Original Cherry Jam with Chocolate

Original Cherry Jam with Chocolate

This jam is perfect in every way. You can eat it with a spoon with tea, make a lot of delicious desserts from it - from jelly and mousses to ice cream and open pies.

To change the taste it is often added brandy or liquor, cocoa, coffee. But it is better not to offer such a dessert to children.

Syrup is ideal for the impregnation of chocolate biscuit or regular cake layers. You can also add syrup to coffee - a very interesting drink comes out, especially if the dessert is cooked with cognac.

Cooking time - 4 hours

Number of servings - 2

At 100 kcal:

B - 0.51

W - 0.11

Y - 34.66

Kcal - 178.06

Ingredients for making jam

  • Pitted Cherries - 1 kg
  • Chocolate - 1 tile (100 g)
  • Sugar - 500 g
  • Zhelfiks - 1 pack
Original Cherry Jam with Chocolate

Making jam with chocolate

Ripe cherry berries washed. We cut off the tails and cleanse the bones.

Original Cherry Jam with Chocolate

We pour in the norm of sugar and set in a warm place for 2-3 hours to extract the juice.

Original Cherry Jam with Chocolate

Berry picked out a lot of juice and you can continue cooking jam.

Original Cherry Jam with Chocolate

Add zhelfiks and put an enameled pan with berries on a large fire, bring to a boil.

Reduce the fire and cook for 10 minutes. Before boiling, a white foam will appear on the surface of the jam. Her collected throughout the cooking time. The more qualitatively you make this step, the more chances jam is stored for a long time and stored at room temperature.

Original Cherry Jam with Chocolate

We break the chocolate into slices, you can use any chocolate candy, but certainly delicious.

Turn off the gas and add chocolate. Stir until complete dissolution.

Original Cherry Jam with Chocolate

In the previously prepared sterile and dry jars we place the jam to the top, right under the lid.

Original Cherry Jam with Chocolate

Roll up or close with dry lids.

Original Cherry Jam with Chocolate

Turn the jars and cool. Jam dessert is ready. To use as topping for ice cream, the top layer for any cake, very well suited for cottage cheese and any tender dough.

It is easy to make a dessert from jam - add it to the yoghurt, beat it and cool well in the freezer - and homemade soft ice cream is ready.

Cooking Tips:

Zhelfiks can be replaced with gelatin, only you need to choose the one that can be cooked (read the instructions carefully).

A treat will be more beneficial if you gel it with agar-agar (a natural thickener of algae).

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