Desserts with gelatin: tasty and easy. The best recipes of desserts with gelatin with fruit, berries, cottage cheese, cream

Desserts with gelatin: tasty and easy. The best recipes of desserts with gelatin with fruit, berries, cottage cheese, cream

Desserts with gelatin are very tasty, they are cooked simply, they do not require special skills. Use cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, fruits and berries, juices and other products - the delicacy will be not only tasty, but also very useful. Give up the purchase of sweets in favor of homemade desserts!

Desserts with gelatin - general principles

In each recipe, the essential ingredient is gelatin. Before going directly to the preparation of dessert gelatin must be prepared. To do this, pour it into a small bowl, fill it with water, juice or other liquid used in the recipe, leave it to swell. After preheating in a water bath, do not bring to a boil.

1. Dessert with gelatin: gummies


• any fruit jelly - 100 g;

• gelatin - 30 g;

• 50 g of sugar;

• citric acid - pinch;

• half a glass of water.

For fruit jelly:

• 10 grams of sugar;

• gelatin - 20 g;

• 2.5 glasses of fruit juice.


1. Prepare fruit jelly: pour any fruit juice into a small metal cup, for example, orange, apple, grape, pineapple or other. Just be sure to use natural juice, not store. Into the juice add gelatin, mix and allow to swell. Add sugar, put on medium heat and, while stirring continuously, simmer until sugar is completely dissolved (just do not bring to a boil, since gelatin will lose its properties). Turn off the heat, pour the jelly into special molds, cool, cover with a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator so that the jelly will freeze.

2. In a separate container, boil water, add sugar, gelatin, citric acid, add fruit jelly, mix well with a whisk until a homogeneous, delicate mass.

3. Put on a moderate fire again and boil for no longer than three minutes.

4. Pour the mixture into a clean container, cool, cover with foil and leave in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

5. Remove the marmalade from the refrigerator, cut into thin strips.

2. Dessert with gelatin: raspberry pudding


• sugar - 130 g;

• egg - 3 pcs .;

• 40 grams of gelatin;

• medium-fat cream - 300 g;

• water - 1 cup;

• vanillin - 40 grams.

For sponge cake:

• half a dozen eggs;

• flour - 6 large spoons;

• sugar - 6 large spoons;

• 2 packs of vanilla.

For raspberry jelly:

• sugar - 20 g;

• gelatin - 15 g;

• 3 tbsp. spoons of water;

• raspberry - 2 handfuls.

For an appetizing dessert, prepare lemon balm leaves and fresh raspberries.


1. Bake a biscuit: beat the whites with sugar until strong foam. Continuing to beat, slowly add the egg yolks, whisk all together 2 minutes. Without turning off the mixer, add flour (sift before flour), beat another three minutes. Pour in vanillin and mix well. Put the dough in a greased form, put in a hot oven and bake for about half an hour at a moderate temperature. Cool the sponge cake.

2. Before cooking the raspberry pudding, soak the gelatin in lukewarm water.

3. Place the cup with the swollen gelatin on another metal container with water and heat it in a water bath (just do not let it boil).

4. Wash the raspberries in a colander, dry a little and put in special molds. Raspberry use better maroon.

5. Top with a little bit of dissolved gelatin.

6. Put the molds in the refrigerator so that the gelatin is frozen.

7. From eggs, separate the yolks and rub them with sugar until white.

8. Pour water into the yolks and beat another 2 minutes.

9. Place the cup with the whipped yolks in a large container with water and, stirring constantly, boil for a couple until the sugar is completely dissolved.

10. Cool the yolk mass.

11. In another cup, whip the cream until a firm foam.

12. Put the yolk mass to the cream and beat for 1 minute.

13. Pour the remaining gelatin into the creamy-yolk mass, beat another 1 minute.

14. Pour half the creamy pudding into the molds into the raspberry berries frozen in gelatin, put in the fridge so that everything is frozen.

15. Mix the remaining pudding with the other raspberry berries and biscuit crumbs.

16. Spread the resulting mass into molds on top of the frozen layer, again put in the refrigerator for several hours.

17. Release the well-stiffened pudding, form on plates, decorate with melissa and raspberry berries.

3. Cottage cheese dessert with gelatin


• 1 glass of any natural juice (fruit or berry);

• lemon peel - 1 pc .;

• 3 handfuls of cottage cheese are not very fat;

• gelatin - a pack floor

• sugar - 40 g;

• egg - 2 pcs .;

• a pinch of salt;

• Mint - 3 leaves for decoration.


1. Grind lemon zest in a blender.

2. In a small cup, soak the gelatin in slightly heated water for a few minutes.

3. Pour juice into a metal container, heat slightly over moderate heat, pour gelatin, add cottage cheese and sugar, stir everything thoroughly.

