Caviar of squash is a tender preparation for the winter. How to cook caviar from squash in a cauldron, multicooker and oven

Caviar of squash is a tender preparation for the winter. How to cook caviar from squash in a cauldron, multicooker and oven

Caviar of squash is a delicious snack that tastes like everyone’s favorite zucchini. Even the beginning hostess will cope with preparation of this caviar. In winter, this dish will saturate your body with useful microelements and vitamins.

Caviar of squash - the basic principles of cooking

Ways to cook caviar from the squash a lot. This can be done in a cast-iron cauldron, multi-cooker or oven.

For caviar you will need not only the scallops, but also other vegetables. This is mainly onions and carrots, but you can also add Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, eggplants and other vegetables.

First of all, all vegetables are cleaned, washed and freed from seeds. They can be crushed into small cubes, put in a cauldron and simmer until cooked, cut into slices, bake in the oven, and only then twist in a blender or meat mincer.

Caviar can also be cooked in a slow cooker, where vegetables will be stewed as in a Russian stove.

If tomatoes are used in caviar, they are doused with boiling water and removed thin skin. The pulp is crushed and only then added to the other vegetables. Tomatoes can be replaced by tomato paste.

If caviar is cooked with mayonnaise, the appetizer will turn out with a mild creamy taste.

Spices and herbs are added to your taste.

Recipe 1. Caviar of squash in the oven


kilogram of squash;


tomato paste - 100 g;

freshly ground pepper;

four onions;

Table vinegar - 5 ml;

vegetable oil - 75 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Squash wash and chop into small slices. If you have large scallops, it is advisable to peel them.

2. Put the chopped vegetable on a baking sheet and bake at 180 ° C until soft.

3. Remove the pan, cool the patissons. Twist them in a meat grinder, or put in a cast-iron cauldron and chop with the help of an immersion blender.

4. Peel and finely chop the onion. Paste it in vegetable oil until transparent. Then add the tomato paste and simmer for another couple of minutes. Remove pan from heat. 5. Add the onion roast to the mash of the squash and once again perebeyte submersible blender.

6. Season caviar with spices and place the cauldron on a slow fire. When the contents begin to boil, pour in the vinegar, mix and immediately spread on the sterilized half-liter jars. Roll up boiled lids, turn over, wrap a blanket and leave to cool completely.

Recipe 2. Spicy caviar of squash with vegetables


kg of squash;

freshly ground black pepper;

300 grams of tomatoes;

25 g hops-suneli;

300 g sweet bell pepper;

200 ml of vegetable oil;

300 g carrots;

20 ml of apple cider vinegar;

250 g onions;

25 grams of sugar;

hot chili peppers;


six cloves of garlic;

50 g of parsley and dill.

Method of preparation

1. Peel onions, squash and garlic. Flush under the tap. Cut the bell pepper and tomato stalk. Pepper stripped of streaks and seeds. Cut the carrots into rings, five millimeters thick. Onion shred half rings. Cut the tomatoes into six random slices. Pepper cut wide strips. Squash grind slices, up to a centimeter thick. We clean chilli seeds from seeds and finely crumble along with garlic. Rinse greens and lay on a towel. We leave it with sprigs.

2. Pour some of the oil into the heated pan. Put onion and fry until ruddy, stirring with a wooden spatula. We shift onions to deep dishes.

3. Frying pan again sent to the fire and pour in the oil. Put the squash in the pan and fry until golden brown. We spread to the fried onions.

4. Again send the pan to the fire, pour in the oil and fry in it the carrot and paprika until golden. We shift to the other vegetables.

5. Fry the vegetables we twist through a meat grinder with greens and tomatoes. Put the vegetable mass in a saucepan with a thick bottom. Add the garlic and chili pepper.

6. Put the pan on a strong fire. When the contents begin to boil, we twist the fire to medium and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally with a wooden spatula. A couple of minutes until cooked, add sugar, hops-suneli, salt and freshly ground pepper. Remove from heat and cool to a warm state. Then we fill the caviar with vinegar, mix it and place it in clean sterilized jars and roll it up.

Recipe 3. Caviar of squash with roots


two kilograms of squash;

70 ml of 9% table vinegar;

three onions;

10 g of sugar;

two carrots;

60 g of salt;

five tomatoes;

140 ml of vegetable oil;

garlic head;

a small bunch of parsley;

50 g of celery root;

parsley root.

Method of preparation

1. Wash and peel the scallops. Wash peeled carrots, onions and tomatoes under the tap. Crush all vegetables in the same cubes using a special device.

