Winter salads with sausage: for long winter evenings. Recipes Salad "Winter" with sausages: classic, simple, restaurant

Winter salads with sausage: for long winter evenings. Recipes Salad

Salads are works of culinary art, the list of products is varied, but in most cases these are fresh herbal ingredients.

And what about winter? And it introduces its own changes - greenhouse greens and canned vegetables are used, to add sausage and special flavor to dishes, boiled sausages are added, and smoked more often.

This compensates for the weakened taste of vegetables grown in greenhouses.

Salad “Winter” with sausage - general principles of cooking

• To make a “Winter” salad with sausage, you will need boiled, canned, and in some cases, raw vegetables and sausage.

• Sausage can be taken of any kind, boiled, smoked or smoked, boiled sausages can be replaced with sausages.

• Boiled vegetables should be cooled before cutting, all products should be of the same temperature, otherwise the salad spoils quickly.

• The exception is warm salad, in this case, all the ingredients are taken exactly warm.

• Vegetables and other components of the salad are ground according to the recipe, mixed and filled with the recommended dressing, or laid out in serving dishes in layers, always filling each layer of products with mayonnaise.

• Fill the “Winter” salad with sausage with yogurt, olive or vegetable oil, mayonnaise or a sauce prepared on its basis.

• Served to the table, decorated with chopped or leafy greens, especially classic “Winter” salad with sausage will look especially original, thanks to its unusual design.

“Winter” layered salad with sausage and marinated champignons


• two hundred grams of “Doctor's” boiled sausage;

• three cloves of garlic;

• 300 grams of marinated champignons;

• 50 grams of walnut kernels, better than cedar; • 40% fat mayonnaise;

• two boiled eggs.


1. Chopped with a knife into medium-sized pieces of walnut kernels, or whole pine nuts, which you choose, calcine in a hot frying pan no more than two minutes.

2. Cut eggs into small cubes, marinated mushrooms with slices, chop the garlic, and chop the sausage into small strips.

3. Take the serving utensils and lay the salad in layers: chopped sausage, chopped garlic, mayonnaise, roasted nuts, mushroom slices, chopped eggs and mayonnaise again.

4. Each layer gently press down with a spoon, especially after smearing with mayonnaise.

5. Top of the salad garnish with fried nuts.

Warm “Winter” salad with sausage and Peking cabbage


• a couple of tablespoons of natural thick honey;

• one onion of red salad onions;

• 450 grams of white, canned without tomato, beans;

• 250 grams of Peking cabbage;

• homemade sausage - 400 grams;

• two Art. spoons of mustard;

• half a teaspoon of cumin;

• two tables. spoons of apple cider vinegar;

• olive oil;

• chopped green dill about a quarter cup.


1. Cut the sausage into thin ringlets, chop the cabbage itself, as much as possible, into thin straws, and onion with thin half-rings.

2. Put the mustard in a deep plate, four tables. spoons of butter, honey and apple cider vinegar, carefully disperse all the ingredients with a fork, you can use the whisk.

3. Pour some oil into the pan, be sure to warm it for a few minutes on medium heat and put the sausage circles, fry them before browning.

4. Put the fried sausage in a separate plate, wrap in foil, cover with a towel to prevent the sausage to cool.

5. In a frying pan, in which the sausage was fried, put the onion half rings, add the cumin and fry over medium heat until softened. 6. When the onions are soft, put the beans in a skillet on top of it, cleaned beforehand of gravy, add two tablespoons of honey-mustard sauce, salt to taste. Fry for three minutes.

7. Put chopped cabbage into a separate clean pan, pour in a tablespoon of oil, fry until the cabbage begins to wilt, about four minutes. Remove from heat, sprinkle with herbs and stir.

8. Put the contents of both pans in serving utensils, add sausage and mix all ingredients.

9. Ready salad to serve in a warm form.

“Winter” layered salad with half-smoked sausage and mushrooms


• 350 grams of fresh champignons;

• three boiled chicken eggs;

• half bulb onions;

• 200 grams of cheese, hard;

• half-smoked sausage - 300 grams;

• mayonnaise 67% fat;

• two small tomatoes.


1. Wash the champignons under the tap, dry. Onions and dried mushrooms cut into small cubes and put in a frying pan.

2. Pour a tablespoon of vegetable or melted butter and fry until done.

3. Put the fried mushrooms in a plate and leave to cool.

4. Cut the sausage thinly into strips and the tomatoes into small cubes.

5. Lay the chopped sausage on the bottom of the serving utensils, place the fried mushrooms on top and spread them with mayonnaise on top, pressing lightly on the spoon so that the mayonnaise soaks both layers.

6. Next, a layer of diced tomato, on top of them grated large on a grater of eggs, then cheese. Thin mayonnaise on the cheese layer and put the ready salad in the fridge for four hours so that it is better soaked.

Winter Salad with Sausage and Shrimps


• 200 grams of large, already peeled shrimp;

• one pickled cucumber can be pickled;

• three boiled eggs;

• 100 grams of canned brain peas;

• 150 grams of Doctor's sausage; • three potatoes;

• small carrot;

• mayonnaise 67%;

• A small bunch of green onions.


1. Rinse carrots and potatoes under the tap, removing the remnants of the earth, you can use a clean foam sponge, dirt will be removed faster. Put the vegetables in different pans, cover with water and cook until soft. When the vegetables are cooked, lay them on a plate and let them cool, and then peel.

2. Put the shrimps in a small saucepan, cover with hot boiled water and boil for about a minute, then fold to a colander.

3. Cut sausage, shrimps and chilled vegetables into small-sized cubes of the same size. Cut the cucumbers into the same pieces and squeeze them with your hands to remove excess brine.

