Liquid pizza dough - surprise the Italians! Recipes batter (yeast, milk and kefir) for delicious pizza

Liquid pizza dough - surprise the Italians! Recipes batter (yeast, milk and kefir) for delicious pizza

The authors of the classic recipe, Italians, call pizza with yeast - “Russian”.

Tourists who visited the Scandinavian eateries, were surprised to note that they sometimes offer the dish “Russian cheesecake with meat” - in fact, the same pizza, but Russian women rated as a jellied pie made of liquid or jellied meat batter.

If you don’t understand the authenticity of the recipe, but only highlight its positive sides, then pizza saves a lot of time for cooking and the table will be served much faster, because you shouldn’t forget that pizza is fast food, hearty food hastily.

Pizza batter - basic cooking principles

• Pizza batter to cook is quite simple and, most importantly, quickly. All the ingredients are mixed in one container and in a certain sequence, as a result you get a batter, a little thicker than for the fritters. It has a remarkable advantage over the usual - it does not need to roll out. Everything is very simple: pour the finished dough on a greased frying pan with a little flour, if you fry on it; in the form or on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, if you decide to bake in the oven. Slightly level the spoon, and then it remains only to smear with any sauce, ketchup or mayonnaise and put the prepared stuffing. A little more will have to tinker with the yeast option, but the pizza will turn out even more lush and rich.

Flour it is better to take the highest grade, products from such flour turn out to be more airy, snow-white, without the characteristic taste typical of bakery products baked from other varieties.

• Before use, flour must be sieved. This will not only cleanse it from accidentally caught in the production of garbage, but also enrich the flour with oxygen, resulting in a pizza base more fluffy and airy. • Yeast. A prerequisite for yeast - they must be fresh. If the recipe requires pressed yeast, and on hand dry instant, or vice versa - do not worry, they are interchangeable. 50 grams of fresh baker's yeast can replace 2 tables. spoons instant, scored "no slides".

• When you start kneading dough, remember - yeast of any kind must be dissolved in warm, not hot liquid. Its temperature should not exceed, and this is a prerequisite, 35 degrees Celsius, otherwise the yeast will die.

Pizza batter cooked in milk


• 250 ml of pasteurized milk of any fat content;

• 300 grams of flour / grade;

• one chicken egg;

• 1/2 tsp. baking soda;

• 10 grams of salt.


1. Using the whisk, whisk the egg in a small bowl, it is not necessary to bring it up to foaming, when the egg mass becomes homogeneous, stop whipping.

2. Pour in the milk, gradually add salt, soda and whisk all the ingredients again.

3. In small portions, without stopping, add flour. When the dough gets the desired consistency without lumps, leave the dishes on the table, covered with a towel.

4. After twenty minutes can be used for its intended purpose.

Yeast Pizza Dough


• 50 grams of pressed yeast;

• one egg;

• 200 ml low-fat pasteurized milk;

• one tea. spoon of sugar;

• one and a half glasses of flour, in / with, sifted.


1. Pour the milk into an un-enameled saucepan and set on fire. When the milk warms up a little, remove the saucepan from the heat and pour it into the bowl that you chose to mix.

2. Put the yeast in the dish with milk, add sugar and one tablespoon of flour. Stir everything until smooth and set aside for a while, preferably in a warm place, soak for about twenty minutes.

3. Beat the egg and pour it into the bowl with the yeast, add salt, add the flour and stir everything thoroughly. The resulting dough again set aside, after fifteen minutes it will be ready to use.

Pizza batter with kefir


• 250 ml low-fat kefir;

• two raw chicken eggs;

• unrefined sugar;

• half tsp. small salt (not iodized!) and baking soda;

• wheat flour, sifted - 320 grams.


1. Pour the kefir and add the soda to the bowl selected for mixing. Soda is sometimes quenched by adding table vinegar, but it is suggested not to do this, since the sour, non-greasy kefir copes with the task perfectly. Leave the dishes with kefir on the table so that the soda will disperse well.

2. Ten minutes later add alternately, stirring in the process: salt; sugar; flour, and knead without delay.

3. It is also advisable to leave dishes with ready-made dough on the table to “separate”, it will take about a quarter of an hour.

