Envelopes with apples - seductive things! Recipes envelopes with apples from puff, shortbread, yeast dough

Envelopes with apples - seductive things! Recipes envelopes with apples from puff, shortbread, yeast dough

Envelope with apples - ruddy pastries with juicy filling. No one can resist the seductive aroma.

Yes, and do not need! Envelopes with apples can be cooked at home every day.

There are so many interesting recipes!

Envelopes with apples - general principles of preparation

The most delicious envelopes come from fresh apples.

Fruit rubbed or cut, mixed with sugar, cinnamon, cottage cheese and other ingredients in the recipe. Sometimes apple confitures, jam, jams are used for the filling. This is also not forbidden, but it is worth remembering the sweetness of such additives. Sometimes they are diluted with other berries or fruits.

There are a lot of dough options for converters: yeast, flaky, shortbread, curd. All of them are perfectly combined with apples. For envelopes, they roll out small lozenges or cut squares, depending on the type of dough and the initial shape of the piece. Then lay out the filling, connect the corners / edges of the blanks together. Holes that are formed at the junction of the sides can be left or sewn.

Simple envelopes with puff pastry apples

Option envelopes with apples that do not require special culinary skills. Even beginner housewives can handle puff pastry baking.


• 500 g of dough;

• 3-4 apples;

• sugar to taste;

• 0.5 tsp. cinnamon;

• powdered sugar;

• egg.


1. Cut the dough into neat squares. If it is chilled, use immediately. If the dough is frozen, then keep it warm for a couple of hours. The size of the squares from 8 to 12 cm.

2. Grate the apples, peel can not remove, if it is not hard and thin. Add some sugar, season with cinnamon.

3. Place apple filling on the squares.

4. Connect all the corners together on top, fasten. The holes between the sides should not be sutured.

5. Put all the envelopes with apple filling on a baking sheet. If you use dough with yeast, then be sure to leave a sufficient distance between the products. 6. Now, beat the egg with a fork, grease the envelopes.

7. Bake at 200 degrees. By the time it takes up to 20 minutes.

8. Cool envelopes, powder with powder. You can add a little cinnamon.

Envelopes with apples (curd dough)

Recipe most delicate envelopes, which are prepared from cottage cheese dough. It is mixed very simply, does not require a long rest. It is enough to let him lie down for fifteen minutes.


• 150 g of cottage cheese;

• sugar 70 g;

• 5 g ripper;

• 1 egg;

• 1 bag of vanilla;

• 250 g of flour;

• 6 spoons of butter grows.

For the filling, you need fresh apples, some sugar, cinnamon if desired. For lubrication will need one raw egg yolk.


1. Cottage cheese should be pounded to get rid of large lumps. Add sugar, egg.

2. Grind the mass well together, fill with vegetable oil.

3. It remains to add a dry mixture of flour with vanilla and ripper. Knead the dough. It should not stick. If the cheese is weak in consistency, you can add a little more flour.

4. Roll the ball out of the curd dough, cover with an inverted bowl, let lie.

5. Rinse the apples, cut them into thin plates, you do not need to add anything to them.

6. Remove the cured dough, divide into pieces of 70 grams. Round to get balls.

7. From each ball, roll out a small flat cake, put apple slices, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon on top. Blind envelopes.

8. Transfer to baking sheet.

9. Beat the yolk with a teaspoon of milk or water, grease the envelopes on top so that a seductive blush appears on them.

10. Such products are baked for about 25 minutes, the temperature for cottage cheese dough should not be higher than 190 degrees.

Envelopes with shortbread dough apples (with icing)

Variant of very gentle and crumbly dough for envelopes. If there is no butter, then margarine or other fat can be used for kneading. Of course, the taste will change a little, but this is not critical. Glaze makes this baking chic, but you can not cover envelopes. Ingredients

• pack of oil;

• 150 g thick sour cream;

• 3 cups flour;

• spoon of sugar.

For the filling and glaze:

• powder;

• apples;

• water.


1. Oil soften. Or use margarine for warming dough.

2. Mix margarine and 2.5 cups of flour, pound until crumbs.

3. Mix sour cream with sugar, you can add vanilla to them, send to the flour mixture. Knead the dough. If it is sticky, add the rest of the flour.

4. Place the dough for ten minutes in the refrigerator.

5. During this time, cut the apples into 6 pieces. Cut the stubs, remove the seeds. If the apples are small, can be cut into four parts.

