Crab salad with carrots is a budget snack. Recipes for Crab Salad with Carrots: Nourishing and Light Dietary

Crab salad with carrots is a budget snack. Recipes for Crab Salad with Carrots: Nourishing and Light Dietary

Crab salad is a popular dish that doesn’t take long to cook. It turns out easy, but at the same time very nutritious. In our country, crab meat is considered an exotic dish, so this product is replaced in salads with crab sticks, which are available to everyone. For cooking, use crab sticks from soy and from minced fish or fish protein.

Eggs, mayonnaise, corn, and crab sticks are added to the classic crab salad. But the variation of this salad with the addition of carrots brings the dish an interesting taste and gives the salad a rich and beautiful shade. In addition, carrots are combined with vegetables or fruits. Besides all this, it is considered a useful product. It contains vitamins, nutrients and carotene.

Crab salad with carrots - the general principles of cooking

• With crab meat, salads are richer and juicier.

• For salads, use mayonnaise with a high percentage of fat.

• Do not fully open the lid of the tin can of corn. Drain the juice from the can while holding the lid.

• To boil vegetables faster, divide them into pieces.

• Crab sticks defrost at room temperature.

• To remove bitterness from onions, scald it with boiling water.

• Instead of boiled carrots, add Korean carrots to salads, if desired.

Crab salad with carrots and avocados


• 320 g of crab meat;

• salt;

• one avocado;

• 60 g carrots;

• three fresh cucumbers;

• pepper;

• sour cream;

• parsley;

• 90 g celery root.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil the crab meat in water for a couple of minutes. Then clean it and tear it into pieces.

2. Peel the carrots and grate them on a fine grater.

3. Put the avocado on a cutting board and divide it in half. Remove the bone and gently remove the pulp. Cut it into small straws.

4. Rinse the celery root, peel and chop the straw.

5. Peel the cucumber and cut into cubes.

6. Mix celery root, crab meat, avocado, carrots and cucumbers in a salad bowl. There add the chopped greens and sour cream. All salt and pepper if desired. 7. Mix the salad and, garnished with lemon, serve to the table.

8. For beauty, place the salad in the remaining avocado containers.

Crab salad with carrots and olives


• 16 pieces of frozen crab sticks;

• one carrot;

• 370 g of canned corn;

• salt;

• four chicken eggs;

• mayonnaise;

• a bunch of fresh dill;

• 11 pieces of pitted olives.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the eggs with water and put on medium heat. Boil 15 minutes, then fill them with cold water.

2. Peel the eggs from the shell and cut into cubes.

3. Boil carrots until tender, cool it, peel and cut into cubes.

4. Clean the crab sticks from the protective film, thaw them and chop them finely.

5. Put the olives on the board and cut into rings.

6. Rinse the dill, shake off the liquid and chop.

7. Open the jar of corn and transfer the contents to a colander. Let all the water drain.

8. Put all prepared ingredients in a bowl and mix. Then add salt and mayonnaise, mix everything again and serve to the table.

9. Before serving, decorate the salad with whole olives and herbs.

10. Crab salad with olives is served with a side dish.

Crab salad with Korean carrots and sea kale


• 190 g crab sticks;

• 140 g Korean carrot;

• 340 g of seaweed;

• mayonnaise;

• 190 g marinated champignons;

• three eggs.

Cooking method:

1. Boil eggs until tender, cool, peel and rub with a grater with large holes.

2. Rinse the mushrooms, chop finely and lightly fry.

3. Korean carrot and sea cabbage chop into small strips.

4. Peel crab sticks and cut into strips.

5. Mix in a bowl mushrooms with eggs, sea kale, crab sticks, carrots in Korean and mayonnaise.

6. Salad is ready! Before serving, lay it out in plates and decorate with chopped lettuce.

Crab salad with carrots “Baltic”


• 210 g of crab sticks;

• 4 chicken eggs;

• two carrots;

• two onions;

• mayonnaise;

• 90 grams of cheese.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel and chop the onion. Fry the ingredient in vegetable oil until softened. 2. Rinse carrots, peel and fry as well as onions.

3. Cool the boiled eggs, peel them from the shell and rub them with a grater.

4. Thawed crab sticks cut into squares.

5. Grate cheese with a grater with large holes.

6. Mix roasted vegetables, cheese, mayonnaise, crab sticks and eggs in a salad bowl.

7. Serve the salad, soaking it a little.

8. For addition decorate it with slices of tomatoes.

Crab layered salad with carrots


• five potatoes;

• mayonnaise;

• three carrots;

• packaging of crab sticks;

• five eggs.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse carrots and potatoes, put in a saucepan and cover with water. Immediately put the eggs.

2. Put the pot on the fire. Boil eggs for 10 minutes, and vegetables until they are ready. Put boiled eggs in cold water and cool.