Scalded yeast pizza batter


• 500 ml low-fat milk, can be replaced with water;

• one table. spoon of dry yeast;

• two tables. frozen spoons rast. oils;

• 1.5 tsp. unrefined sugar;

• 5 gr. fine salt;

• half a kilo of sifted wheat flour, v / s.


1. Pour half of the milk (water) into the pan and heat a little, make sure that the liquid does not overheat. If this does happen, cool to a temperature slightly above room temperature.

2. Pour the liquid into a bowl or bulk plate, add yeast and sugar, stirring to dissolve the ingredients. Allow the yeast to rise slightly, setting the dishes aside for fifteen minutes.

3. Bring the remaining milk (water) to a boil.

4. In a mixing bowl, carefully rub two tablespoons of flour and the same amount of oil. Pour boiling liquid into the bowl, and, stirring thoroughly with a spoon or a whisk, “brew” the flour with butter. It should make a tender mushy mass.

5. Add salt, pour in the diluted yeast, add flour and knead the dough without losing it.

6. There will be enough dough cooked on such amount of flour for a large pizza baked on a baking sheet or two fried in a medium-size frying pan.

Neapolitan pizza batter


• 400 grams of quality sifted flour;

• 1 tsp. salts;

• 2/3 tsp. loose instant yeast;

• one table. Spoon Rast. oils - olive, or sunflower;

• 1/2 table. spoons of natural liquid honey;

• 250 ml of water.


1. In a bowl, slightly heat the water, add the yeast and stir, they should completely disperse in the water.

2. Pour the honey into a separate dish, if not in liquid form, melt a thick mixture in a water bath and measure the required amount. Add salt, oil, mix everything and place in a bowl to the dissolved yeast.

3. Pour out the already sifted flour and quickly knead, let stand for five minutes, then mix again. The dough will be liquid, a little thicker than for the pancakes.

4. The working surface of the table carefully grease with vegetable oil.

5. Put the dough on the work surface, moisten the hands in vegetable oil, flatten it a little and fold it in an envelope, leave it on the table for ten minutes. This procedure should be performed five times. Do not forget to constantly moisten hands with oil.

6. Cover the dough bowl with a lid, or tighten the food wrap and place in the refrigerator for seven hours. Shelf life in the refrigerator for up to three days, but should be kept for at least the specified time.

7. The finished dough is laid out in a greased form, on the parchment. The dough is very liquid, so do not forget to wet your hands with oil.

Pizza batter on mayonnaise and sour cream, with Provencal herbs


• two eggs;

• four tables. spoons of low-fat mayonnaise and sour cream 20% fat;

• nine tablespoons, no slides, high-grade flour;

• salt on the tip of a knife;

• blend “Provencal herbs”.


1. Put eggs in a bowl, whisk or whip them with a fork.

2. Add sour cream, mayonnaise, salt, one teaspoon of the specified spices and stir.

3. Pour in the flour and stir everything well again until a homogeneous liquid is obtained. 4. This dough should be baked in the oven, but it is also possible to fry in a pan. Moisten a baking pan or frying pan with butter and sprinkle with a little flour, “powder”.

Pizza batter - tricks and tips

• Add a little sugar to the bowl of yeast in liquid, the yeast will work better and the product will be more airy.

• Do not dissolve the yeast in a hot liquid, otherwise the bacteria contained in them will die and the dough will not rise.

• The soda added to kefir or sour milk need not be quenched with vinegar, it is well extinguished due to the acid contained in fermented milk products, they extinguish it themselves.

• Soda can be replaced with a baking powder, but do not forget that the result in this case will be less porous.

• “Neopalitarian pizza batter” is stored in the refrigerator for up to three days, it does not deteriorate, but, on the contrary, it becomes even better. Preparing the dough for such a recipe in your free time, you can at any time in the future be able to quickly cook your favorite pizza.

• It is necessary to add flour in small portions, and mix everything thoroughly each time, this will eliminate the formation of lumps and help regulate the density.

• Determine the desired consistency, you can grab a little dough on a spoon, it should not drain, and slowly crawl from the spoon is not too thick lump.

• If in the process of cooking you add a little mixture of spicy herbs, favorite spices, or chopped greens or curry on the tip of a knife, the dough will turn out not only beautiful, but also acquire a characteristic taste and aroma.

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