Lazy dumplings - economy version for dinner

Lazy dumplings - economy version for dinner

If you are thinking about what to cook for lunch or dinner for a large family or guests, then give preference to lazy dumplings - this is an incredibly tasty and very rich dish, cooking of which is unlikely to result in a tidy sum, because it consists of the most simple and inexpensive products. In addition, the hoarders can certainly find a jar of fragrant summer jam for such a delicacy from the dough - so success will be guaranteed. All your friends and relatives will be satisfied with the food and even ask for a recipe at the exit.

The name “lazy dumplings” does not mean at all that only lazy people can cook them! They were dubbed such an unflattering epithet only because you will be spared from rolling dough, modeling and stuffing each dumpling with cottage cheese. You don’t even need a rolling pin to roll out the dough - this is how culinary masters have reduced this cottage cheese recipe! So - let's try to cook them. Take the required number of ingredients for 4 servings:

- 500 cottage cheese;

- 350 g of wheat flour;

- 1-2 chicken eggs;

- 150 g of granulated sugar;

- 2 pinches of salt.

Lazy dumplings - economy version for dinner

Cottage cheese choose any fat content, but it is preferable to get fat - it will give the test fluffiness and extra viscosity. If you are cooking this dish also for children, then wipe the curd through a sieve or colander - then it will completely interfere with the dough and will not form lumps. Place the curd in a separate container and add an egg to it. Pour the sugar and salt, mixing everything until smooth. If it turns out dry - hammer in there another egg. By the way, with homemade chicken eggs, the dough gets a more yellow color, because in them there is more coloring pigment and they are much more useful store!

Lazy dumplings - economy version for dinner

Then add flour to the curd mass and knead a light dough that will stick slightly to your hands. At the cut of such a test should be visible curd inters and small air grooves. There is no need to add flour more - it will make the dough knocked out and dense, and such a product does not boil well and drowns the delicate curd taste.

Lazy dumplings - economy version for dinner

Next, divide the dough into small pieces and roll the sausages with them. Each sausage cut diagonally into equal segments - this will be our future lazy dumplings. As you can see - the rolling pin in this recipe is really not useful!

Lazy dumplings - economy version for dinner

Boil water in the pan and as soon as it starts boiling down, lower the dumplings into it one by one, keeping a five-second interval between their immersion so that they do not stick together. Cook these delicious pieces of cottage cheese dough for about 3-5 minutes before they float to the surface.

Lazy dumplings - economy version for dinner

Then turn off the heat and remove the dumplings with a skimmer on the plate. Melt the butter in advance and pour the prepared dumplings on top.

Serve this delicious Ukrainian dish along with berries, jam, sour cream and good mood! By the way, very often guests ask for a supplement, but you already know how to cook it quickly! As long as they enjoy this portion, you will have more than 20 minutes to prepare a new one. Moreover, it is satisfying and inexpensive.

Calculation of the cost of meals.

- 500 g of cottage cheese - 40-50 rubles .;

- 350 g of flour - 15 rubles .;

- 1-2 eggs - 15 rubles .;

- 150 g of sugar - 10 rubles .;

- 20 g of butter - 25 rubles.

Total: about 110 rubles.

And now think: can you feed a family of 4 people with a hearty lunch or dinner for 110 rubles? Not? Then start cooking lazy dumplings now. Good luck and bon appetit!

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