6. Remove the dough, roll out a layer of it, sprinkle with flour. Cut into squares with sides of about 8 centimeters.

7. Now in each square, put a piece of apple, blind envelopes, leaving small holes for steam.

8. Put in the oven, bake until done. Temperature 200.

9. For the glaze, pour 70-100 g of powder in a bowl, add ordinary water over a teaspoon, it should be lukewarm. Stir well each time. As soon as the icing becomes sour cream consistency, there is enough water.

10. Remove the baking tray with the envelopes from the oven, cover the items with glaze, leave to cool.

Envelopes with apples (yeast dough)

If there is a little extra time, then you can cook apple envelopes with yeast dough. No other species can compare with it in softness and airiness. Yeast is used dry.


• 300 ml of milk;

• 50 g of oil;

• flour;

• 50 g of sugar;

• some salt;

• 7 g yeast.


• 4-5 apples;

• 30 g of oil;

• cinnamon;

• 70 g sugar.

To lubricate the envelopes, you need a yolk and a spoonful of milk.


1. We start the dough in the very first place, as he needs to stand. In the preheated milk, add all the ingredients in the recipe, mix well. Oil should be melted, but cooled. Pour the flour and knead the dough. The consistency is average, not very steep. 2. Cover the dough with a towel, leave for 2.5 hours, let it rise.

3. Cut the apples into cubes half a centimeter, throw out the bits, you do not need to clean the skin.

4. Heat the oil in a skillet, add apples, fry, the fire should be big.

5. Sprinkle the stuffing with sugar, cinnamon, as soon as all the juice from the apples is evaporated. Cooling down.

6. We take out the dough, divide it into pieces, the weight on average is about 70-80 grams. Roll out small cakes.

7. Distribute the cooled apple stuffing.

8. Sculpt envelopes, send on a greased baking sheet. Let us stand still on it.

9. Lubricate the yolk, bake to a glossy blush.

Envelopes with apples and curd

Variant of a very satisfying and useful filling for envelopes. It can be used for any test, specifically in this recipe a layered product is taken.


• pack of dough;

• 2 apples;

• a pack of cottage cheese;

• egg;

• 50 g of powder;

• vanilla.


1. Remove the dough in advance, if it is frozen.

2. Mix the cottage cheese with the egg, add the icing sugar. If the cottage cheese is weak, then you can add only protein in the filling, which will hold the mass together.

3. Crumble apples into cubes, add to the curd filling. Season with vanilla. You can put cinnamon instead, or add them together.

4. Expand the puff pastry. If it is thicker than five millimeters, then roll out a little.

5. Cut the squares with sides of ten centimeters.

6. Spread the entire filling between them, blind envelopes, leaving gaps in the form of loops.

7. Bake in the oven, readiness is determined by the color of puff pastry, cooking temperature 200.

Envelopes with apples “Oriental”

The peculiarity of these envelopes with apples is an amazing filling. The dough can be taken any shortbread (for example, from one recipe above) or get by with a purchased puff product. This filling is enough for 10-12 medium sized envelopes.

Ingredients for the filling

• 4 apples;

• 50 g raisins;

• 70 g of nuts;

• 5 g cinnamon;

• 80 g sugar;

• 20 g butter.

Cooking 1. Fill the raisins with hot water, let cool, squeeze. Let while grapes dry.

2. Chop the nuts.

3. Cut apples into cubes, the size is arbitrary, but large is not needed.

4. Heat the butter in the pan.

5. Add nuts, fry for a minute, add raisins.

6. After another minute, add the apples and sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon.

7. Fire all this time should be the maximum. Quickly mix the apples with a spatula, hold for a moment on the fire, remove.

8. Cool the filling, use for envelopes or for any other baking. With such a filling quite tasty strudel turns out.

Envelopes with apples - useful tips and tricks

• Any recipe for envelopes can be adapted to other fruits: pears, peaches, plums, pineapples, apricots. Or use for filling berries: blackberries, raspberries, strawberries. You can dilute the apples with any of the listed ingredients, it will also be delicious.

• In order to make puff pastry envelopes dry and hard, they need to be baked at a temperature of at least 200 degrees. If yeast or cottage cheese dough is used, then the temperature is reduced to 180-190 degrees.

• Do not pre-fill the apple filling with sugar. Fruit will produce plenty of juice, it will be difficult to work with such stuffing.

• If apples are grated or sliced ​​beforehand, they may darken. To avoid this, season the prepared fruit with lemon juice. By the way, you can also add a bit of crushed zest to them. The envelope flavor will be magical.

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