Mayonnaise with milk is a popular sauce of French cuisine. Different mayonnaise in milk: with eggs, starch, flour and mustard

Mayonnaise with milk is a popular sauce of French cuisine. Different mayonnaise in milk: with eggs, starch, flour and mustard

Mayonnaise - one of the most popular sauces of French cuisine. They are served with salads, served with soups, decorate and diversify fish and meat dishes. With mayonnaise, bake vegetables, meat, fish, add to all sorts of marinades and pastries.

Homemade mayonnaise in milk has many advantages over the purchased product or homemade sauce, which consists of eggs. In the filling on the basis of milk they are rarely added and only yolks. Mayonnaise in milk is often cooked with quail eggs, which is important for dietary nutrition.

Preparing mayonnaise in the home kitchen is completely easy - follow the recommended ratios of butter, milk and eggs, if used. You can experiment with other components, each time creating new versions of such a refueling.

General principles of cooking mayonnaise with milk

• Use high quality fresh produce. Only if this condition is met, tasty mayonnaise is obtained. Another important rule is that all products should be of the same temperature, so pre-place them in advance from the refrigerator to warm them.

• Vegetable oil. Mayonnaise best comes from cold-pressed olive oil. In home cooking usually use refined sunflower oil. It almost does not affect the quality of mayonnaise and practically does not change its taste.

• Milk. Fat homemade milk will be the most suitable, but, for lack of such, pasteurized with the highest percentage of fat content will be suitable. Homemade recommended pre-boil, and packaging with purchased milk put out of the refrigerator on the table for warming up.

• Eggs. Quail or chicken, as long as they are fresh. As for chicken eggs - it is desirable to take home with a brightly colored yolk, then the dressing will have a pleasant yellowish color. Before use, be sure to wash the shell with warm soda solution, this will allow to disinfect it. • Mustard. She adds mayonnaise spice. It is used as ready mustard, and in the form of a dry powder.

• To give mayonnaise a characteristic sour taste, ideally add lemon juice or prosaic vinegar. For taste they put not only salt, but also sugar.

• Before cooking the mayonnaise, it is recommended to warm the dishes for beating, like food, to room temperature. The tank should not be wide, count the size so that the whisk lowered into it completely captures the whole mass. You can beat it with a mixer or a blender using maximum speeds, manual beating is not suitable for making most mayonnaises.

• Very often, a base is prepared for mayonnaise - milk is used to make starch or flour. In this case, it is also worth observing the temperature regime. The brewed mass must be cooled well, so that its temperature coincides with other components.

• Homemade mayonnaise cooked with milk is not only used as a dressing. They make wonderful marinades for fish and meat. You can add it to any dough, if required by the recipe. It can be an excellent basis for any sauce. The taste characteristics of homemade mayonnaise in milk is not inferior to the similar product purchased. Its quality and beneficial properties are much higher, since the preservatives of this dressing are completely absent. When properly stored in the refrigerator, this mayonnaise can last up to ten days.

Mayonnaise on milk without eggs


• half a medium lemon;

• milk - half a cup;

• evaporated salt, fine - 1/2 tsp;

• sunflower, non-aromatic oil - 200 ml;

• spoon ready, not powder, mustard.

Cooking Method:

1. Preheat the milk to room temperature beforehand.

2. We put the lemon in boiling water, hold for a minute, reach out, and, after cutting, squeeze the juice. We filter, using a sieve or a gauze, for separation of the fallen pulp.

3. In a glass blender combine milk with butter. Add mustard, pour with lemon juice and salt.

4. Place the whisk in the blender glass and whisk.

Mayonnaise on milk with yolks - “Provence”


• three yolks;

• 0.25 cup edible vinegar;

• vegetable, well-purified oil - 350 ml;

• 10 gr. sugar, preferably fine;

• six teaspoons of mustard powder (25 gr.);

• salt and baking soda.

Cooking Method:

1. In a small bowl pour the yolks. Add to them milk, mustard powder and a small pinch of soda. Pour sugar and salt, mix well.

2. Place the container on the stove, slowly heat the mixture at the very minimum fire to 80 degrees. Remove from heat, give stand a quarter of an hour.

3. Beat the cooled mass with a blender, trickle, slowly, pour vegetable oil into it. When mayonnaise is emulsified, add vinegar to it, re-beat with a mixer.

