Lemon muffins - alluring flavor! Recipes for delicate lemon muffins with cream fillings, meringue and glaze

Lemon muffins - alluring flavor! Recipes for delicate lemon muffins with cream fillings, meringue and glaze

Lemon muffins are unusually tasty and fragrant flour products that cannot be confused with cupcakes. They are not large, they are always baked small, and the dough, unlike a cupcake, is lighter and has large pores.

You can bake simple lemon muffins by adding zest to the dough or make a real masterpiece by decorating the pastry with specially prepared icing, meringue or cream. A small product can be an alternative to any cake, if you cook it with a filling.

Lemon muffins - cooking technology

• Only crushed thin citrus peel and its juice are added to baked goods. Peel is scraped off a lemon with a fine grater and mixed with other components of the dough. Juice squeeze, cutting the fruit into two parts, and be sure to filter through a sieve. Pulp is rarely used. Thin lemon rings are boiled in sugar before adding to baked goods.

• Dough for lemon muffins is prepared with the addition of eggs, granulated sugar, dairy products and flour. To bake turned porous, the dough is loosened home or factory ripper. It is never replaced by soda.

• To taste, lemon muffins add chocolate, candied fruits, cocoa and other fillers. Often they are baked with a cream filling, which also add lemon zest.

• The surface of lemon muffins is decorated with icing, poured over with cream or melted chocolate. If the recipe does not provide for this, baking can be simply powdered with powdered sugar.

Simple recipe for aromatic lemon muffins


• thin-skinned large lemon;

• 100 ml of refined sunflower oil;

• three eggs;

• small spoon of vanilla sugar;

• 200 gr. sour cream 15% fat;

• 300 gr. sugar;

• wheat, with high gluten, flour - 400 gr .;

• 1.5 spoons of ripper for the dough.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse lemon in warm water. Additionally pour over boiling water and remove a thin layer of zest from it. It is convenient to do, scrubbing the fruit with a fine grater. 2. Squeeze the juice from the lemon, filter the flesh and bones into it through a sieve.

3. Add the ripper to the flour and double-seed. Then add vanilla crystals and mix.

4. To sugar pour the eggs and whisk at low speed mixer or just whisk until completely dissolved.

5. Continuing to beat, add in the egg mass of vegetable oil with lemon juice. Then add two teaspoons of the crushed citrus peel and mix thoroughly with a spoon. The mixer can be removed, it is no longer useful.

6. Mix the flour with the ripper and re-sift twice into a separate bowl. Add vanilla and mix.

7. Gently stirring, not beating, combine the liquid base with flour. Put in the resulting dough sour cream and mix until smooth, but not for long.

8. Divide the dough into molds, filling them two-thirds of the volume, and place them in a hot oven.

Lemon muffins with delicate citrus filling under the meringue


• juice from half a medium-sized lemon;

• half a spoon of chopped rind;

• 70 gr. refined sugar;

• 100 gr. white, 1 sec., flour;

• two eggs;

• three spoons of cow's milk;

• 2 years of factory ripper;

• fine salt;

• 50 gr. homemade cream or butter.

For the filling:

• one egg;

• half a small lemon;

• homemade butter - 10 g .;

• two spoons of sugar.

For meringue:

• big spoon of sugar;

• one egg (protein);

• table salt, fine.

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare the filling. Cut a thin layer of zest from half a lemon and chop it. Squeeze the juice, remove the bones.

2. Put a butter in a small saucepan, preferably with a thick bottom. Add half a spoonful of chopped zest, granulated sugar and freshly squeezed citrus juice.

3. Place the container on moderate heat and boil, stirring continuously until it thickens. Then set aside from the stove for cooling.

4. Beat the softened at room temperature, whip the butter with sugar. Pour into the oily mass, first one egg, whisk. Then add the second and beat well again. After that, pour in the milk at room temperature and repeat the beating. 5. Add a pinch of salt and baking powder to the flour. Sieve on a sieve twice or three times and mix with an oily base. There should be no lumps in the dough, so when combining the liquid base with flour, mix everything vigorously with a spoon.

