Fish soups for children: features of the introduction to the diet. Recipes for fish soups for children from fresh fish and canned

Fish soups for children: features of the introduction to the diet. Recipes for fish soups for children from fresh fish and canned

Fish is a low-calorie dietary product with a high content of iron, phosphorus, calcium and iodine. It contains a significant set of vitamins and a complex of necessary minerals. Introduction to the children's diet of fish, specially prepared dishes, has a positive effect not only on the growth and overall development of the baby, but also contributes to an increase in immunity, improves the efficiency of the digestive system.

Soups retain all the properties of fish in themselves, and are a wonderful source of energy. They support the body of the child with essential proteins, useful vitamins, amino acids and minerals. In order not to harm the health of the child, it is necessary to strictly observe the technology of cooking fish soup, the rules for introducing food into the diet.

General principles of cooking fish soups for children

• The preparation of healthy fish soups for a child should be given special attention. The main product - the fish should only be fresh and well cooked. Preference is better to give the sea or large river fish, with a minimum content of small bones. One of the main conditions - it should not be excessively oily. Young children are preferable to prepare dishes from river fish, it is easier to digest by the body, and this is important.

• It is not necessary to use fresh fish for fish soup. Children from one and a half years old can make it from canned food, which should also be chosen very carefully. The first is to evaluate the shelf life and condition of the banks. If it seems even a little suspicious, immediately set aside. It should be noted that the most delicious soup is obtained from canned fish in oil, and not with its addition.

• If the soup is made from fresh fish, the broth is initially brewed from it, which is filtered after it is ready. This is done in order to avoid small bones getting into the ready dish. Canned fish is added to the soup, when all other components have already reached the point of readiness. It is first broken into pieces, removing hard spinal bones. • In fish soups for children should not add spices, and if you want to cook the roast, vegetables, best steamed in butter.

• When serving fish soup can be a bit of sour cream, season with finely chopped greens. This will increase its nutritional value and benefits.

Fish soup for children from hake with millet

Ingredients per liter of water:

• fillet of hake without skin - 300 gr .;

• small potato;

• half of the average carrot;

• small onion;

• two spoons of selected wheat;

• a few sprigs of dill.


1. First you need to cook fish broth. Fill the washed fish fillet with boiling water and put it on the fire. Bringing to a boil, carefully remove the var. When the first signs of boiling appear, reduce the fire so that the water only boils a little, and drop the whole onion into the broth. Cover the pan tightly with a lid, cook the fish for at least half an hour, then remove from the pan.

2. Twice we filter fish broth through layers of gauze or a rare sieve, pour it into a clean pan and set it on fire again. In a boiling broth lay out the grated small carrot and small cubes of potatoes. Cook for about five minutes, and put thoroughly washed millet. Cook until the potatoes are soft enough.

3. Return to the pan the fish boiled and cut into small pieces, slightly add some salt and add the dill. Boil over low heat for at least five minutes, turn off. After adding greens, boiling should not be allowed, otherwise the broth will darken and will have an unpleasant taste.

Fish soup for children with melted cheese without potatoes


• large hake - half a kilo of fish fillet;

• two small carrots;

• 30 gr. flour;

• onion head;

• 700 ml of water;

• two large spoons of butter;

• 50 gr. processed cheese, only high-quality, natural.


1. First of all, wash the fish well, and, filling the fillet with the specified amount of water, boil a clear broth. The cooking time of fish stock from the moment of boiling is 30 minutes. We get the finished fish, pause for a while and cut it into portions, fold it into a plate, cover and temporarily set aside. 2. On a medium grater, rub the carrot and, together with the onion, sauté in butter until golden. To roast not burned and not dried, regularly stir.

3. We shift the browned vegetables into a saucepan and add strained fish broth to them, leaving about a quarter cup. Putting the pan on the stove, turn on the maximum heat.

4. While boiling, in the molded broth we dilute flour. Intensely stirring the boiling broth, we introduce a flour mixture into it in a thin stream, after which we lay a medium-sized, worn melted cheese. Stir.

5. When it starts to boil, add pieces of fish, add some salt and cook, not allowing to boil intensively, for another five minutes.

Fish soup for one-year-old children (cream soup)


• salmon or pollock (fillet) - 150 gr .;

• small carrot;

• half a small onion;

• a teaspoon of low-fat sour cream;

• Potato - a large tuber of the boiling out variety.


