackerel pieces in the marinade and keep them there for at least half an hour.

4. Heat the grill, coat with sunflower oil and fry the fish from all sides for 6 minutes.

5. Serve ready mackerel with baked potatoes and lemon slices along with a glass of white wine.

Grilled mackerel with cheese and mushrooms


• one mackerel;

• 300 g of champignons;

• 120-150 g of hard salted cheese;

• ground red pepper or a mixture of spices for fish;

• vegetable oil;

• salt;

• food foil.


1. Clean the mackerel (remove entrails, head, fins and tail), wash and dry a little in the air or with a paper napkin and cut into clean fillets.

2. Mushrooms, if necessary, clean, rinse and finely chop.

3. Grind cheese or finely chop into cubes.

4. Put the fish fillet on the foil, lightly rub with pepper and vegetable oil, sprinkle with salt. On the fillet put sliced ​​mushrooms and cheese. Spin foil on top.

5. Bake on the grill for about 20 minutes.

6. Serve portions with black bread or croutons.

Grilled mackerel with ginger sauce


• mackerel carcass;

• salt; • 2-3 Art. l lemon juice;

• 1 tsp. ginger sauce;

• sunflower oil.


1. Peel the carcass of fish, dry and cut into clean fillets. Next, cut the fillet into portions.

2. Place the fish pieces in the tank with the skin down, lightly salted and sprinkled with ginger and lemon juice. Cover with a lid and leave in a cool place for marinating for 15-20 minutes.

3. Place pieces of pickled fish on the grill and fry for 4-5 minutes on each side until cooked.

4. Serve with any vegetable salad, seasoned with olive or vegetable oil.

Grilled mackerel with spicy Spanish sauce


• 1 kg of fresh mackerel;

• 100 g of soy sauce;

• 100 g balsamic vinegar;

• 100 g of lemon juice;

• one hot pepper;

• one medium bulb;

• pinch of red pepper;

• garlic clove;

• a sprig of fresh coriander;

• green onions feathers;

• vegetable oil;

• salt;

• pinch of sugar.


1. Clean mackerel from viscera, head and fins, wash in cold water, dry.

2. Peel and wash the onion and garlic, then chop finely.

3. Wash and dry the greens of coriander and onion feathers, finely chop.

4. Peel the hot peppers, cut its flesh into small cubes.

5. Prepare the first part of the sauce. Put sugar in a saucepan, heat it up a little so that the sugar starts to melt. Add balsamic vinegar, soy sauce and lemon juice. Boil on very low heat until the sauce thickens. Cool it down.

6. Prepare the second part of the sauce. In a separate bowl, mix the onion, garlic, hot pepper, and greens. Add lemon juice and vegetable oil. Season with a pinch of salt.

7. Mix a portion of the sauce with the sugar mixture. Mix the rest of the sauce with vegetables and herbs.

8. Fish inside and outside a little rub with oil and salt. Grill until tender.

9. Sprinkle the finished fish in hot condition with a cooked spicy sauce and serve it with the seasoned vegetables.

10. As a side dish you can serve boiled potatoes with cauliflower.

Grilled mackerel with green sauce


• mackerel carcass;

• a few leaves of spinach or sorrel;

• 1 tbsp. l mayonnaise;

• one sprig of fresh green tarragon, parsley and dill;

• 2 tbsp. l sour cream;

• 2 tbsp. l water;

• food foil;

• salt.


1. Mackerel clean, cut into clean boneless fillets, wash, dry. Then cut into portions and lay on the foil.

2. Prepare the sauce. To do this, thoroughly wash and dry all greens. Then finely chop, mix with mayonnaise and sour cream. Add salt, water and mix.

3. Put the green sauce on the pieces of fish and close the top foil.

4. Bake on the grill for 15-20 minutes, periodically turning the grate.

5. Serve with sauerkraut salad and tomatoes.

Grilled Mackerel - Tricks and Tips

• Grilled fish in any case will be very tasty, even if it is just smeared with salt and vegetable oil.

• It is advisable not to overdo the spices, otherwise the taste of the dish may deteriorate.

• To keep the fish dry, pour it with lemon juice and wrap it in foil.

• If you fry fish whole, make small holes throughout the carcass with a knife. So the fish is better soaked in marinade.

• If you wipe the fish from all sides with melted butter, it will turn out with a golden brown crust.

• Fry the fish for no more than half an hour, otherwise it may dry out.

• To not feel the specific taste of mackerel, serve it with spicy or spicy sauce.

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