How to make cocoa jelly on kefir, sour cream, yogurt or ice cream. Original recipes for cocoa jelly

How to make cocoa jelly on kefir, sour cream, yogurt or ice cream. Original recipes for cocoa jelly

The cocoa jelly, which melts in the mouth, can be served as a stand-alone dessert, or used as an ingredient for a layer of cake, cakes, or as an addition to ice cream or a fruit salad.

Cooking jellies is hardly half an hour, much more time is spent waiting for the delicacy to freeze until ready ...

Cocoa Jelly: Basic Cooking Principles

In the simplest version of such a jelly, cocoa powder and sugar are dissolved in hot milk, after which gelatin dissolved in water is added to them and, after cooling a little, the jelly is placed in a refrigerator for several hours.

Despite the fact that the following recipes describe the preparation of cocoa jelly with gelatin, which is mixed with cool water, for swelling, and then heated until complete dissolution, and only then combined with other products, it is possible to use its other varieties. For example, according to the instructions of many manufacturers, gelatin is immediately diluted in hot liquid, it is possible even in milk with cocoa. In this case, the recipes, therefore, vary slightly, but within the limits of easily understood.

Jelly with waffles and chocolate cream


1 l of milk;

4-6 Art. l cocoa;

200 g of sugar;

40 g of gelatin;

200 grams of waffles (better than light and without interlayers);

100 g of high-quality milky chocolate;

40 g butter;

150-200 ml of cream.


while gelatin dissolves in water, enjoy chocolate cream;

in a saucepan with cream, put in a water bath, dissolve the chocolate bar and mix until a homogeneous mass using a whisk;

add butter to chocolate and mix again, now beating more until the cream is pomp, which at this stage of dessert preparation should be set aside from the heat;

in another saucepan, heat the milk, add sugar and cocoa into it, stirring, wait for them to dissolve;

heat the gelatin, which should dissolve without lumps, but not boil; add gelatin to the milk, mix everything thoroughly and remove the dishes from the stove;

Pour the first thin layer of jelly into portioned transparent molds and set aside for 10 minutes in the refrigerator;

crumble the wafer crumb over the frozen jelly and put a layer of ganache cream so that it hides it;

Pour in a new batch of non-frozen jelly and put the shape back into the fridge again;

Repeat with waffles, cream and alternating layers of jelly several times, after which, place the treat for 4 hours on the shelf of the refrigerator.

Jelly on kefir


1 l of kefir;

200 g of sugar;

5 tbsp. l cocoa;

1 cup of blackcurrant or blackberry jam;

12-16 pieces of savoyardi cookies;

30-40 g of gelatin.


add gelatin in cold water and leave to swell;

cocoa mix with sugar and dissolve everything, stirring, in kefir;

dissolve the gelatin in a water bath, making sure that it does not boil, then pour into kefir and mix everything well;

Pour about half the amount of the mixture into the mold for this dessert and put it in the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour;

remove the frozen jelly from the fridge, spread with jam, put the cookies and spread the jam and over them;

Gently pour the remains of kefir into the mold and remove the cocoa jelly in the refrigerator for three hours.

Jelly on sour cream


1 l sour cream. Since its high fat content is not necessary for the proper taste of this dessert, you can stay on the product 10-15% fat;

200 g of cottage cheese;

250-300 g of sugar;

1 bag of vanilla sugar;

40 g of gelatin;

4-5 Art. l cocoa;

a third of a bar of chocolate.


First of all, add gelatin to cold water;

divide the sour cream in half, add cocoa into one part;

all sour cream, which is whipped with simple and vanilla sugar, will acquire a lush creamy texture, if you pre-cool it in the refrigerator;

but, if you mix it with a mixer, especially if the sour cream is not in the kitchen but is farmed — be careful! It is worth overdoing with speed and duration, as it begins to stratify into grains and whey; finished with sour cream, put on a small fire dishes with gelatin. It should dissolve, but do not allow it to boil;

remove it from the stove after a few minutes, cool and pour in a thin stream into the sour cream, which you need to re-beat, but not so intense;

in half sour cream without cocoa, put cottage cheese, mix;

Start layering the light and dark parts of the jelly in portioned vases or wide glasses, and, before putting the next layer, place the dishes for 10 minutes in the fridge so that the jelly stiffens;

almost ready cocoa jelly send in the refrigerator for 3-5 hours;

garnish with shredded chocolate chips before serving.