4. Separate the yolks from the whites. Protein salt and beat with a mixer until a stable foam.

5. Slowly put the proteins in the curd mass, mix well and spread in molds, put in the fridge to set.

6. Free the dessert from the mold and place on a la carte plates, garnish with mint leaves.

4. Dessert with gelatin and fruit: marshmallow


• sugar - 6 glasses;

• gelatin - 1 pack;

• 1 egg;

• vanillin - 4 g;

• water - a little more than half a glass;

• green apples - 4 pcs.


1. Wash apples, peel, cut the core, cut into slices.

2. Put the apples on the frying sheet, put in the oven and bake for 10 minutes (you can put them on a flat plate and put them in the microwave for 15 minutes).

3. Grind baked apples in a blender to a puree-like state, measure 1 cup of mashed potatoes, and leave the rest aside.

4. In puree, add vanilla and 1 cup of sugar, stir well and cool.

5. In a metal container, pour in the gelatin, pour in water and leave for a few minutes to swell.

6. Separate the white from the yolk.

7. Beat the cooled mashed potatoes with a mixer and, without turning off the mixer, enter a little egg white, beat a few minutes, enter the rest of the protein and beat until the mass increases several times and becomes snow white.

8. Without turning off the mixer, enter the swollen gelatin.

9. Put a cup with the resulting mass on a small fire, wait for boiling.

10. Pour the remaining sugar, mix well and boil for about five minutes.

11. Adjust the fire to the weakest and boil until the mass is as syrup. Cool the syrup slightly. 12. Whip the remaining puree in a clean bowl with a mixer. Without turning off the mixer, slowly pour in the cooked syrup, beat about 5 minutes.

13. On a baking sheet from a pastry bag, drop the products in the form of marshmallows.

14. Leave the marshmallows on the baking sheet for half a day (sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired).

15. Put the ready marshmallow on a dessert plate, serve to the table.

5. Dessert with gelatin: grape jelly


• 8 bunches of grapes (green);

• 3 teaspoons of gelatin;

• 300 g of sugar.


1. Soak gelatin in warm water and leave it for a few hours to swell.

2. Place the cup with the gelatin on another container, larger in diameter and steam it up to melt it.

3. Wash bunches of grapes, separate each berry and pass through a juicer. Discard the marc, and pour the juice into a deep pan, put on a moderate heat and heat slightly.

4. Pour the melted gelatin into the juice, mix well.

5. Adjust the high heat and wait for boiling, while do not forget to stir occasionally.

6. Add sugar, stir and bring to boil again.

7. Turn off the heat, pour the mixture into special containers, cool and refrigerate to freeze.

8. Take out of the containers, arrange in plates and serve on the table, decorate with grapes if desired.

6. Dessert with gelatin and fruit: White Butterflies cake

Ingredients for lingonberry-banana jelly:

• 2 handfuls of fresh lingonberries (can be fresh frozen);

• gelatin - 1 teaspoon;

• half a banana;

• sugar - 20 g.

For short pastry:

• flour - 1 handful;

• 40 g of powdered sugar;

• egg - 1 pc .;

• 4 g vanillin and salt;

• butter - 160 g

For cream:

• sheet gelatin - 3 pieces;

• water - 160 ml;

• Mascarpone - half a kilogram;

• half a lemon;

• medium fat cream - 1 small jar.

Also take 1 pomegranate and a handful of pistachios.


1. Prepare the cranberry-banana jelly: soak gelatin in a small cup for a few minutes. Half a banana and lingonberries chop in a blender into a mushy mass, add sugar, mix well. Dissolve the gelatin in a pair and slowly pour into the puree, stir again, cover with a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator. 2. In another cup, mix the sifted flour, powdered sugar, vanillin, add the yolk, soft butter, knead the dough well, wrap in a plastic bag and refrigerate for 35 minutes.

3. Divide the dough into several equal parts and put into small baking tins (grease the tins beforehand).

4. Smooth the dough over the entire surface of the molds, make the punctures with a knife, put in a hot oven and bake for 20 minutes at medium temperature.

5. Cool the blanks.

6. Prepare the cream: soak the leaves of gelatin in water for 15 minutes. Mascarpone mix with powdered sugar, squeeze the juice from half a lemon and mix well until the powder dissolves. Put the cream in a metal cup, lightly heat over medium heat, add the leaves of gelatin pressed from the water, mascarpone, mix everything thoroughly.

7. Pistachios peel, chop in a food processor on an average knife.

8. Put some pistachios on the bottom of special molds.

9. Put several layers of cream.

10. Cut frozen butterflies (or any other shape) from the frozen lingonberry-banana jelly and place on top of the cream.

11. On a jelly squeeze a little cream from the pastry bag of any shape.

12. Place sand blanks on top, press down slightly to make the blank stuck together.

13. Pastries put in the refrigerator overnight.

14. When serving, decorate with pomegranate seeds.

Desserts with gelatin - advice

Do not be afraid to experiment, gelatin is a versatile product, so you can use any favorite foods to make dessert!

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