Pouring of thorns at home turns out to be different. Secrets of delicious blackthorn juice at home

Pouring of thorns at home turns out to be different. Secrets of delicious blackthorn juice at home

Tasty, tart, sweet blackthorn is a real queen among homemade drinks.

It is usually made in October-November, when the first frost hits and the thorns acquire a special taste and aroma. Pouring thorns at home is made quite simple, but it turns out incredibly tasty, rich and useful.

The pourings are among the low-alcohol "ladies" drinks, served as an aperitif or drink to a sweet dessert. There are a lot of recipes for their preparation, and most often the family has its own method of production. The classic version does not contain anything except berries, strong alcohol, sugar.

It takes at least a month to prepare blackcurrant juice at home, but to get a fully matured drink, you need to press it for at least three, or even six months.

Pouring thorns at home - general principles of cooking

The general scheme for making blackthorn in domestic conditions is extremely simple.

Berries need to mash before the selection of the juice, pour in alcohol (vodka, inexpensive cognac, rum), insist one to six months in heat.

This is the so-called cold method, which does not require any effort at all.

However, the thorns (the popular name for thorns) can be cooked in a hot way.

To do this, fermented turn filter, boil on the fire, add strong alcohol.

If the thorns are very sour, sweeten the drink to taste with sugar, honey, sugar syrup. The original blackcurrant juice at home is easily combined with spices: ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves. Pouring on brandy gives the drink a pleasant cognac flavor.

Depending on the method of fermentation, the berries are either washed or used unwashed. The latter option allows you to keep on the surface of the thorns the bacteria necessary for good obstruction. In any case, from the raw material you need to choose spoiled, immature berries, twigs, garbage. Opinions differ on the removal of pits: someone insists the turn with them, someone removes them immediately. You can prepare the pouring of fresh, dried and even canned berries. Usually the thorns are put for the winter, but no one bothers to do it in the summer or spring from the fruits of last year's harvest. If the berries are fresh, they are used whole or crushed in any convenient way: tolkushkoy, hands, fork.

Pouring thorns at home “Traditional”

According to the traditional recipe of liqueurs, you can cook not only thorns, but also any berry. It turns out quite strong, sweet and sour bright drink with a characteristic taste. The number of ingredients is not exactly indicated: it all depends on how many berries are in stock. The standard proportions are as follows: for three parts of thorns, take one part sugar and one part vodka.


• berries of ripe thorn;

• vodka;

• sugar.

Cooking Method:

Berries folded in a glass jar, crush.

Gently pour sugar over the top, then pour the vodka in the proportion indicated.

Cover the jar with a lid and insist at room temperature for a month. The period of infusion is not limited: if the raw material is kept under the lid for six months or even a year, the taste of the drink will only improve.

Strain the berries, the remnants of raw materials press.

Pour the thorns into clean glass bottles.

Keep the drink in the cold: suitable cellar, basement, refrigerator.

Pouring of thorns at home “Ruby”

A more complex traditional variant of blackcurrant liquefaction at home involves the fermentation of raw materials. The proportions of the main ingredients are the same (three to one), but the final product is easier, more pleasant. In addition, this recipe allows you to control the strength of the drink, adding a certain amount of strong alcohol.


• ripe turn;

• sugar;

• vodka.

Cooking Method:

Mash berries.

Cover sugar in thorns.

Place the turn in a glass jar.

Shake the jar to achieve an even distribution of sugar and separation of the juice.

If there is little juice, pour in a half glass of water (this will speed up fermentation) and close the jar with a thick capron lid. Container with raw materials need to insist at the usual temperature of the dwelling. On the second day, bubbles can be seen on the surface, a small “cap” of foam. It began to ferment. As soon as the process is completed, the pouring should be drained, and the fermentation should be stopped, otherwise you will get thorns vinegar instead of thorns.

As soon as the foam from the surface of the liquid has disappeared, it is a signal of the readiness of the drink. It is necessary to strain it two or three times through a gauze filter or woven cloth to get rid of sediment.

