Universal gravy - fragrant mushroom sauce with sour cream. Spicy, rich, simple and complex mushroom sauces with sour cream

Universal gravy - fragrant mushroom sauce with sour cream. Spicy, rich, simple and complex mushroom sauces with sour cream

Mushroom sauce is one of the most beloved ones. A strong, persistent aroma and the incomparable taste of mushroom sauce are capable of correcting the flaws of the main dish or making a boring dish completely unusual.

Mushrooms with sour cream - a trouble-free combination. Sour fermented milk product creates the “volume” of the sauce, and mushrooms fill it with taste.

General principles of cooking mushroom sauces with sour cream

• The base of the sauce is made from fresh mushrooms. The most commonly used champignons, as they are easily accessible at any time of the year. In season, the sauce can be prepared from forest mushrooms, which during heat treatment keep their shape well - do not crawl away. If there are frozen mushrooms, they will do.

• Before using, the feet and caps of fresh mushrooms are cleaned of dirt and debris, and then washed with running water, paying special attention to the inside of the cap. Usually it is in this part that trash accumulates. Frozen mushrooms are thawed at room temperature or in the refrigerator, placed in a common chamber for several hours. It is undesirable to defrost in water, as they absorb excess moisture.

• Mushrooms for sauce cut into small slices or thin strips. It is used both a hat, and legs. They are boiled, then fry with onions, sometimes adding carrots. There are recipes for preparing the sauce without roasting the mushroom base.

• Sour cream is added last. Dairy product does not like high temperatures and under their influence can spread. To minimize the likelihood of such an undesirable result, it is advisable to take sour cream with a small percentage of fat, extremely fresh and high-quality.

• Mushroom sauces with sour cream may be thick or sparse. Flour acts as a thickener, starch is not used. Flour can be mixed with already prepared mushroom roasting or with sour cream. Before introducing the thickener into the sauce, which is cooked without roasting the mushroom base, flour is diluted in a small amount of cold water. The mixture is introduced gradually, pouring a thin stream into the boiling mass, and vigorously stirring it in a circle. • Fungal sauces with sour cream often complement the tomato, which gives the dressing a slightly sour taste. This may be tomato paste or mashed fresh tomatoes. Tomato is injected into the sauce along with sour cream.

• Condiments, spices, fresh greens - without which it is impossible to achieve a special aroma and rich taste of the sauce. Ground pepper is the most common spice, can be used turmeric, nutmeg powder, red pepper.

• Mushroom sauce is versatile. It can be served with boiled or fried potatoes, casseroles, meatballs, potato cutlets. In Italian cuisine, mushroom sauce is seasoned with pasta. Mushroom sauce with sour cream goes well with any cereal, boiled in water.

Mushroom sauce with sour cream for serving to potato dishes


• medium fresh mushrooms - 400 gr.;

• two onions;

• 125 gr. sour cream, medium fat;

• Spoon finely chopped dill;

• 30 gr. flour.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse well, wash the mushrooms, separate the caps and cut into small pieces.

2. Put it in a saucepan, add a shredded onion. Pour a little more than a glass of water, set to intense heat. Bringing to a boil, reduce the heat so that the contents of the pan only slightly boil, and cover with a lid. Cook mushrooms with onions for 25 minutes.

3. In a small cup pour some cold water, diluted with flour. Introduce the flour mixture to the mushrooms in a thin stream, stirring intensively the boiling base.

4. Add an incomplete spoonful of fine salt to the sauce and season with a little, put sour cream in, fill the dill. Carefully stirring all the components, remove the pan from the stove, cover with a lid.

5. Mushroom sauce is served hot with casseroles, pancakes, cakes, goes well with other potato dishes.

Easy recipe for mushroom sauce with sour cream and raw to spaghetti


• small champignons or any other fresh mushrooms - 350 gr .;

• garlic;

• small onion;

• half a pack of butter;

• Spoon flour (30 gr.);

• 120 gr. “Kostroma” cheese;

• four spoons of thin cream;

• three sprouts of young dill;

• half spoon of mushroom seasoning. Cooking Method:

1. Hats and legs of the washed mushrooms cut into thin strips and boil, dropping in boiling water for five minutes. We recline on a colander and leave for a while to dry well.

2. In a deep thick-walled pan dissolve the butter. Put middle-cut garlic teeth and chopped onion. Pass over low heat until the onion slices become transparent, then add the cooked mushrooms. Fry without changing heat for half an hour. From time to time we mix and make sure that the mushrooms do not brown. If the oil is absorbed quickly, pour in some water.

3. Season the mushroom roast with pepper, add some salt and, after mixing it carefully, spread sour cream mixed with flour to it. Stew for about five minutes, turn off the heat and immediately put the grated cheese to sleep, and then the dill. Continuously stir the mushroom sauce until the cheese chips are completely dissolved.

