Oatmeal cookies without baking - the oven is not needed! Cooking healthy and tasty oatmeal cookies without baking at home

Oatmeal cookies without baking - the oven is not needed! Cooking healthy and tasty oatmeal cookies without baking at home

Oatmeal cookies belong to one of the most useful flour products. Here is the recipe for making such a delicacy without baking in the oven. Many refer to it as a fitness dainty, but this is not entirely true. Sugar in most variants is also contained in a considerable amount.

Oatmeal Cookies Without Baking - General Cooking Principles

Since the cookies are made without baking, you need to choose a good oatmeal. It is undesirable to take rolled oats and other large flakes of long cooking, they swell very badly in the absence of a sufficient amount of liquid. It is better for cookies without baking to use a piece of chalk and soft oatmeal. It's okay if a lot of flour and scrap is collected at the bottom of the package.

What else can be added:

· butter;

· Sugar;

· dried fruits;

· Cocoa powder or chocolate;

· Vanillin;

· Nuts.

Cookies are usually shaped with hands, often making small balls. But you can sculpt figures of any other form. It is desirable to wrap the formed products in something, so that they become dry on top, do not stick to anything. The finished cookies are usually put in the fridge, it gets stronger there. You can also store it in it, putting it in a container.

Oatmeal Cookies Without Baking with Cocoa Powder

One of the basic recipes for oatmeal cookies without baking, it is with cocoa, but not quite chocolate, the powder is added in a small amount. If you want to make dark and fragrant cookies, then boldly pour more, but you have to cut down oatmeal or add a little more oil.


· 2 cups oatmeal;

· 3 tsp. cocoa;

· 0.5 tsp. vanilla sugar;

· 2/3 cup of regular sugar;

· 2 tsp. water;

· 100 g of oil;

· 0.5 Art. powder

Method of preparation

1. Take a dry bowl. We send flakes to it. If they are still large, you can first put it in a bag and roll it with a rolling pin. Then we fall asleep.

2. Add to the cocoa flakes and sugar, powder will be used for the final sprinkling of the formed cookies. Immediately pour vanilla sugar or a pinch of crystalline vanilla. Stir dry ingredients. 3. The oil must be very well softened. If it remains harsh, then use a microwave, but not heated. Turn on the defrosting mode for several minutes. We shift the oil into a dry mixture.

4. Getting kneaded cookies. With his hands, the sugar will begin to melt, gradually the dry mixture will begin to gather, pour in some water.

5. We roll small balls from the prepared dough. You can leave it or flatten. Roll down in powdered sugar. You can use any other sprinkles, such as cookies, seeds or cocoa powder.

6. Put cookies on a flat surface (board, dish) and send them for half an hour in the fridge.

Oatmeal cookies without baking with dried fruits

The recipe is very useful oatmeal cookies without sugar, but in addition will need dried fruit. Instead of dried apricots and raisins, you can take something else. The amount of oatmeal is indicated approximate, it may vary slightly, it all depends on the moisture content of the dried fruit.


· 200 g dried apricots;

· One and a half glasses of oatmeal;

· 150 g of raisins;

· 2 spoons of honey;

· 100 g of oil;

· Cocoa for boning or cookies, nuts.

Method of preparation

1. Fill the dried apricots with raisins in warm water, leave for ten minutes. No need to accelerate the process of soaking, using boiling water, it will only spoil the dried fruit. They should soak a little, then squeeze and grind. We use the combine or the meat grinder. If dates are used, they do not need to be soaked, just take out the bone.

2. Add the softened butter, honey, but you can without it, as the dried fruits themselves are sweet. In any case, you can always try and adjust the taste.

3. Stir and pour oatmeal. Making soft dough, which is convenient to sculpt.

4. Roll balls out of it, make cookies. We roll it in something dry. We clean in the fridge or even in the freezer, let it harden slightly.

Oatmeal cookies without baking with dark chocolate

Chocolate option cookies without baking oatmeal. Cocoa is present in the recipe, but it is used only for sprinkling. Ingredients

· 100 g chocolate;

· 120 g of oil;

· 0.5 Art. Sahara;

· 2.5 spoons of cocoa;

· 2 tbsp. cereal;

· Pinch of vanilla;

· 2 spoons of powder.

Method of preparation

· Put half of the butter in a bowl, put in a water bath. Open the chocolate, break into pieces, pour out to the butter. All this needs to be melted, but it is undesirable to overheat. Remove from heat.

· Mix oatmeal and sugar, put vanilla, softened butter and pour chocolate mass. Begin to stir. No need to worry if it seems watery, chocolate will soon harden. You also do not need to put the “dough” in the fridge, otherwise it will not work to make anything out of it;

· We wait a few minutes, then divide the mass into pieces, make cookies, lay out in one layer. It is better to use the film right away, the mass is removed from it well and does not stain anything.