In the resulting ruby ​​liquid pour the right amount of quality vodka. Alcohol will stop fermenting.

Pour the thorns into the bottles and send them to storage in a cold dark place.

Pouring thorns at home “Fast”

At home it is quite simple to cook sunny, fermented blackcurrant from the sloe under natural sunlight. It turns out it is strong (from 28 to 32 degrees), radiant, very tasty. Vodka can be replaced with diluted alcohol, brandy, or a good home brew.


• kilogram of thorns;

• three hundred grams of sugar (you can take less, one hundred grams, if the berries are sweet or you want to make the drink sourish);

• liter of high-quality vodka.

Cooking Method:

Remove the seed from the turn.

Stir berries with sugar.

Place the thorn in a glass bottle.

Neck with a gauze napkin.

Expose the bottle under the active sunlight: let it ferment for three days.

Remove the napkin, pour out the vodka or other alcohol.

Shake the jar, mixing vodka with berries.

Close the bottle with a tight lid and put in a dark room.

Insist on the brandy for two weeks.

During the first week, daily shake the bottle vigorously.

Filter the finished drink, pour into the bottle, cork well.

Such liqueur is stored for five years.

Pouring thorns at home without vodka

Pouring thorns at home can be prepared without vodka. The taste of this drink will resemble aged wine, it will turn out soft and light. The strength of the drink is from 8 to 14 degrees. Ingredients:

• four kilograms of ripe thorns;

• sugar a kilo or one and a half;

• a glass of water (200 ml).

Cooking Method:

Berries do not wash, so they can ferment in a natural way.

Bones take out.

Dusty and too dirty berries wipe with a dry soft cloth.

Transfer the raw materials into a large bottle or jar, mix with sugar and pure water, mix thoroughly.

To tie a neck of ware with a gauze napkin.

Put the container in the sun and mix it twice a day with a wooden stick or hand. As soon as the characteristic sour smell, bubbles, foam, hissing appeared, it means that natural fermentation began. The normal deadline for the beginning of the blocking is two or three days.

Now you need to replace the napkin on the neck of a tight-fitting medical rubber glove. One “finger” pierced with a needle.

Jar placed in a dark room. The temperature of the air in the room should not exceed 25 degrees.

Now the wine should "play." Fermentation period of one to two months.

As soon as the glove is deflated, you need to filter the drink three times so that the sediment is completely gone.

Store in tightly closed bottles, in the cold (refrigerator, cellar, basement). Within one and a half to three months, the drink should ripen.

Stored thorns, cooked without vodka, for three years.

Pouring thorns at home on brandy with spices

A rich, warm, rich taste of thorns in the home environment gives Eastern spices: cinnamon, cardamom, cloves. You can enhance the magical impression with brandy: the aroma is simply amazing.


• six hundred grams of ripe thorns;

• two hundred grams of sugar;

• a glass of water (200 ml);

• 300 ml of inexpensive cognac;

• natural cinnamon sticks;

• two cardamom things;

• two buds cloves.

Cooking Method:

Cook flavored fill of water, sugar, spices. Bring the liquid to a boil and completely dissolve the sugar.

Turn the turn into a three-liter jar, pour hot sweet pouring (do not remove the spices). Wait for cooling. As soon as the pouring has cooled, carefully pour the brandy into the jar, mix everything up.

Tightly close the jar lid, rearranged in a dark cold room.

Insist on blackthorn on cognac with spices for at least a month.

Strain the drink through cheesecloth three times.

Pouring thorns at home “Frosty”

This option of blackthorn from the sloe in the home, be sure to cook from the berries, which burned the first frost. They become very tasty, give the brandy a beautiful rich color. It turns out an exquisite, royally noble drink. It is cooked in a hot way, that is, requires boiling.


• five kilograms of thorns;

• sugar and a half or two kilograms;

• half a liter of vodka for the first pour, then another four liters.

