A variety of recipes of pink salmon with carrots and onions: stewed, baked. Pink salmon with carrots and onions in the oven and pan

A variety of recipes of pink salmon with carrots and onions: stewed, baked. Pink salmon with carrots and onions in the oven and pan

A pink salmon cooked according to all the rules with carrots and onions is not only one of the main dishes of the feast among the list of other hot snacks that can decorate any holiday table, but also represents food that can saturate the human body with useful substances, proteins and vitamins. so necessary for his life.

Pink salmon is an inexpensive representative of fish among the salmon family, in connection with which it is especially popular with gourmets and people who like to eat tasty food, and also has many different recipes and cooking methods.

Pink salmon with carrots and onions (in the oven, stewed, baked) - important nuances and general principles of its preparation

• If the pink salmon appeared before the cook in frozen form, it should be thawed independently and gradually to avoid damaging the integrity of the cover, the carcass, especially if the recipe for its preparation requires it.

• To give more spice, juiciness - sprinkled with pink juice, lemon juice, smeared with mayonnaise (sour cream) and rubbed with spices.

• Pink salmon can be supplemented not only with any vegetables, but also with a wide variety of side dishes.

• Flawlessly and deliciously, you can make a pink salmon using any type of kitchen appliances, relying on the chosen recipe and your own taste.

Appetizing recipes and features of cooking red fish called - pink salmon in combination with carrots, onions and other components

Recipe 1. Pink salmon with carrots and onions (Stewed, under white wine)


• Pink salmon (fresh) - 1 kg.

• Onions - 0.25 kg.

• Carrot - 0.25 kg.

• Oil (olive) - 2 tbsp. spoons.

• White wine (semi-dry) - 1 tbsp.

• Oregano (dried) - 2 tsp.

• Salt, pepper (ground black), bay leaf - an amateur.

Cooking Method:

Peeled carrots must be grated, and the onions chop half rings. In a heated cauldron or saucepan (with thick walls) using olive oil, you need to extinguish the vegetables over low heat.

On the vegetables prepared in this way it is necessary to lay out the fish, cut into neat small pieces. Next, all the ingredients need to be salted, seasoned with spices and pepper.

Then the pink salmon must be poured exactly half the wine, as a result of which the upper pieces will be steamed and will acquire a certain tenderness and elasticity.

Bringing the fish to a boil, you will need to turn down the heat, cover the cauldron with a lid and simmer until ready.

In 15-20 minutes the pieces of fish will become elastic, and the meat will turn white, this will mean one thing - the fish is ready!

Thus prepared fish with a fragrant vegetable sauce can be served at the table, complemented with a side dish or home-made cakes.

Recipe 2. Pink salmon with carrots and onions (in the oven)


• Pink salmon - 1 bird.

• Mayonnaise - 1 glass.

• Carrot - 1 pc.

• Bulb (large).

• Pepper (Bulgarian red) - 1 pc.

• Eggplant - 1 pc.

• Oil (vegetable) - 3/4 cup.

• Salt, pepper, spices - on the fan.

Cooking Method:

Onions and carrots must be cleaned and cut into small cubes. Separately (for greater beauty) each component should be fried in a pan in heated oil.

Eggplant and Bulgarian pepper also need to be cleaned, chopped and fried.

During frying, each component is slightly salted.

The washed and gut pink salmon must be cut into pieces 5-10 cm thick, cut across and remove the bones (do not remove the skin).

Grease a baking sheet with butter and put on it pieces of fish, pre-salted and smeared with pepper and spices, skin to the bottom.

Put fried onion on top of the fish pieces, then carrot and eggplant with Bulgarian pepper and a little salt with vegetables.

Pour pink salmon on top with mayonnaise (in the form of a net) and put into the oven, heated to 180 degrees.

Important! In order for pink salmon to be juicy, it is necessary to bake the fish in a semi-thawed state. But if the fish is fresh and has not been frozen or completely thawed out, you can put a few pieces of ice under the onions on a pink salmon.

Pink salmon can be supplemented with any side dish, especially potatoes or rice.

Recipe 3. Pink salmon with carrots and onions in batter


• Hunchback (fillet pieces) - 1 kg.

• Onions - 2 pcs.

• Carrot - 2 pcs.

• Mayonnaise - 1 tbsp.

• Oil (vegetable) 100 ml. • Salt, pepper, spices - on the fan.

For batter:

• Eggs - 3 pcs.

• Flour (top grade).

• Milk.

Cooking Method:

Pink salmon must be washed, cleaned and cut into medium sized pieces. Then the pink salmon needs to be salted, pepper and, after adding with spices, leave to soak in spices for 30-40 minutes.

Chop the peeled onions, grate the carrot.

Method of cooking batter:

Beat eggs, add milk to them, salt and pour flour, which is brought to the “lumpless” state by using a whisk or blender.

The baking pan or baking sheet must be oiled and put the pieces of fish pre-coated with batter on the bottom.

Lay the onions, carrots on top of the fish and water the vegetables with mayonnaise to remove the pink salmon in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. You need to bake fish for 30-40 minutes until fully cooked.