Dietary mayonnaise on milk with quail eggs - “Quail”


• quail eggs - six pcs .;

• 75 ml of milk;

• juice 1/4 of medium ripe lemon;

• 150 milliliters of sunflower, highly purified oil;

• incomplete spoon of mustard;

• refined sugar - 1/2 tsp.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour milk and butter into the bowl of the blender. Beating, bring the mixture to homogeneity.

2. Pour the eggs into a small bowl. Spread mustard on them, add sugar and half a spoonful of salt. Pouring lemon juice, beat no more than a minute.

3. Go to the milk mixture. Continuously beating, inject a thin mass of egg into it.

4. Ready mayonnaise folded in a hermetically sealed container and put it in storage in the refrigerator.

Mayonnaise on milk powder with apple cider vinegar


• half a cup of cool water;

• four full spoons (with a hill) of powdered milk;

• spoonful of sugar;

• mustard ready, not hot - 2 tsp;

• one and a half cup of refined oil;

• 6% apple cider vinegar - two spoons;

• 0.25 spoons of turmeric.

Cooking Method:

1. In a blender glass, mix powdered milk with sugar and turmeric. Dilute the mixture with cool water. Add the mustard, a little salt - whipping, bring the mixture to homogeneity. 2. Pouring about one quarter of the prepared oil, beat with a blender. Repeat the addition of oil and whipping.

3. Controlling the density of mayonnaise, similarly enter the remaining oil. Note that when cooled, the mayonnaise will become thicker.

4. At the end, pour vinegar into mayonnaise and beat it well again.

Mayonnaise on milk with starch - “Amateur”


• half a glass of homemade milk and vegetable oil;

• spoon of starch;

• juice from a quarter of a lemon;

• homemade mustard - 1/2 tsp;

• 0.5 spoonful of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour half the cooked milk into a bowl, dilute the starch in it. Stir well without leaving lumps.

2. Pour the remaining milk into a small saucepan, set on high heat and bring the milk to a boil.

3. Quickly stirring hot milk, little by little pour in the starch mixture. While stirring, we warm the base with minimal heating until it begins to thicken. Already finished, the mass should be similar to kissel.

4. Set aside the saucepan, cover the brewed base with film, set aside for some time.

5. Cool the starch mass to 25-28 degrees, add some salt, put the mustard, lemon juice and sugar - beat.

6. Having a homogeneous mixture, without interrupting whipping, gradually pour in all the oil.

Mayonnaise on Milk with Flour - “Special”


• three 200-gram glasses of milk;

• 130 gr. wheat flour;

• eight tablespoons of vegetable (olive) oil;

• three spoons of lemon juice;

• 50 gr. Sahara;

• two spoons of salt;

• mustard - 3 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

1. In a small, non-enameled saucepan, sprinkle over the flour. Add about half of the prepared milk and mix thoroughly, leaving no lumps. Pour the remaining milk, stir well flour mixture and set on a small fire. Bringing to boil, lower the heat and boil, stirring, the mayonnaise base until thick. Cool

2. Pour oil into a deep, narrow bowl. Put the mustard in it, add salt with sugar, pour in lemon juice - beat with a mixer for two minutes. 3. Without ceasing to beat, gradually introduce the cooled base. Add at one time not more than a quarter of the mass.

Mayonnaise on milk with walnuts - “Dietary”


• refined oil - 125 ml;

• 250 g glass of walnuts;

• half a spoonful of salt;

• 0.5 tablespoons of mustard;

• half a cup of low-fat milk;

• freshly squeezed lemon juice - 3 tbsp. l .;

• large clove of garlic;

• sugar - 16 gr. (2 tsp.).

Cooking Method:

1. Lightly dry in a dry frying pan walnut kernels. We cool, then we interrupt the blender in a small crumb - the more small, the better. You can grind in a coffee grinder.

2. Pour the nut crumb into a glass of a blender and mix it with sugar. Add mustard, add a little bit. Add three spoons of milk and, whipping the mixture with a blender, gradually add vegetable oil into it.

3. Having a homogeneous mass, add, pushing through the press, one and a half cloves of garlic, evenly pour with lemon juice. Repeat whipping, gradually adding the remaining milk.

Tricks of cooking mayonnaise with milk - useful tips

• The density of mayonnaise is proportional to the amount of oil used. Try to add it gradually, then adjusting the consistency of the filling will be easier.

• If mayonnaise turned out to be too rare, add some more oil. An excessively thick dressing can always be diluted with milk.

• If for some reason the mass is not whipped or exfoliated, add a little more salt and mustard to it. In a separate bowl, start beating two yolks. Having achieved uniformity, while beating, gradually enter the “unsuccessful” mayonnaise.

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