Banana cake without baking with cookies and condensed milk is tasty! How to quickly cook a banana cake without baking with cookies and condensed milk

Banana cake without baking with cookies and condensed milk is tasty! How to quickly cook a banana cake without baking with cookies and condensed milk

Cakes without baking is a great idea for an appetizing and nutritious dessert. Such a delicacy is worth cooking when there is no desire to spend much time in the kitchen.

General principles of cooking

Making a banana cake without baking with cookies and condensed milk is very easy. You need to stock up with simple and affordable products: buy regular cookies, a couple of bananas, take condensed milk, a little butter and add a few more ingredients. The cooking process will take less than an hour. You do not have to worry about making a good dough. No need to look for expensive or unusual ingredients. True, you need to wait until the finished dessert is infused for several hours and soaked in cream in the refrigerator.

To prepare a banana cake with cookies and condensed milk without baking, you can attract young family members. Children will be happy to lay layers of dessert and smear it with cream. Working together will help not only to make a sweet dish for the whole family, but also bring together loved ones and relatives.

For such a cake with condensed milk and biscuits, the banana is usually cut into slices. However, if desired, you can chop more finely, mash with a fork or make a banana puree.

The cake is decorated with nuts, grated chocolate, fruit, marmalade, berries, dried fruit or coconut chips. You can grind some cookies into a crumb with a blender and sprinkle the cake. In this case, increase the rate of cream, so that the ready-made dessert was sufficiently moist.

Ginger cake with cookies and bananas


To test

• 1.5 cups of crumbled cookies;

• 210 g butter;

• half a cup of granulated sugar;

• 3 teaspoons of ground ginger.

For cream

• 300 ml homemade cream;

• 50 g of sugar;

• 400 ml of boiled condensed milk;

• 2 medium bananas.

Cooking process

1. Combine the crumbs from the cookies with the butter melted in a water bath or in the microwave.

2. Add sugar and ginger and mix thoroughly and remove to cool to cool. 3. Remove the cooled mass, cover with boiled condensed milk.

4. Place the sliced ​​bananas.

5. Whip the cream with sugar, pour the cake. Refrigerate for at least an hour.

Curd banana cake with cookies

A very “quick” recipe with a delicious cottage cheese flavor.


• 300 g of cottage cheese;

• 300 g biscuits;

• 2 bananas;

• 4 tbsp. condensed milk spoons;

• 100 g chocolate;

• 20 ml of milk.

Cooking process

1. Pour the condensed milk into the curd and grind to a smooth mass.

2. Place the cookies for two seconds in warm milk, then put them in the prepared dish.

3. Peremazhte layer of biscuits cottage cheese cream and lay on top of circles banana.

4. Repeat layers. Top of the cake, pour the remaining cream and garnish with grated chocolate.



• 230 g biscuits;

• 400 g sour cream;

• 70 g butter from cream;

• 5 Art. spoons of sugar;

• 80 ml of milk;

• 14 g of gelatin;

• 2 tbsp. cocoa spoons;

• 2 tbsp. spoons of boiled condensed milk;

• 1 banana.

Cooking process

1. Soak gelatin for 15 minutes in 5 tbsp. spoons of water at room temperature.

2. To the blended liver, add the melted butter.

3. Mix sour cream with two spoons of sugar.

4. From cocoa, milk and remaining sugar, cook the chocolate mixture for about 5 minutes on low heat, stirring constantly.

5. When the mass has cooled, add sour cream and sugar to it.

6. Heat gelatin on low heat, avoiding boiling.

7. Gradually pour it into the chocolate mass, stir all the time.

8. Place the mixture of cookies and butter on the bottom of the dish, then the banana circles.

9. Fill the base of the cake with cream, decorate with boiled condensed milk mesh.

10. Insist the dessert in the refrigerator for 6 hours before eating.

Chocolate-nut cake


• 400 g of shortbread (chocolate) cookies;

• 400 ml condensed milk;

• 90 g chocolate;

• 180 g butter from cream;

• 180 grams of walnuts;

• 1 banana.

Cooking process

1. Fry the peeled nuts lightly and chop them with a rolling pin.

2. Grind cookies so that there are whole quarters and baby. Connect them with nuts.

3. Melt chocolate and butter on the steam bath. 4. Add condensed milk in a thin stream to the resulting mass, whisk.

5. Combine the chocolate mass with the cookies and knead until smooth.

6. Place half of the dough in the form, place the sliced ​​banana on top and cover with the remaining sweet mass.

7. If desired, decorate with nuts and place in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours.

Yoghurt cake without baking

Yogurt can be completely or partially replaced with sour cream.


• 160 g butter from cream;

• 290 g of cookies;

• 100 ml of water;

• 100 ml of milk;

• 15 g of gelatin;

• 140 g sugar;

• 2 tbsp. condensed milk spoons;

• 3 tbsp. cocoa spoons;

• 400 ml of homemade yogurt;

• 3 bananas.

