Chicken and apple salads are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a salad of chicken with apples.

Chicken and apple salads are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a salad of chicken with apples.

Chicken Salad with Apples - General Cooking Principles

Salads can serve as a separate, very nourishing and high-calorie dish, or they can become a “lifeline” in the fight against extra pounds. These salads are made mainly from vegetables and can not provide the body with the necessary protein. In addition, absorbing them, you will experience a constant feeling of hunger, and this, in turn, is the main source of depressed mood and headaches (every woman now understands what is being said).

Where to find a compromise? To make the salad light, healthy and satisfying at the same time? Try to make a salad with chicken and apples. Chicken meat perfectly satisfies hunger, is well digested and does not lead to weight gain. In addition, it is rich in vital protein. And the apples will give a chicken salad a savory flavor, fun to decorate, enrich with vitamins and refresh it.

Possessing a bright, fresh and rich taste and being very light, such a salad will be an excellent dish for those who follow the figure. You should not fill it with fatty mayonnaise, if you zealously follow the lines of the body. It is better to replace it with natural yogurt, low-fat sour cream, vegetable oil or kefir.

Chicken and Apple Salad - Food Preparation

Before making a salad, boil or fry (depending on the recipe) chicken fillet and remove the skin from it, as well as peel and seed the apples. By the way, about apples: give preference to sweet-sour varieties.

The dish does not necessarily have to consist of these 2 ingredients. Agree, this is pretty boring. Successful is the combination of chicken and apples with walnuts, celery, cheese, spinach, seeds, avocado, etc. In general, do not be afraid to give in to the power of experiments - a salad with chicken and apples is difficult to spoil with greens, fresh vegetables and even seafood.

Chicken and apple salads - recipe examples

Recipe 1: Salad with Chicken, Apple and Celery

Chicken salad with celery and apples is not only appetizing and easy to prepare, but also very healthy. In addition, the content of calories and fat is minimal. And what else do modern women need? Ingredients Required:

- 300 gr. chicken breast

- one fresh cucumber

- 4 celery stalks

- one sweet and sour apple

- one bell pepper (red or yellow)

- light mayonnaise 25% fat. 2 table. lie

- salt pinch

Cooking Method:

1. Pre-cook the chicken, cut it into medium pieces. Wash vegetables, cut into the same cubes. Celery stalks cut in half and chop into cubes. Apple peel off the core, peel and chop too.

2. Combine all the ingredients included (they should be cut into approximately equal pieces) and season the salad with light mayonnaise, salt it to taste. Fans of spicy food can optionally add a salad with pickled cucumber. That's all!

Recipe 2: Salad with Chicken, Apple and Cheese

Try to make an exquisite puff salad of chicken with apple and cheese in combination with red caviar. It is very simple to prepare, but it turns out to be incredibly delicate in taste. By the way, caviar can be replaced with lightly salted finely chopped salmon. It will be no less tasty!

Ingredients Required:

- 300 gr. chicken fillet

- any hard cheese 200 gr.

- one small onion

- Red caviar 150-200 gr. (or salmon s / s)

- two sweet and sour apples

- mayonnaise (easy)

- salt

Cooking Method:

1. Boil the fillet, cut it into medium pieces, cool. Peel the apples (from the skin and the core), rub them on a medium grater, and rub the cheese separately from the apples.

2. Put the salad on a dish in layers: 1 layer - chicken pieces, 2 - chopped onion, 3 - apples, 4 - cheese, 5 - caviar (chopped salmon). Each layer, except the last, process with mayonnaise. Garnish with chopped greens on top. Put it in the fridge for a while and only then on the table.

Recipe 3: Salad with Chicken, Apple and Avocado

Another original snack to the table. Try to prepare a salad for the arrival of guests, and no one will even understand what it is made of. However, everyone will be satisfied.

Ingredients Required:

- 300 gr. chicken breast

- Avocado 400 gr.

- any sort of apple (grams per 300-400)

- a few leaves of green salad

- half a lemon

- oil grows. for refueling and salt Cooking Method:

1. Cut the boiled chicken fillet and avocado in the same pieces. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Peel the apples, slice them like avocado chicken and sprinkle with lemon juice. Slice the salad.

2. Season the salad with oil, mixing all the ingredients in a deep bowl.

Recipe 4: Smoked Chicken and Apple Salad

This salad can be prepared for both ordinary and festive table. He will certainly surprise you and guests with his extravagant and amazing taste. And all this thanks to an unusual combination of its ingredients.

Ingredients Required:

- one average chicken breast (smoked)

- 1 PC. avocado

- large apple (green is better)

- one carrot

- onion

- bunch of lettuce

- 5 pieces. walnuts

- 4 lodges. mayonnaise (can be light)

- 4 lodges. yogurt

- garlic clove

- 1 table. l lemon juice

- parsley 5 sprigs

- salt

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare the dressing, chopped parsley, chopped finely onions (half), garlic and mixed them with mayonnaise, natural (without added sugar) yogurt, salt, optionally with ground pepper and lemon juice.

2. Cut the second half of the onion into cubes or thin half rings. Fresh carrot clean and rub with a fine grater. Divide the chicken breast into small pieces, peel the apple from the seeds and hard skin and chop it.

3. Peel the avocados and cut by removing the bone from the middle. Mix ingredients + chopped lettuce leaves and season with spicy dressing. If desired, add slices of marinated pineapple to the salad. Enjoy your meal!

Useful tips from the best chefs

Due to the fact that peeled apples very quickly darken and lose their attractiveness, they are better to clean and chop before adding to the salad. Do not forget to sprinkle the pieces with lemon juice, it prevents the apples from getting dark in the salad.

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