Cooking Method:

Put the turn in a large bottle.

Carefully fill the berries with sugar and mix.

Tie up the neck with a napkin.

Put the bottle in a warm place for a month, so he completely fermented.

Pour half a liter of vodka and insist again.

Drain the berries.

Boil the boil over to stop the fermentation.

Pour four liters of vodka (the amount of alcohol can be reduced if desired), mix.

Pouring thorns at home on grape wine

The original recipe for a black wine sour gravy allows you to get a very fresh, delicate, unusual drink.


• four pounds of thorns;

• one and a half liters of grape wine;

• sugar to taste (100-200 grams);

• Vodka (optional, to give strength).

Cooking Method:

Wash berries with running water, knead them and put them in a fermentation tank.

Pour the turn with natural grape wine, mix.

Close the container with a lid.

Instill two weeks in a warm room, stirring daily.

Try a drink. If you want to make it a little sweeter, dissolve sugar to taste in a small amount of grape wine or vodka. Introduce fermented turn and leave a liqueur for two days.

Strain the pouring through the gauze filter, being careful not to disturb the sediment.

Pouring of thorns at home “Almond”

Thorny liqueur, infused with 60-degree alcohol and or high-quality moonshine has an amazing, bright taste with a slight almond tint. The taste is similar to cherry, and the color is rich and very beautiful.


• two kilograms of thorns;

• two liters of alcohol or moonshine;

• pound of sugar.

Cooking Method:

Mix the thorns, do not need to pre-wash.

Put the berries in a fermentation tank in layers of two or three centimeters, each pouring sugar. Not all need to use sugar: 130-150 grams is enough.

Put the container for obstruction in heat. The process should begin on the second day. To activate the process, pour half a glass of water.

If bubbles appear, close the bottle with a rubber medical glove, put it in a dark, dry room.

As soon as the glove is deflated, pour out the pouring, pour in alcohol: fifty liters of alcohol are enough for each liter of juice.

The remaining turn pour alcohol or distilled water, insist three weeks, strain.

Again, pour berries with sugar syrup, insist for a week or just boil. You can safely skip this step by throwing out the berries. It is needed only to sweeten the liqueur. If you are satisfied with the taste, then the third time you do not need to work with berries.

Mix the first and second pouring, after filtering them. The strength of the drink should be no higher than 25 degrees. After removing the sample, the drink is adjusted to the desired taste and strength. Too sweet thorns can be diluted with clean water or berry extract, add sugar syrup, sugar, fructose to the acidic one.

Let the drink stand for two weeks to mature.

Filter again, bottle.

Pouring of thorns at home “Crimean”

Strong, thick Crimean blackcurrant from the sloe at home should “pour” on the sun. This drink always leaves a thick mark on the glass of the glass.


• turn;

• sugar;

• vodka.

Cooking Method:

Ripe turn crush with a rolling pin. Spread in a jar little by little, sprinkling a small amount of sugar every three centimeters of berries.

Fill three quarters of the container.

Tighten the rubber glove on the neck or close the nylon cover.

Keep warm for five days.

Strain the liquid.

Take out the bones.

Berry pulp pour juice.

Cover the neck with gauze and expose under the rays of the sun for another three weeks. Sometimes shake the jar.

Three or four times filtering liquor.

Berries pour a liter of vodka, insist another three weeks. Strain, pour in vodka to taste, let mature for four months.

Pouring thorns at home - tricks and helpful tips

  • You can prepare the pouring not only from fresh berries. Dried or frozen suitable for the storage of the beverage - under the paraffin stopper in a box with dry sand. Storage room should be dry and cool.
  • Ternovka can be added to tea or coffee, used for making sauces for meat, orternovye berries. If the turn is dried, it is three times less than what is indicated in the recipe. Cash will get stronger. Frozen before cooking should be thawed at room temperature and dried. Original baking.
  • Fully ripened berries are better prepared for ternivka than unripe. Ideal for over-ripe liqueurs.
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