4. Spread the mushroom dressing over hot spaghetti or other type of pasta.

Universal tomato mushroom sauce with sour cream


• a pound of fresh mushrooms;

• one small carrot;

• 20 grams of butter, sweet cream;

• onion head;

• 20% sour cream - 80 gr .;

• 2 spoons of refined oil;

• 20 grams of tomato paste;

• white flour, wheat - 1 tbsp. l .;

• 300 ml of water or mushroom decoction.

Cooking Method:

1. Carrot rubbed large, small slices shred onion. We clean, wash and dry mushrooms in a colander, cut them into small cubes.

2. Slightly warming up the vegetable oil, dip in it and cream. Turn on the average heat and wait until the mixture of fats is well warmed.

3. In hot, but not boiling, fat omit mushrooms. Cooking, stirring, seeking evaporation of moisture. Add the vegetables and continue to simmer, covered with a lid, until they soften.

4. Sprinkle the prepared roasting with flour, stirring, heat at medium temperature up to a minute, and pour broth or water into it. We introduce a paste diluted with a small amount of water, add sour cream, salt and pepper.

5. Mix the sauce and simmer on the very minimum of the fire for about five minutes, until it thickens easily.

Spicy mushroom sauce with sour cream: a recipe for flavored pasta dressing


• a little more than half a glass of dried tomatoes;

• 200 gr. sour cream;

• two spoons of dry wine;

• 450 grams of fresh champignons;

• cream “Peasant” butter - 60 g;

• six small onions;

• a teaspoon of flour;

• spoon of olive oil;

• ground nutmeg powder;

• two spoons of chopped parsley.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel the onion and shred it with strips. Cut the mushrooms into small pieces. If dried tomatoes are cut large, cut them into strips.

2. In a skillet, warm the vegetable oil and melt the butter in it well. Fry onions in a mixture of fat to transparency, then add the mushrooms and simmer for three minutes. Salt, add 0.3 spoons of pepper, mix. Simmer another minute and a half, temporarily remove from heat.

3. Enter sour cream into the mushroom base, pour in the wine, mix well and put it on the fire again. Add dried tomatoes, nutmeg, and cook, stirring regularly and not allowing the sauce to boil for seven minutes.

Recipe for tomato mushroom sauce with sour cream and fresh tomatoes without flour


• 400 gr. any fresh mushrooms, preferably white;

• tomatoes, fresh - 300 gr .;

• garlic;

• large onion;

• sour cream with fat content of 15% - three spoons;

• Five tablespoons of highly refined oil.

Cooking Method:

1. We cut the mushrooms cleaned and washed from the dirt remains. Clean the three prongs of garlic and gently crush with a spoon.

2. In a frying pan, heat the oil well, put garlic in it. Fry for about a minute, remove, put onion in the pan. Lightly grilled, add mushrooms. On a small fire simmer all together for about five minutes. Do not cover the lid, allowing the moisture to completely evaporate.

3. Scald tomatoes with boiling water. Quickly cool them with running water, remove the peel with a knife, grind the pulp into puree in any convenient way.

4. Lightly add salt to the tomato, add a little pepper, mix with sour cream and pour over the mushrooms. Simmer on medium heat with a slight boil for 20 minutes.

Spicy mushroom sauce with sour cream: Indian recipe


• kilograms of oyster mushrooms or champignons; you can use forest mushrooms (wild mushrooms, chanterelles);

• half a cup of rare sour cream;

• garlic;

• a teaspoon of turmeric;

• small onion head;

• half spoon ground zira;

• a small bunch of dill;

• refined oil;

• 10 gr. fresh ginger root;

• one third of a spoonful of freshly ground pepper in a mortar.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the mushrooms washed from dirt into small ones and put them in a well-heated oil. Fry over low heat until evaporation of moisture, do not give to brown.

2. Finely rub the ginger. In a mortar and pestle, carefully grind all the spices and add pressed ginger to them. Add half a glass of cold water and mix thoroughly.

3. Paste the finely chopped onion in a clean pan in vegetable oil until transparent. Add to it the prepared spicy mixture, stir and leave to simmer. After a quarter of an hour, put the previously fried mushrooms and dill into the pan, cook another five minutes.

4. Add sour cream to the mushroom sauce, add some salt at our discretion and heat it well. We make sure that it does not boil, otherwise the sour cream will immediately roll up.

Tricks of cooking mushroom sauces with sour cream

• It is not necessary to use fresh mushrooms, sauces are prepared from dried mushrooms, only they will need to be well soaked. Usually water is used for this, but if you soak the mushrooms in milk, the sauce will be softer. To enhance the flavor, slightly soaked dried mushrooms can be added to fresh ones.

• To avoid thick or excessively fat sour cream from lumps, it should be diluted with water or mushroom broth.

• Do not use spices with a bright aroma, they will kill the main flavor of the mushroom sauce.

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