How to cook a duck with potatoes in the oven? Very tasty recipes duck with potatoes in the oven, not only for the holidays

How to cook a duck with potatoes in the oven? Very tasty recipes duck with potatoes in the oven, not only for the holidays

Of course, chicken meat is much easier to cook.

It is a more dietary product.

Also chicken meat has such a universal taste that it is impossible to make a mistake in choosing a supplement to the neutral taste of this bird.

It should not be forgotten that chicken meat is a more common product, not because it is better, but because broiler farming is a more profitable business: chickens give a greater and faster profit compared to growing other birds.

More difficult is the case with cooking duck with potatoes in the oven.

Even the combination of two components, a fat duck and potatoes as a source of carbohydrates, can cause outrage and protest of supporters of a healthy lifestyle. But if it tastes good?

If the measure is observed, one should not deny oneself the pleasure to eat at least sometimes a piece of unusually tasty meat. There are no rules without exceptions. In addition, duck fat contains fatty acids similar to olive oil, and in general the vitamin composition of duck meat distinguishes it from chicken meat.

Duck fat contributes to the excretion of carcinogens, which, under current environmental problems, makes duck a valuable food product.

Duck with potatoes in the oven - the basic technological principles

Some do not like duck meat because of the peculiar smell. This is not a reason to refuse it, because, as with any kind of meat, there are some rules for its selection and preprocessing.

The specific smell of duck meat gives iron, which, like the chicken, is located on the tail. Starting the cutting of the carcass, it must be removed first of all, so that in the process of tarring it does not release fat with an unpleasant smell. In addition, choosing a duck, pay attention to the age of the bird. In old ducks, the specific smell is pronounced, in contrast to young birds and the meat of young ducks is less rigid. It is possible to distinguish an old duck from a young one by the stiffness of the sternum: in a young bird, the keel has a cartilaginous structure, it is flexible. Scaly coating on the legs, too, can tell whether it is worth buying this particular bird. When choosing duck meat, also pay attention to the breed of bird. Preference should be given to the meat of musk ducks: the ratio of muscle and fat in this breed significantly increases in the direction of lean flesh.

Although without the use of fat it is impossible to cook a tasty and juicy duck: the meat will be hard and dry. Therefore, leave the fat on the carcass, and you can remove the excess after baking.

There are many ways to cook duck with potatoes in the oven, but you do not have to follow the strictly found recipe. Most professional chefs are guided by their intuition and the presence of certain ingredients in their kitchen, which gives them the opportunity to be considered true professionals.

1. Recipe for cooking duck with potatoes in the oven in the sleeve


Orange Slices 200 g

Duck gutted 1.9 - 2.2 kg

Potatoes 0.6-0.7 kg

Garlic 10-20 g

Pepper, salt

Prunes 50 g

Rosemary 5-6 sprigs


Rub the carcass with spices and garlic on top and inside. Sliced, peeled potatoes and prune pieces tightly inside the carcass and sew it. Cut the oranges into slices and place them together with the sprigs of rosemary and carcass in a baking bag. Tie the package tightly and leave it for 5-6 hours in the refrigerator. Bake at 200ºC three hours before serving.

2. Recipe for cooking duck with potatoes in the oven in foil, with mushrooms and cream sauce


Potatoes 700 g (net)

Milk 0.5 L

Garlic 40g

Oil (for frying) 70 g

Milk mushrooms, salted 400 g

Dill, chopped 50 g

Cheese 120g

Onions 300g

Sour cream 250 g

Duck breast 1.2 kg

Parsley, fresh 100 g

Flour 90 g


Soak in cold water for 48 hours: it is desirable to change the water 3-4 times. Heat the oil and fry the chopped milk mushrooms in it, sprinkling with flour. Add shredded onion to the mushrooms. Put the mushrooms and onions in a baking dish. Chopped and prepared duck breast cut into cubes and fry in a frying pan, seasoned with spices. Do not salt. Put the roast duck on top of the mushrooms and onions. Potatoes of small size wash, peel and cut into slices, into four pieces. Cook it in milk by adding chopped dill and chopped garlic at the end of cooking. Ready potatoes shift to duck meat. Pour sour cream into the milk in which the potatoes are boiled, add another 50-60 g of flour, move and pour the sauce on mushrooms, duck and potatoes. Bake at 180ºC for 20 minutes, then sprinkle the dish with a layer of grated cheese mixed with parsley and put in a hot oven for another 10-15 minutes.