3. Put the prepared vegetables in a plate and let them cool down as well.

4. Rub carrots and potatoes on a fine grater.

5. In eggs, separate the yolk from the albumen and rub them separately.

6. Thaw crab sticks and chop finely.

7. Put the first half of the grated potatoes on a flat plate and smear with mayonnaise.

8. Lay the crab sticks in the second layer.

9. The next layer is grated egg whites, which should be smeared with mayonnaise.

10. Put the remaining potatoes on the squirrels, followed by the grated carrots. Grease everything profusely with mayonnaise and sprinkle the top with egg yolks.

11. Top, if desired, decorate the dish with sprigs of parsley or dill.

12. Such a layered salad will be an unusual decoration of a festive table. For beauty at the top of the salad, make roses from tomatoes.

Crab salad with fresh carrots and cucumber


• 310 g of crab sticks;

• one carrot;

• two celery stalks;

• salt;

• one egg;

• mayonnaise;

• four medium cucumbers;

• dill;

• Corn Bank;

• two radishes.

Cooking Method:

1. Thaw crab sticks and then open the package. Remove the film from them and arbitrarily chop.

2. Rinse celery stalks under cold water and cut into small pieces.

3. Wash carrots and peel with a special peeler. Grate the vegetable with a grater with large holes. 4. Using the same peeler, remove the peel from cucumbers. Slice the vegetable arbitrarily.

5. Boil an egg in salted boiled water until cooked. After it has cooled and peeled, finely chop.

6. Open the lid of the jar of corn, and, holding it, drain all the water.

7. Cut the tops of the radish. Wash the vegetable and cut into thin slices.

8. Put the dill in a colander and rinse. Wait for all the water to drain, and only then chop finely greens.

9. Put all the pre-cut ingredients in a salad bowl and, adding salt and a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise, mix.

10. Let the salad stand for 15 minutes in the fridge and then, garnished with lemon slices, serve to the table.

11. Salad from crabs and fresh carrots is well combined with baked fish dishes.

Crab layered salad with carrots and rice


• 185 g of crab sticks;

• incomplete cup of rice;

• 110 g cheese;

• mayonnaise;

• five eggs;

• 20 green peas for decoration;

• four carrots.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash rice thoroughly and boil in salted water until cooked.

2. Wash carrots with a brush and boil together with eggs until tender.

3. Cool the carrots and eggs, peel them and rub on a medium grater in different plates.

4. Cut the crab sticks into thin strips.

5. Grate cheese with a grater with large holes.

6. Take a plate and put boiled rice in the first layer. Saturate it with mayonnaise.

7. The next layer is cheese with mayonnaise.

8. Place carrots with mayonnaise in the third layer.

9. Lay out the fourth layer of eggs, followed by crab sticks. Soak everything again with mayonnaise.

10. Decorate the top of the salad with green peas.

11. Serve cold together with bread.

12. This salad combines hearty meat and vegetable dishes.

Crab Salad with Carrots and Salmon


• 80 g marinated salmon;

• 60 g of potatoes;

• 80 g of peeled canned crabs;

• half avocado;

• 40 g carrots;

• 80 g of beets;

• mayonnaise;

• three boiled quail eggs;

• five anchovy fillets;

• spoon of black caviar.

Cooking Method:

1. Put carrots, beets and potatoes. Periodically check their readiness with a fork. Once the potatoes and carrots are cooked, remove them, and leave the beets to cook for another half an hour. 2. Cool the prepared vegetables and peel them off with a sharp vegetable knife.

3. Take one anchovy fillet and chop it finely. Mix the ingredient with mayonnaise.

4. Grate grated peeled vegetables.

5. Remove the pulp from the avocado and cut into slices.

6. Mix each ingredient separately with mayonnaise.

7. The first layer in the form of a ring lay the sliced ​​salmon, and on top of it an avocado.

8. The next layer put the sliced ​​crabs, then carrots and potatoes.

9. Put the beets on top.

10. Put the salad soak in the refrigerator for half an hour.

11. Remove the dish from the refrigerator and place the anchovy rings with quail eggs cut in half in the very center.

12. Place black caviar on each half of the egg.

13. Serve the salad in one dish along with slices of black bread.

Crab Salad with Carrots - Tricks and Tips

• For spice, add a mixture of ground peppers or garlic to salads.

• Store salad in the refrigerator for no more than two days.

• For ease of salad, put sour cream instead of mayonnaise in it.

• Salads are even more interesting if you add fresh greens.

• In salads, if desired, add shredded Beijing cabbage.

• To add a savory flavor to the salad, add lemon juice.

• Vegetables all cut into cubes. If the salad is puff, then rub the vegetables on a grater.

• Check the readiness of vegetables with a fork.

• If desired, dress salads only before serving.

• If you add green peas to a salad, pre-boil it with a jar.

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