You can serve pink salmon to the table at any discretion of the chef with a garnish decorated with green sprigs.

Recipe 4. Pink salmon with carrots and onions “under a fur coat”


• Pink salmon - 1 bird.

• Carrot.

• Onion.

• Cheese (hard) - 100 gr.

• Lemon.

• Mayonnaise - 1 tbsp. spoon.

• Oil (vegetable) - 50 ml.

• Salt, spices and seasonings - on the fan.

Cooking Method:

Onions are peeled and cut into small cubes or half rings. The carrot is rubbed on a large grater (as carrots cooked on a small grater may burn).

On hot oil in a pan, onions and carrots are fried until the vegetables are completely soft. Moreover, the oil must be allowed to drain from the vegetables completely, in order to avoid excessive fat content.

Mayonnaise (or sour cream) is added to roasted vegetables and thoroughly mixed.

Next, thaw the fish, wash out and cut up pink salmon into large pieces along or in the form of steaks.

Three cheese on a large grater.

We grease the bottom of the pan with butter or cover it with special foil and place fish pieces on it. Now pink salmon a little salt, sprinkle with spices and spices, and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Separately, each piece of pink salmon contains a “fur coat” of vegetables, which is sprinkled with cheese on top.

Next, the fish must be sent to the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes.

Recipe 5. Pink salmon with carrots and onions baked in a slow cooker


• Pink salmon (small size).

• Onions - 2 pcs.

• Carrot - 2 pcs.

• Mayonnaise.

• Salt, pepper.

• Spices.

Cooking Method:

The fish must be washed, cleaned and cut into small layers of pink salmon sprinkled with salt. Pepper and spices.

Large sized onions and carrots - peeled. Onions are shredded in half rings, and the carrot is cut into long strips. Vegetables are mixed and divided into two parts.

At the bottom of the bowl of the used multicooker lay out the first part of the vegetables and grease them with mayonnaise. Then pink salmon is laid out and covered with the second part of vegetables, which is also smeared with mayonnaise.

In the program control of the multicooker, we press the button - baking and prepare an appetizing pink salmon for an hour.

After cooking, tender and tasty slave can be supplemented with a side dish.

Recipe 6.Gorbush with carrots and onions in mushroom sauce


• Pink salmon (fillet).

• Mushrooms.

• Bow.

• Carrot.

• Sour cream.

• Vegetable oil.

• Flour.

• Dill (dried), turmeric (ground).

• Salt, pepper.

Cooking Method:

Mushroom mode, fry in vegetable oil in a heated frying pan for 10-12 minutes. We clean the onion, cut it into half rings and fry until translucent, on low heat. We clean the carrots, rub them on a grater and, adding to the onions, fry for some time.

After letting the oil drain, mix vegetables with mushrooms, add flour, turmeric. Fry all the ingredients until golden flour. Then add sour cream and mix everything.

Next, pour the water into the resulting sauce, add salt, spices, mix everything again until a homogeneous mass without lumps and let it boil.

Sliced ​​sliced ​​pink salmon, breaded in flour and fried in vegetable oil. Cooked in this way, we lower the fish into the resulting sauce and cook for a while until the sauce thickens.

We spread pink salmon on plates, pour it with the remaining sauce and decorate with greens.

Recipe 7. Jellied salmon with carrots and onions


• Pink salmon - 1 bird.

• Carrot.

• Onion.

• Parsley root.

• Vegetable oil)

• Raisin - 100 gr.

• Oranges - 2 pcs. • Gelatin.

• Salt, pepper (sweet peas).

Cooking Method:

To make a delicious fill of pink salmon, you need to boil the parsley root and carrot.

Pink salmon must be washed, cleaned of scales (which must be folded in a separate bag) and cut into small pieces.

When the carrots and parsley are cooked, pieces of fish will need to be loaded into this broth and cooked for 10 to 15 minutes. Already then the cooked pieces of pink salmon will need to be expanded into special molds.

Put a raisin into a bag made of gauze and boil it in fish broth for 5-10 minutes, then add sweet peas to the broth, scale in the bag and prepare all the ingredients for another 15 minutes.

Next, the onion must be cleaned and chopped into semi-rings, fry to a translucent state.

Onions are mixed with raisins and laid in molds over the fish. We clean the tangerines and send them slices in molds.

The resulting broth must be drained, add orange juice, gelatin and salt. Next, you need this broth to pour all the components in the molds and put for further solidification in the refrigerator.

Pink salmon with carrots and onions: in the oven, stewed, baked - some tricks and cooking tips

• In order for pink salmon to cook juicy and appetizing, its carcass must be soaked in cream or milk (6%).

• Cooking pink salmon in foil, and it is in a cheese crust, will enable the cook to keep all its juices inside. This means that the fish at the exit will turn out not only gentle, but also very juicy.

• A definite aroma of pink salmon, not everything is loved, in connection with which, in order to reduce this specific smell, fish can be poured with lemon juice or white vinegar

• Cook the pink salmon correctly, to avoid its drying, use a variety of sauces (soy, dairy, vegetable).

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