Cooking process

1. Gelatin pour water according to the instructions.

2. Cook the crumbs from cookies, combine with butter and condensed milk.

3. Mix the mixture well and place it on the bottom of the prepared form with high sides.

4. To pour, grind cocoa with sugar, pour in milk and swollen gelatin.

5. Heat (do not boil), combine with yogurt and mix until smooth.

6. On the cookies, put bananas in slices in the form, pour the yoghurt mixture on top.

7. Put in the cold for several hours.

Banana cake without baking “Female weakness”

Melting in the mouth, delicate banana cake without baking with cookies and condensed milk.


To test

• 220 g biscuits;

• 1 banana.

For cream

• 3 eggs;

• 250 g of condensed milk;

• 400 ml of milk;

• package of vanilla;

• 200 g butter from cream.

For glaze

• 90 g of sugar;

• 50 g of cocoa;

• 10 Art. spoons of milk.

Cooking process

1. Prepare a cream: combine milk, vanillin and condensed milk.

2. Add the beaten eggs to the mixture, mix.

3. Put the mass on a small fire.

4. While stirring constantly, bring to a boil and remove from heat. Let it cool.

5. Mix the powder with a soft oil and pour in the cooled cream. Stir.

6. For the glaze, grind the cocoa with sugar, add milk.

7. Put a homogeneous mass on a small fire. Boil until slightly thickened.

8. Place a layer of biscuits on the platter, then sliced ​​bananas. Fill with cream.

9. Repeat layers until food runs out. Top the cake with icing. 10. Before eating, hold the dessert in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

Quick banana cake without baking with cookies and condensed milk


• floor of condensed milk can;

• half a kilo of crumbly biscuits;

• 25 ml of milk;

• 100 g butter from cream;

• 1 banana.

Cooking process

1. Mix soft oil with condensed milk until smooth.

2. Pour warm milk into a wide plate.

3. Dip one piece of biscuit into it literally for two seconds and put the “cakes” on the prepared dish.

4. Lubricate the first layer of butter cream. Repeat layers.

5. Decorate the cake with banana slices on top and cover with remaining cream.

“Easier than simple”

One of the easiest recipes for a banana cake with biscuits and condensed milk without baking. Sugar powder can be replaced with sugar. In this case, the cream is used when the white grains melt.


• 0.5 kg of cookies (you can chocolate);

• 3 bananas;

• 0.5 liters of sour cream;

• 210 g of powdered sugar;

• 3 tbsp. condensed milk spoons.

Cooking process

1. Beat the powder with sour cream.

2. Put a layer of biscuits on the dish, then a little condensed milk, cream and banana slices.

3. Repeat layers until food runs out.

4. Top the cake with the remnants of the cream, sprinkle with grated chocolate if desired.

5. In the fridge, let dessert stand for at least three hours.

Cracker Cake Without Baking


• 450 g sour cream;

• 200 g of crackers;

• 25 g of gelatin;

• 140 g of powdered sugar;

• 40 g of chocolate;

• 1 banana;

• 2 tbsp. condensed milk spoons.

Cooking process

1. Pour gelatin with water, let it stand for 10 minutes.

2. Combine the icing sugar with sour cream, mix thoroughly.

3. Pour the gelatin into the sour cream and beat the mixture until smooth.

4. On the prepared dish lay a layer of crackers, pour sour cream. Repeat layers.

5. Place banana slices on the cake on top, pour the rest of the cream mass, connecting it with condensed milk. Sprinkle with grated chocolate.

6. Allow to soak in the cold for 2-3 hours.

Little cooking tricks

• Layers of banana cake without baking with cookies and condensed milk are conveniently arranged in a detachable baking dish. When the dessert infusions, such a “frame” is easily removed. • The taste of a banana goes well with rum and brandy, you can add them to the cream, which is used in the dessert for adults.

• For the preparation of this dessert, choose dry and nonfat types of baked goods. You can use regular sugar cookies, varieties “My Luba”, “Jubilee”, Baked milk ”,“ For tea ”.

• Use ripe bananas in the cake. Do not use frozen fruits. Too overripe badly keep their shape, they are also not desirable to take.

• Before starting to lay out the cake, it is advisable to moisten the cookies by placing them in the milk for a few seconds. Then the finished product will be softer.

• High-quality and fresh products will help to prepare the perfect dessert. You need to choose a cookie with a minimum of chemical additives. When buying condensed milk, pay attention to the name, give preference to precisely “whole condensed milk with sugar” rather than a product with a different name, for example “dairy product” or “condensed milk”. Sour cream to choose fresh, but the butter is not desirable to replace margarine.

• For a banana cake with cookies and condensed milk without baking, do not feel sorry for the cream so that the cakes are sufficiently moistened. The number of products for impregnation can be taken more than indicated in the recipe. Use cream less than the norm is not desirable, the finished product can get dry and poorly soak.

• The cream can be made either on the basis of sour cream, or using homemade cream. The second option is more tasty, but more high-calorie.

• In a banana cake, sugar and powdered sugar are excellent substitutes for each other. Depending on personal preferences, you can increase or decrease the rate of these sweet ingredients.

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