4. Chop eggs, green onions with a knife.

5. Put all prepared ingredients in a container, add salt, add mayonnaise, chopped onion feathers, squeezed peas from the marinade and mix well.

6. Put the salad in a deep dish, which will serve to the table and garnish the top with several shrimps.

Snack Salad “Winter” with Sausage


• rug small celery tuber;

• 150 grams of carrots in Korean, purchased;

• 250 grams of canned sweet corn;

• 300 grams of hard smoked sausage;

• four boiled eggs;

• 50 ml of low-fat sour cream 15%;

• 30 ml of salad mayonnaise;

• 250 grams of unsharp hard cheese.


1. On a large grater rub celery and cheese.

2. Cut eggs smaller, and smoked sausage into thin strips.

3. Put all the crushed ingredients in the salad bowl, add the corn and carrot in Korean.

4. In a platter, mix mayonnaise with sour cream and pour into a salad bowl. Removing the sample, salt and pepper a little and gently mix.

Winter Salad with Radish Sausage


• Radish - 2 pcs .;

• 200 grams of “Cervelata”;

• Olive oil or yoghurt dressing. Preparation:

1. Wash the radish under the tap, cut off the peel and coarsely rub.

2. Cover the bottom of a small bowl with gauze in one layer, put radish on it, salt and let stand for fifteen minutes.

3. Collect the gauze bag, squeeze the radish well and put it in a serving plate.

4. “Servelat” cut into straws, put to the radish, pour the selected dressing and mix.

Winter Salad with Salami Sausage and Potatoes


• half a kilogram of potatoes;

• five eggs;

• one small pickle;

• 150 grams of salami.

For the sauce:

• half a glass of sour cream 15%;

• 20 ml of yogurt;

• onion head;

• garlic clove;

• one tablespoon of spicy mustard, finely chopped green onions and parsley;

• sunflower oil.


1. Peel potatoes, and stew in a small container.

2. Boil the eggs in a separate bowl.

3. Boiled chilled potatoes, cut into large, and cucumbers, eggs and salami cubes smaller.

4. Prepare the sauce. Pass the finely chopped onion in a frying pan until you get a light amber shade and place in a small bowl.

5. Add yogurt, sour cream, mustard, parsley and onion, chopped garlic with a knife and mix. Salt to taste, pepper. Stir well again with a spoon.

6. Put the sliced ​​vegetables in a salad bowl, season with sauce and serve.

Combined “Winter” salad with sausage, meat and noodles


• 200 grams of boiled chicken meat, preferably breasts;

• three small carrots;

• half celery root, fresh, not very large;

• ten small young mushrooms, champignons;

• 50 grams of smoked “Krakow” sausage;

• half a kilo of pasta, preferably small noodles;

• three hard-boiled eggs;

• half a cup of fat, tasteless, mayonnaise; • 100 grams of hard cheese.


1. Boil the noodles until cooked, but do not digest, quickly rinse under the tap and discard in a colander.

2. Cut the carrots, celery, mushrooms, cleaned and washed under water, cut into small cubes, and, filling with water, put to cook. Water needs a little salt and be sure to add a table. spoon of any vegetable oil.

3. Put the cooked vegetables with a skimmer on a plate, decant the remaining water and cool.

4. Cut the sausage and boiled breast into cubes and place in a salad bowl.

5. Add chilled vegetables and mix. In mayonnaise pour two tables. spoons of vegetable broth, salt, you can add to taste fresh lemon juice.

6. Pour half the cooked sauce to the vegetables, add the noodles and mix.

7. Spread portions, pour each portion separately with the remaining sauce and do not stir. Garnish with eggs cut into small slices.

Original classic salad “Winter” with sausage


• four potatoes;

• two small carrots;

• three pickled cucumbers;

• onion head;

• four boiled eggs;

• 250 grams of canned cereal peas;

• 300 grams of “Doctor's” sausage, or any other cooked lard;

• 200 grams of unsharp hard cheese;

• three raw eggs;

• mayonnaise 40%;

• 50 grams of wheat flour.


1. Boil carrots, potatoes until fully cooked, cool in running water, and cut into small cubes.

2. Eggs, onions, cucumbers chop with a knife, the pieces should turn out about the same size as the cubes of vegetables. Squeeze the cucumbers lightly with your hands.

3. Put the chopped ingredients in a bowl, add the sausage cut into small squares, add the green peas, leave a few spoons of peas, then decorate them with a salad.

4. Salt, add mayonnaise and mix.

5. Take a serving dish, lay the salad in the middle, giving it a hemispherical shape. 6. In a bowl, chop three eggs with a fork, add, continuing the stirring, a tablespoon of oil, salt and add the flour. Mix everything well with a whisk until a homogeneous consistency.

7. In a pan used for frying pancakes, fry thin pancakes from cooked dough.

8. Grate the grated cheese for the salad, add a little mayonnaise and mix.

9. Spread the pancakes with cheese and mayonnaise mixture. Roll each roll and cut into ringlets, one centimeter thick.

10. Put the ringlets on the surface of the laid hemisphere salad. Decorate the salad with peas by laying the peas between the ringlets.

11. Salad is ready.

Salad “Winter” with sausage - tricks and useful tips

• Potatoes are best boiled in uniform, without adding salt. If boiled potatoes, after the hot broth has been poured, pour cold water on it and immediately drain it, it will be much easier to remove the skin.

• If you boil a carrot by adding some sugar to the water, it will taste like freshly picked from the bed, and its color will become more saturated.

• Salads seasoned with sunflower or olive oil, it is recommended to salt before dressing, salt dissolves worse in oil.

• It is not recommended to stir the salad often, as its appearance and taste change for the worse, and the salad should be refilled half an hour before serving.

• A seasoned salad is stored in the refrigerator for no more than two days.

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