Non-alcoholic cocktail recipes - the most delicious and healthy

Non-alcoholic cocktail recipes - the most delicious and healthy

All non-alcoholic cocktails are prepared mainly from milk, beverages, ice cream and, of course, all sorts of juices and fresh juices. The most commonly used: orange, lemon, peach, pineapple, pomegranate strawberry and many, many other juices. Below are the recipes of the most delicious non-alcoholic cocktails that you can prepare at any time for yourself and your children.

Non-alcoholic cocktail “Safe sex on the beach”

Few have not heard the screaming name of the alcoholic cocktail “Sex on the Beach”, its non-alcoholic version is called “Safe Sex on the Beach”.

For its preparation we will need: 50 ml of peach juice, 40 ml of pineapple juice (if you have liquid from canned pineapples, you can use it), 30 ml of cranberry juice, 20 ml of pomegranate juice, ice.

The process of cooking itself is extremely simple. Thoroughly mix everything in a shaker or blender. If a blender is used, then pieces of ice are additionally laid out at the bottom of the glass.

Non-alcoholic cocktail “Cherry”

Ingredients: 150 ml of milk, 50 g of ice cream, 20 ml of cherry juice.

The ingredients are mixed with a mixer for about two minutes to give the mixture a uniform consistency. Then it all pours out into the glass. Serve with a scoop of ice cream.

Non-alcoholic cocktail “Pink Rabbit”

You will need: 150 ml of canned banana juice, 50 ml of mineral water, 20 ml of banana syrup, half a fresh banana, 5 strawberries.

All the ingredients with the addition of ice to place in a blender, bring to a homogeneous mass. Cocktail served with banana or strawberry decorations.

Non-alcoholic cocktail “Smesharik”

The structure includes: half of the fruit of a ripe pear, 20 ml of pear syrup, 100 ml of pear juice and mineral water.

All ingredients are sent straight to the blender along with ice, where they are whipped until smooth.

Non-alcoholic cocktail “Tropic”

Mix in a blender: 400 ml of milk and orange juice (you can just juice), 3 overripe bananas, sugar to taste, ice.

Non-alcoholic cocktail “Little Worm”

Ingredients: 20 ml of vanilla syrup, 50 ml of highly carbonated mineral water, 150 ml of apple juice.

Add to the Sheker ice, syrup and juice, mix thoroughly. Pour the contents into the glass, pour mineral water on top, mix again. This time with a spoon.

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