· Mix powdered sugar and cocoa powder. Through a strainer cover all the cookies on top. Then gently turn over to the second side and sprinkle as well. Transfer it to the fridge, let it stand for a while.

Oatmeal Cookies without Baking with Cocoa and Cognac

This version of the cookies, too, with butter. Since the recipe is without baking, it is undesirable to replace this ingredient with margarine. Cognac will give the delicacy a noble taste and light aroma of walnut.


· 110 g of sugar;

· A couple of glasses of oatmeal;

· 2 spoons of cocoa;

· 1.5 tablespoons of brandy;

· 0.5 packs of oil;

· Chopped cookies or powder for sprinkling.

Method of preparation

1. The oils in the pack are not always 200 grams. If it is only 180, then use more than half. We soften it in heat.

2. Oatmeal lightly roll a rolling pin to stretch a little. Combine with prescription sugar, pour cocoa powder to them. Stir.

3. We introduce to the oatmeal oil with brandy. Carefully mash the mixture until it is collected. If suddenly the mass does not stick together, then add 1-2 spoons of water, knead to obtain “clay”.

4. We form hands cookies of any size and shape. So that it does not stick, you can slightly moisten hands with water, but not much, otherwise the dusting will melt. 5. For deboning, you can ceiling any dry biscuits or just take some powdered sugar. Very tasty with nuts. To enhance the flavor they need to fry, and then ceiling or chop a convenient way (blender, knife, use a grater).

Oatmeal cookies without baking with cottage cheese

For such a useful and tasty oatmeal cookies need cottage cheese. Of course, it tastes better with a fatty product, but you can also take dietary curd. This version of cocoa-free biscuits is vanilla. But if desired, you can use orange or lemon zest, only grind well before adding.


· A pack of cottage cheese;

· 3 spoons of sugar (more);

· 1 bag of vanilla sugar;

· 2 cups oatmeal;

· 50 grams of oil;

· Coconut chips or cookies.

Method of preparation

1. Cottage cheese should be well grind. If the product is not dry, then you can rub it immediately with softened butter with the back of a spoon. Add vanilla and sugar. We continue to bring everything up to homogeneity. As soon as the sugar melts, the mass will become noticeably thinner.

2. Fall asleep oatmeal. Stir, leave the mass on the table for about ten minutes. If she does not want to stick together, then add a little water. Cream, milk or sour cream. Here the humidity of cottage cheese plays a huge role, that is, its consistency.

3. We make small oatmeal cookies. Ideal for sprinkling suitable powdered sugar. We put the formed products in the refrigerator. Since the product contains perishable cottage cheese, it is undesirable to keep the cookies in a warm place for a long time.

Oatmeal Cake without Baking

Without baking, you can make not only the oatmeal cookies, but also cakes from it. That is, we buy cookies in the store, and then collect amazingly delicious and full-time cake. Additionally, you will need bananas and sour cream for the cream. It is desirable for such a dessert to use a split form.


· 600 g of cookies;

· 700 g sour cream 25%;

· a cup of coffee;

· 0.3 Art. Sahara;

· 4-5 bananas;

· 0.5 bars of chocolate; · A bag of vanilla.

Method of preparation

1. Oatmeal cookies usually contain a lot of sugar, so put it in the cream slightly. Add sand to sour cream, add vanilla, stir and put in the fridge for now.

2. we lay down the split form. Cooking cookies. It is better to cut it in half to get the plate. We cut bananas into circles of approximately the same thickness. Chocolate is just rubbed.

3. Coffee needs to be prepared and cooled. It is necessary for impregnation, but it is not necessary to soak the oatmeal cookies strongly.

4. Dip the pieces of cookies very quickly, shake off the coffee, put the layer into the form, cover it with cream, scatter the bananas, then wet the cookies again, repeat the layers. We remove the form for two hours in the refrigerator. Better to stand the night.

5. Take out the cake from the mold, grease with the remnants of the cream, sprinkle with grated chocolate.

Oatmeal Cookies without Baking - Tips and Tricks

· The mass of oatmeal, which is obtained by mixing the ingredients, can be used not only for cookies, but also for cakes. It will make a good base for cheesecake. Just do not forget the "cakes" after the formation of cool, so that they accept the final consistency. By the way, if you can't knead them with your hands, then you can roll the dough between sheets of parchment, put it in the fridge with them. Cakes will be the perfect thickness.

· Great importance on the perception of taste has a flavor. Do not forget to add vanilla, zest, aromatic essences to pastries.

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