1. Pour one and a half cups of water into a small saucepan and drop the fish fillet into small pieces. On a low heat bring the broth to a low boil, add salt and cook under the lid. Boil the fish for half an hour, turn off the plate. Carefully catch the pieces of fish, filter the broth and bring to the boil again.

2. Dip small carrots and potatoes into small fish broth, finely chopped onion and cook the vegetables until softened.

3. Pour the finished soup into a narrow, but deep bowl, place the fish pieces into it and cut into a puree in a blender. Before serving, stir it in a spoonful of sour cream.

How to make an appetizing fish soup for children with meatballs


• small potato;

• 200 grams of any white fish (fillet);

• small onion;

• half of the average carrot;

• two spoons of milk;

• a raw egg;

• 50 gr. finely ground white crackers.


1. Well wash the fish fillets and dry it with a towel. Then cut into pieces and grind in a meat grinder. Add some salt to the cooked mince and rusks soaked in milk.

2. We break an egg into a cup, we stir it up well and pour it in small portions into the fish mass, mixing it thoroughly. Stuffing should not be liquid. 3. We moisten hands with water, sculpt small meatballs, about the size of an average plum.

4. In a saucepan with water (0.6 liters), drop the potato cubes, finely chopped onion and grated carrot. Boil the vegetable broth with low heat until the potato slices soften (semi-ready state).

5. Put cooked fishballs in the pan, bring the soup to a boil. At this time, foam will form on the surface; it must be carefully removed. Boil fish soup with meatballs after boiling for a quarter of an hour and remove from heat.

6. When serving, you can supplement the soup with chopped greens.

Recipe for simple fish soup for children with semolina


• black chokeberry - 50 gr .;

• semolina - 10 g .;

• 100 gr. fish fillets;

• a third of a small carrot;

• half a small onion;

• 400 ml of drinking water;

• three sprigs of dill;

• frozen cream or homemade butter - 1 tsp;

• Potatoes are a medium-sized tuber.


1. Boil the fish broth with onions, while the onion is not small, but dipped into the water entirely. Not earlier than half an hour after boiling, we transfer the cooked fish from the broth to the plate and cool it. We disassemble into small pieces, carefully looking, if there are bones, we remove.

2. Put the chopped potato into boiling broth filtered through a sieve. Boil ten minutes, run the semolina. At the same time, the broth is quickly mixed so that the croup does not clutch in lumps.

3. We rub carrots on a small grater in soup and continue cooking on moderate heat for about a quarter of an hour.

4. At the end, lower the finely chopped dill and butter, add. Cook with minimal heat for another five minutes, stir and turn it off.

Fast fish soup for children from two years old from canned food with rice


• “Saury in oil” - one can of canned fish;

• two small potatoes;

• small carrot;

• greenery;

• three spoons with a small slide of round grain rice.


1. After going over the rice, wash and pour into a colander or sieve to dry.

2. Clean and thoroughly wash the vegetables. Cut potatoes into medium-sized cubes or thin cubes, onions - in small slices. On a medium grater chop a small carrot. 3. Put on the maximum temperature of the heating pot with water. When boiling, we drop potatoes in it, and ten minutes later we add rice cereal.

4. Paste onion with carrot in vegetable oil until golden. Closely watching the roasting - constantly stir, so as not to burn.

5. We take out tinned fish from the jar. Breaking into smaller pieces, remove the bones and ridges. Dip the fish slices in the soup and immediately put the vegetable roasting in the pan. Add the oil from the jar and boil, reducing the heat, fish soup for another five minutes.

6. Remove from heat and let stand for about half an hour to infuse.

Tips for cooking fish soup for children - useful tips

• Yearlings should choose low-fat fish. The most suitable: catfish, haddock, cod, hake, pike perch.

• If you decide to serve fish soup to a child under one year old, do not salt it. Some salt can be added when the baby is more than 12 months.

• The first soups are recommended to cook only with potatoes, in the future it can be supplemented with cereals and other vegetables, roasting them. The first cereal should be semolina, later, when the baby is already a year from birth, it is permissible to replace with millet or rice.

• For the first time, babies need to give no more than a teaspoon of fish soup and watch it for a couple of days. If his state of health does not worsen, and allergy symptoms do not appear, the soup can be given safely. The portion should be increased gradually. By one and a half years, it should be about 230 ml.

• Do not use mayonnaise for refueling. Take better low-fat sour cream or vegetable oil.

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