2. Heat vegetable oil in a deep cast-iron cauldron. Put the scallops and fry, constantly mixing with a wooden spatula, until golden.

3. Place a saucepan on the fire and heat the oil in it. Put the onions and carrots in it and fry over medium heat until lightly browned.

4. Transfer the roasted vegetables to the cauldron. Add the tomatoes and continue to simmer for moderate half an hour.

5. Peel the roots and garlic. Wash and finely crumble. Add to the cauldron with vegetables. Salt, add sugar and simmer another quarter of an hour.

6. Smash the vegetables with a dipping blender until smooth. Pour in the vinegar and simmer the mixture for another half hour until it thickens. At the end add finely chopped parsley. As soon as the mass begins to boil, distribute the caviar in sterilized dry cans and immediately tightly tighten the tin lids. Turn it over, cover it with a blanket and cool it.

Recipe 4. Caviar of squash cutlets


squash - 4 kg;

vegetable oil - 500 ml;

onion - kilogram;

vinegar 9% - 100 ml;

tomato paste - 50 g;

carrots - kilogram;

sugar - 100 g;

sweet pepper - 500 g;

salt - 60 g;

tomatoes - half a kilo.

Method of preparation

1. My squashes, peel and cut into thin strips. Pour a small amount of oil into the cauldron, lay out the scallops and cook over low heat for an hour, until the liquid has evaporated by half.

2. Carrots and onions clean. Carrot rubbed with long straws. Shred onions with thin feathers. Fry the vegetables in a separate pan until lightly reddened. We shift roasted vegetables to the scallops. 3. My tomatoes, with a sharp knife, chop them into bars. Freed Bulgarian pepper from the tails, clean the seeds. The pod is cut in half and chop into thin strips. Put vegetables in a cauldron, mix, salt, add sugar and simmer for about an hour.

4. Ten minutes before the end of cooking, pour in the vinegar, put the tomato paste, mix and simmer for another five minutes.

5. We pack the hot mass in sterilized cans. Tightly rolled boiled caps. Turn over, wrap in a blanket and leave at least a day.

Recipe 5. Caviar of the squash in a multicooker


one and a half kilogram of squash;


carrot - 300 g;

vegetable oil - 30 ml;

tomatoes - 400 g;

three cloves of garlic;

three onions.

Method of preparation

1. Peel carrots, wash and chop them on a coarse grater.

2. Remove the husks from the onions, rinse and crumble with thin feathers.

3. Squash wash, peel and cut into small cubes.

4. Peeled garlic finely crumble.

5. Place all prepared vegetables in the bowl. Pour in some oil and run the frying program. Cook the vegetables, stirring occasionally, until golden brown.

6. Rinse the tomatoes, wipe with a napkin and cut out the places where the stalk was attached. Finely chop up the tomatoes and add a slow cooker to the bowl. Pour in water so that it is half covered with vegetables. Continue cooking caviar until all the vegetables are soft.

7. Season the vegetable mass with salt, spices and sugar. Stir and transfer to the blender bowl. Perebeyte all to a puree state. Make sure that there are no lumps. Place the resulting mass back into the multicooker container. Turn on the quenching program and cook until boiling.

8. Banks wash, rinse and sterilize over steam. Spread the caviar in the prepared glass container and immediately twist with boiled lids. Cool, turning and wrapped.

Recipe 6. Caviar of squash with mayonnaise


4.5 kg of squash;

100 g of salt; 2 kg 250 g onions;

50 g sugar;

15 cloves of garlic;

225 ml of sunflower oil;

375 ml of mayonnaise;

450 ml of tomato paste.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse the squash, cut into slices of equal thickness and fry them to golden color in vegetable oil.

2. Finely chop the onion peeled. Saute until soft in a frying pan in hot oil. Transfer the squash and roasted onions to a cast-iron cauldron and simmer for a quarter of an hour.

3. Kill all to a puree-like state. Pass the garlic through the press into the vegetable mass. Add salt, mayonnaise, sugar, tomato paste and mix gently. Cook on low heat for about ten minutes.

4. Pack the hot caviar in sterilized jars, roll up and cool, turning and wrapping in a blanket.

Caviar of squash - tips and tricks

Caviar can be cooked not only in sunflower, but also in olive or corn oil.

Add vinegar to caviar only at the end of cooking.

The amount of garlic can be adjusted depending on your preferences.

For caviar with mayonnaise, use a sauce with a high percentage of fat.

It is not necessary to peel the young patissons, you just need to wash them.

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