6. Put the prepared dough in molds and bake the muffins at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Release ready-made pastries from the molds and cool them by placing them on a wire rack.

7. At each cupcake, carefully cut the convex part and set aside. Then cut a little crumb with a knife. It can be eaten, it is not useful.

8. Fill the resulting groove with the cooled lemon filling and cover it with cut off tips set aside.

9. Carefully separate the white from the yolk. Add a pinch of fine salt to the protein, beat until white with a mixer. Add sugar and continue beating until the protein mass increases in volume and becomes thick as for meringue.

10. Transfer the mass to the pastry bag and deposit on the muffins in the form of pyramids.

11. Heat the oven to 200 degrees and place muffins in it. As soon as the meringue acquires a delicate cream shade, after about 4 minutes, remove and cool the muffins.

Lemon muffins with chocolate under the icing


• three eggs;

• two medium lemons;

• ripper - 2 tsp;

• 50 gr. frozen cream;

• 150 gr. sugar;

• cream, medium fat - 100 ml;

• 100 gr. natural dark chocolate;

• Bakery quality flour - 150 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Dip lemons with warm water for 3 minutes and dip into boiling water, dry with a towel and a fine grater and scrape the zest with them. From one citrus squeeze the juice, remove the bones from it, filtering is optional.

2. Carefully, in a convenient way for you, break the eggs so as not to damage the yolks. Pour the whites into a separate bowl, add the yolks to the sugar and beat well.

3. Beat the whites in a cool foam and mix gently from top to bottom with the yolks.

4. On a small fire or water bath, dissolve the butter and cool by placing the bowl in cold water. 5. Gently stirring, enter the melted fat into the egg mass. After that, without ceasing to stir, gradually pour in all the flour and the ripper. Then add, pre-squeezed, the juice from one lemon and chopped zest from both fruits, mix.

6. Put the dough, grease the molds, and fill them in a quarter volume. Place a small square of chocolate bar in each one and cover with dough. Do not fill the tank completely, leave room for the lift, about one third in height or volume.

7. Bake the muffins with chocolate at 180 degrees for about half an hour and cool.

8. In the cream, drop the remaining chocolate, broken into small squares, and put in a water bath. When the chocolate pieces are completely dissolved, mix well.

9. In a still warm liquid chocolate icing, dip the products, the upper part of them, and place them on a plate. Serve when the chocolate dries well.

Lemon Muffins with Cocoa Chocolate Cream


• natural butter, creamy - 70 g .;

• 50 ml of kefir with a fat content of 3.2%;

• large eggs - 2 pcs .;

• 1/2 large lemon;

• 100 gr. white granulated sugar;

• 50 ml low-fat cow's milk;

• a teaspoon of home or factory ripper;

• high-quality baking flour.

For cream:

• one and a half tablespoons of good flour;

• 30 gr. cream, the most fat, butter;

• 50 gr. white granulated sugar;

• sugar-free cocoa powder - 3 tbsp. l .;

• 150 ml of homemade or fat purchased milk.

In the icing:

• cocoa powder - 20 gr .;

• butter, 82% butter - 50 g .;

• fine granulated sugar - 20 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Slice the butter into cubes, put it in a bowl and let stand for about half an hour.

2. Scald lemon with boiling water, blot with a towel and scrape the zest. It is convenient to do fine grinder. Cut and squeeze the juice from one half.

3. When the pieces of fat in the bowl are soft, add sugar, pour in the eggs and rub the white-hot with a spoon or spatula.

4. Pour kefir with milk, mix. Continue to stir, add freshly squeezed juice, chopped zest and ripper. 5. Gradually add flour, make the dough. It should be slightly thick, slightly thicker than for pancakes.

6. Put half of the dough in the molds made for muffins, filling them only one third. Leave the remaining dough temporarily to one side.

7. In a small saucepan with a thick bottom, mix the flour with sugar and cocoa. Pour in milk, mix and put a piece of butter. Put on medium heat and, stirring, boil the cream until it thickens. Then lower the heat, boil for another five minutes on minimal heat and remove from heat.

8. Slightly cooled chocolate cream, hooking with a teaspoon, put on the dough, quite a bit and cover it with the remaining dough. It should completely cover the dark filling.