3. Recipe for cooking duck with potatoes in the oven in pots


Beans, motley 400 g

Fillet of poultry 600 g

Boiled potatoes 900 g

Carrots 250 g

Duck fat 150 g

Cream tomatoes 350 g

Onions 300g

Tomato sauce 100 ml

Flour (for passaging) 100 g

Dill, parsley, celery 120 g

Green olives 200 g

Salad pepper 300 g (net)

Puff yeast dough 800 g

Egg yolk whipped


Prepare vegetables:

Sweet onions and carrots, washed and peeled, cut into small cubes; fry the vegetables in duck fat, add a little flour to them and pour in the tomato sauce. Remove pan from heat.

Boiled potatoes until half cooked, also cut into cubes. Rinse soaked beans and boil until half cooked; turn off the stove and leave the beans to cool in the broth.

Peel blanched tomatoes and peppers and cut into cubes. Slice olives without stones. Cut duck flesh into cubes, season with spices and let it stand for half an hour, then fry until half cooked. Chop the greens finely.

Divide all the prepared ingredients into portions and put them into pots, 3/4 of the volume and pour tomato sauce with vegetables, adding vegetable broth to cover the contents of each pot with liquid. From a layer of ready-made dough, 1-1.5 cm thick, cut circles around the diameter of the pots and brush them with whipped yolk on one side. With a greased side, place the dough on the pots, tightly pinching them along the edge, instead of the lids. Pour water into a deep pan and place the pots.

Transfer the pan to a hot oven and bake the dish until the water has evaporated and the dough is lightly browned. Remove the pan with the pots and grease the dough with the remaining yolk and sprinkle with sesame or cumin, if desired. Return the pots to the oven and bring the dish to readiness. Serve portion pots, put on plates lined with napkins. Separately in the saucer sauce serve sour cream.

4. Recipe for cooking duck with potatoes in the oven “on the pillow”


Potatoes 0.5 kg

Onions 500g

Duck 2 -2.3 kg

Red currant juice 200 ml

Ground black pepper

Honey 150g

Thyme, savory, sage

Red wine 100 ml


Prepare the sauce: combine the currant juice with red wine; put thyme, sage and thyme sprigs in the juice with wine; heat over low heat, not allowing to boil. Cool the broth to 20-25C, put honey and stir it until complete dissolution. Boil the sauce is not necessary: ​​it will reach the readiness in the oven, along with the duck jasper and potatoes, giving them their flavor.

Cut the prepared potatoes and onions into slices, lightly salt and season with spices. Cover the form with oil-coated foil. Put the onion in a single layer and pour it over the prepared sauce. Then lay out the potato plates.

Cut the prepared duck carcass lengthwise, in half. Rub the carcass with salt and spices, pour the remaining sauce and place under the press. For 2-3 hours, put in the fridge. When the meat is pickled, put it on the potatoes and bake, covered with foil. 15-20 minutes until cooked, remove the bird from the oven, remove the foil and pour over the sauce in which the bird was pickled. Bake until golden brown.

5. Recipe for cooking duck with potatoes in the oven with cheese and mushrooms

Product Composition:

Duck breast 1.2 kg

Champignons 1 kg

Onion 0.5 kg

Cheese (hard) 400 g

Tomatoes 600 g

Potatoes 500 g

Spices and greens


Breast cut into slices of 200 g across the fibers and repel. Spice each portion of spices and soak a couple of hours in the cold.

Cover the baking sheet with foil; Grease the foil. Put the duck chops on the foil. Cut large tomatoes into slices and lay on each piece of duck meat. On top of the tomatoes, continue to lay peeled and chopped potatoes, sliced ​​mushrooms, chopped onion and grated cheese. Laying each layer of ingredients, if desired, season with spices. Cover the puff "pie" with foil and bake for 50-70 minutes, removing the foil a few minutes until cooked, to form a cheese crust. Turning off the oven, sprinkle the dish with chopped greens and leave to cool for half an hour to the serving temperature with the door closed.