Jelly on yogurt


1 liter of natural yoghurt;

250 g of sugar;

100-200 g of a mixture of ready-made breakfast of muesli, nuts and dried fruits;

4 tbsp. l cocoa;

30-40 g of gelatin;


while the gelatin swells, diluted in cold water, go in for other products;

mix yogurt with sugar and cocoa, and, for better dissolution of cocoa, it is better to first combine it with sugar;

heat up gelatin on the stove until completely dissolved and trickle, gently stirring with a spatula, pour into the yogurt;

add flakes, dried fruits and nuts to the mixture;

Put the cocoa jelly in a suitable form and put it in the refrigerator to freeze until ready, which will come in 6 hours.

Jelly on ice cream


400 g of ice cream;

100 ml of milk;

100 g candied fruit;

100 g of chocolate (better than bitter);

4-5 Art. l cocoa;

30 g of gelatin;


dissolve gelatin in cold water and leave to swell to the side;

chocolate break into small pieces;

pour the milk into the saucepan, put the ice cream in it and put the dishes on the stove, turning on a small fire;

when the ice cream has melted, add cocoa and stir it well;

leave the saucepan and take gelatin - it's time to dissolve it to complete dissolution without lumps, ideally in a water bath;

Pour gelatin in a thin stream into the mixture of milk and ice cream, mix;

when the mixture has cooled, add cocoa chocolate and candied fruit jelly; pour the jelly into molds and set aside in the fridge for 5 hours.

Egg jelly with cream


1 l of cream;

8-12 egg yolks;

4-6 Art. l cocoa;

300 g of sugar;

1 bag of sugar with vanilla;

40 g of gelatin.


put gelatin in cool water;

Separate the yolks from the whites, put the last into a container (or other dish) and set aside - come in handy for baking or another dessert, first rub with sugar and vanilla, add cocoa and whisk together. If there were no cocoa in it, it would have turned white, and with it, you will understand the readiness by its pomp;

put the swollen gelatin in a water bath to dissolve until the end, but protect from overheating and even more boiling - so it loses its properties;

Pour the heated cream into a yolk mixture, stirring in the process;

the last in cocoa jelly add warm gelatin and mix everything again;

Pour the mixture into a mold or molds and refrigerate for 4-6 hours.

Jelly with liquor


1.2 liters of cream;

4 egg yolks;

100 g of cane sugar;

200 g of sugar;

Amaretto liqueur;

3 tbsp. l cocoa;

50 g of gelatin;

whipped cream in a bottle.


soak gelatin in cool water;

separate egg yolks from proteins and rub with cane sugar;

Heat 300 ml of cream and pour them into the yolks, mix gently;

The remaining cream is also heated, add sugar and, when it is dissolved, pour half into another saucepan;

in one part of the cream, add cocoa and Aatertto liqueur in an amount to taste;

put gelatin in a water bath, dissolve and divide into three parts;

Gently pour each portion of gelatin into the egg mixture, cream with cocoa and cream simple, gently stir each of the three components of the dessert;

In a transparent serving dish, start spreading light jelly with cocoa and yolks in layers, soaking between pouring each layer for 10 minutes, during which they in turn should be slightly frozen in the refrigerator;

for full readiness of jelly, remove the dessert on the shelf for 4 hours; When serving cocoa jelly with liqueur, decorate the dessert magnificently with whipped cream.

Cocoa Jelly: Secrets and Tricks

1. In some recipes, where, for example, jelly from cocoa based on sour cream or yogurt is prepared, dissolving sugar in these dairy products is a long process, so it is preferable to replace granulated sugar with powdered sugar, and in the absence of the latter, it is advisable to grind sand in a coffee grinder or blender.

2. When the jelly mass of prepared jelly (if the mass was whipped) is mixed in with something (like cottage cheese in a sour cream jelly recipe), the airiness will remain, will not fall off, if the movements of the spatula or corolla when mixing are directed not to the sides, but upwards.

3. It is better to choose powdered instant gelatin - it swells in cold water in literally 10 minutes. The proportion of water to gelatin is 5: 1.

4. Jelly from dairy products or fruit and berry juices will be tastier if you soak gelatin not in water, but in milk or juice, respectively.

4. Depending on the proportions of gelatin to liquid products in the recipe, the dessert may turn out more dense, so you can cut it with a knife (40-60 g of gelatin powder per 1 liter), or light, quivering at the touch of a spoon (20 g of gelatin powder per 1 l).

5. If you need to remove the finished jelly from cocoa from the form in which it froze, and shake it out, you only need to hold the container in hot water for 10-15 seconds and then turn it over - the jelly will slip out easily. But this will not happen if you use silicone molds.

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