9. Place the molds in the oven and bake the muffins for half an hour. Let the prepared cupcakes cool slightly and free them from the forms.

10. Melt oil at minimum heat. Add sugar mixed with cocoa, mix. Boil the glaze to a low heat until the desired thickness and cover it with cooled muffins.

Lemon muffins with caramelized citrus ringlets under aromatic honey cream


• a full glass (250 ml) of granulated sugar;

• 200 gr. low-fat elastic curd;

• three chicken eggs;

• pasteurized milk - 150 ml;

• two glasses of high quality flour;

• 100 gr. high fat butter;

• two teaspoons of a ripper;

• one large lemon.

For caramel:

• quarter 250 gr. glasses of sugar;

• two spoons of any honey;

• drinking water - 80 ml.


• one egg;

• lemon decoction.

Cooking Method:

1. Beat the eggs in the same container with the sugar. Add the softened, not melted butter, the ground cottage cheese ground on a sieve. Sprinkle with a chopped zest of half a lemon, pour in the milk and immediately mix all the ingredients, whipping slightly.

2. To the flour, add a pinch of salt and a ripper, and cross on a fine sieve. Pour the flour in a bowl to a liquid base, stir well and let the dough stand for a while. 3. Scrape the rest of the zest from the lemon, cut the citrus into thin slices, transfer them to a small saucepan. Add granulated sugar with honey, pour in water.

4. On medium heat, while stirring, let boil, immediately reduce the heat and, occasionally using a spoon, caramelize lemon slices for 20 minutes. Put citrus rings, cool the syrup.

5. At the bottom of the cooked breadcrumbs, place one caramelized citrus ring on top, put the dough on top and place in the oven. It is advisable to fill the containers only up to half, and not two-thirds as usual.

6. Stir the honey and sugar syrup to mix until smooth with the egg. Over medium heat, without ceasing to stir, bring the cream to a boil, but do not boil, otherwise the egg will roll. As soon as the first signs of boiling appear, immediately remove from the fire.

7. Pour the slightly cooled muffins on top with hot lemon-honey cream and serve.

Lemon muffins under white icing with pineapple candies


• three fourth glasses of milk;

• one and a half glasses of high-grade flour;

• large, thick-skinned lemon;

• five tablespoons of dark sugar;

• 100 gr. semi-soft cream margarine;

• half a cup of pineapple candied fruit;

• dough ripper - 11-gram package;

• one egg;

• A small bag of crystalline vanilla.

Additionally, for glaze:

• icing sugar - 100 gr .;

• juice, squeezed from half an average lemon.

Cooking Method:

1. Finely cut off the lemon zest and chop it on a fine grater. Squeeze the juice out of citrus. Candied pineapple medium cut into pieces of arbitrary size and shape.

2. In one bowl, beat the eggs with freshly squeezed lemon juice and cooled, previously dissolved with a water bath, butter.

3. In another container, mix the sifted flour with the ripper. Add vanilla and dark sugar, crushed citrus rind, mix.

4. Constantly stirring the liquid base with a spoon, enter the flour. Then pour chopped candied fruit, stir. 5. Dip muffin molds with soft butter and place the dough in them, filling two-thirds capacity. Bake for 20 minutes.

6. Beat the caster sugar with the egg and freshly squeezed citrus juice until a dense thick mass is obtained and apply it in a thin layer on the slightly cooled baking. When the icing on the product hardens, serve.

Lemon muffins - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Before removing the lemon zest, carefully rinse the citrus with warm water and scald with boiling water. This will remove from the fruit substances that often cover the fruit before long-term storage.

• You need to remove only the top brightly colored part. The white layer under it cannot be rubbed - it will give baking bitterness.

• When rubbing the peel on a small grater, most of the product remains in the grooves. To get the whole zest, first prick a sheet of parchment on the teeth of the grater and already with it, scrape the zest from citrus. Then remove the paper from the float and collect the remaining zest on it.

• After baking, put the baked muffins into a plastic bag for an hour and close it tightly. The baked cakes in the package will become softer and will resemble purchased items.

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