6. Recipe for cooking duck with potatoes in the oven, stuffed


Onions, white 400 g

Juniper berries, dried 20-30 g

Red oranges 250 g

Potatoes, peeled (large) 0.8 kg

The carcass of a duck, gutted 2,0-2,5 kg


Chile (powder)



Allspice and black pepper, ground

Prunes 100 g

Walnut (kernels) 50 g

Garlic 10-20 g

Sour cream 50-70 g

“Parmesan” 150 g


Choose a large, flat, preferably oblong, potato for the dish. Clean it and wash and cook until ready. Take a knife with a short blade and divide each boiled tuber in half, making a transverse, serrated incision. With a teaspoon, select the middle of each half of the potato by making a well. Crush the selected pulp using a potato masher. To the mashed potatoes, add steamed and finely chopped prunes, walnut kernels, ground with garlic and sour cream. Stuff halves of the potatoes with this mixture, temporarily lay them on a separate dish and proceed to stuffing the poultry.

Wash the tarred duck, dry it a little, remove the gland on the tail, cut the wings to the first phalanx. Break the wings in the area of ​​the first joint, turning them back sharply, so that after baking, they do not stick out in different directions. Do not cut the fat: it is useful when baking to make the meat juiciness and softness. Prepare a mixture of salt, ground peppers, juniper berries, cloves and coriander seeds. Crush dry spices into powder and rub the bird's carcass outside and inside with spicy powder.

Chop the onion into strips, add 1/2 spoon of sugar and 100 ml of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Hold the onions in the marinade for about an hour, then drain the marinade. Remove the zest from the orange, then clean it by removing the membrane and break each lobule into two or three pieces. Combine the pickled onions with slices of oranges and stuff the carcass. If the carcass is large, then increase the number of onions and oranges: the morning should be packed tightly. Sew the belly and hole in the neck. Pack the prepared bird in a sealed bag, and leave it at least for 3-4 hours. Cover a wide and deep baking dish with foil without breaking the edge. Place the stuffed poultry in the center of the mold to lay out the stuffed potatoes a little later. Cover the semi-finished product with foil, tightly tweak the edges and put in the oven, preheated to 200ºC. 2 hours after starting to roast, remove the mold from the oven, remove the top layer of foil and place the stuffed potatoes around the poultry. In the middle of each potato sprinkle grated cheese and pour the juice, escaped from the duck during baking. Grease duck skin with honey-mustard mixture. Again, cover the dish with foil, and bake for 30-40 minutes closed and another 15 minutes - without the top layer of foil, to browse the potatoes and poultry.

Turn off the oven and hold the duck for half an hour, without opening the door. Then remove, remove the strings and transfer to a serving dish.

7. Recipe for cooking duck with potatoes in the oven, with white cabbage and rice


Ryazhenka 750 ml

Steamed rice 260 g

White cabbage 0.5 kg

Onions of sweet varieties (white) 300 g

Potatoes, small 500 g

Dill and parsley 150 g


Apples, sour 250 g

Young, fat duck 2.0-2.3 kg

Lemon juice 100 ml


Cut the duck into pieces, each rub with salt and spices. Pour lemon juice into a plastic bag and place the carcass with chopped dill in it. Tie the package and clean in the cold, preferably for the whole night. Rinse thoroughly and wet the rice.

The next day, chop the cabbage and onions, thin strips. Take the sweet and sour apples, peel them, cut into thin slices. Put the onions, cabbage, rice, apples and pieces of poultry into the roaster. Razhenka season with spices and salt and pour into a roaster. If necessary, add water to cover the contents with liquid. Cover the dishes with a lid and place for 2.5-3 hours in the oven, preheated to 200ºC. Five to ten minutes until ready, add chopped greens and bay leaf.

Duck with Potatoes in the Oven - Tips and Tricks

  • Duck meat is most suitable for frying and baking.
  • You can make tasty side dishes on the basis of duck fat: do not throw away a valuable product, moreover, it contains many valuable vitamins and unsaturated acids.
  • In the Russian culinary tradition there has long been a rule: serve meat with sour sauces. It is acidic additives that contribute to the digestion of meat and fatty foods.
  • For duck sauces, use not only citrus fruits or apples. To diversify the assortment of duck meat dishes, try adding grapes, cranberries or lingonberries, cherries, and red currants to duck meat.
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