Cod liver salad with rice - cooking options for a healthy snack. Recipes for cod liver salad with rice: simple and puffed

Cod liver salad with rice - cooking options for a healthy snack. Recipes for cod liver salad with rice: simple and puffed

Often the housewives ask themselves what kind of snack to make, so that it is not only tasty, but also useful.

Cod liver salads with rice are exactly what you need.

They are nourishing, wholesome and incredibly tasty.

Cod liver salad with rice - the basic principles of cooking

Vegetables, pickled mushrooms, cheese, eggs, onions and other ingredients are added to a cod liver salad with rice.

Rice is pre-washed several times, then boiled until cooked and cooled. Cod liver is removed from the jar and spread on a disposable towel to get rid of excess oil. Then it is kneaded with a fork or cut into pieces.

The remaining ingredients are finely chopped. All spread in a salad bowl, add mayonnaise, sour cream or natural yogurt and mix. In some recipes for dressing use sauce based on any vegetable oil.

Cod liver salad with rice can be formed in layers. In this case, it is desirable to leave it soak.

Recipe 1. Cod liver salad with rice and vegetables


sea ​​salt;

180 grams of rice;

black pepper;

150 g cod liver;

three tomatoes;

fresh dill;

two bulbs;

six leaves of lettuce;

green peas - 100 g;

3 eggs.

Method of preparation

1. We sort out and wash several times under the tap fig. Put a pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil. Slightly salt and pour prepared grits. One part of the rice should be six parts of water. Cook the cereal until soft, recline in a colander and leave all the glass to the glass. Completely cool.

2. Peeled and washed onions chop into thin rings. The rest of the vegetables and herbs wash and dry. Cut the tomatoes into rings. Cucumbers cut off on both sides, cut along in half and chop into thin slices. Lettuce leaves tear hands straw. Greens finely crumbled.

3. Boil hard boiled eggs, dip them in ice water, remove the shells and finely chop up. We open the canned cod liver, put the contents on a paper napkin and cut into small cubes. With green peas, pour marinade. We put cod liver, chopped vegetables and eggs, green peas and boiled rice into a deep salad bowl. 4. Season the salad with black pepper, salt and chopped greens. Fill with oil from the liver and mix. Decorate with dill and tomato circles.

Recipe 2. Cod liver salad with rice


bunch of greens;

cod liver - 230 g;


Art. spoon of natural yogurt;

rice - 200 g;


eggs - 4 pcs .;

40 g of mayonnaise.

Method of preparation

1. Put the thoroughly and thoroughly washed rice into boiling water and boil until soft. Flip the finished product on a colander to make all the water glass. Put the cereal in a bowl.

2. Canned food from the liver. Open and transfer the contents to the rice, drain the oil. Mash rice with cod liver until smooth.

3. Wash the cucumber, wipe it with a paper napkin and chop grated on Korean salads.

4. Boil eggs, cool and peel. Two yolks leave for decoration, and the remaining eggs coarsely rub.

5. Put mayonnaise in a deep cup, add to it natural yogurt and finely chopped greens. Pepper and mix the sauce until smooth.

6. Lay the salad layers in a la carte glasses or salad bowl, with transparent walls. We do it in this order:

- a mixture of rice and liver;

- grated eggs;

- cucumber chips.

Lightly coat each layer with the sauce. Sprinkle with cheese chips and decorate with crumbled yolk.

Recipe 3. Cod liver salad with rice and spinach


half a mint bunch;

30 ml of olive oil;

300 g of cod liver;

150 g of spinach;

30 g butter;

rice cereal - 100 g;

a quarter of a lemon.


5 g sugar;


25 ml of sesame oil;

third of the chili peppers;

rice vinegar - 30 ml;

clove of garlic;

50 ml of soy sauce;

half a mint bunch.

Method of preparation

1. Wash my lime and remove the zest from it with a sharp knife. From half survive juice.

2. Peel the garlic and chop into small pieces. Rinse the chili pepper, remove the seeds and finely chop.

3. We sort out the whole mint, rinse it under the tap, lightly dry it and chop finely. 4. Pour soy sauce into a deep bowl, pour sesame oil, rice vinegar, zest and lime juice into it. Season everything with sugar, chili and garlic. We spread out half crushed mint. Mix everything well.

5. Enumerated rice is washed several times and laid out in boiling water. Cook until soft, then fold back on the sieve and rinse again. Leave that all moisture glass.

6. Squeeze the juice from a quarter of a lemon.

7. Put the butter in the pan and put it on the fire, pour in olive oil and heat well. Put the washed spinach in it and slightly let it go. Then remove from heat and sprinkle with lemon juice.

8. Put the cooled rice in a bowl, pour the sauce into it, add the spinach steamed and mix. We shift on a large plate.

9. We open a can of canned food, take out the pieces of the liver and lightly dry them on paper towels. Put the liver on the salad and crush the remaining mint.

Recipe 4. Cod liver salad with rice and cucumbers


low calorie mayonnaise;

3 eggs;

rice cereal - 100 g;

cod liver - 250 g;

fresh cucumbers - 200 g

onion - 2 heads.

Method of preparation

1. Reassemble the rice and rinse. Transfer to boiling water, lightly salted, and cook until soft. Throw rice into a colander, rinse and leave to cool.

Peel onions, wash and chop into small cubes.

2. Wash cucumbers, wipe with a napkin and chop finely. Boil the eggs. Cool in ice water, peel and chop into small cubes.

3. Open the canned liver, drain the oil, and crush the product with a fork.

4. Form the salad in layers in the following sequence:

- boiled and cooled rice;

- crushed cod liver;

- finely chopped onions;

- a layer of mayonnaise;

- crushed eggs;

- again mayonnaise;

- finely chopped cucumbers;

- mesh of mayonnaise.

Layers repeat in this order again. Sprinkle the salad with the pounded yolks. Leave to soak for a while.

Recipe 5. Cod liver salad with rice and corn


fresh greens;

240 g cod liver;

rice - 130 g;

carrots - 90 g;


2 potatoes;

black pepper;

onions - 90 g;

fine salt;

canned corn - 200 g;

2 ripe tomatoes.

Method of preparation

1. Rice cereal, rinse under the tap and put into boiling, lightly salted water and cook until soft. Then fold on a sieve, rinse again and leave to leave all the liquid.

2. Wash the potatoes, put them in a saucepan, pour in clean water and boil until soft. Cool, peel and cut into small cubes.

3. Boil carrots in uniforms to softness. Drain the water, cool the vegetable, cool and coarsely rub.

4. Open the jar with the liver, transfer the contents to a plate and rub with a fork and butter.

5. Wash the tomatoes, wipe them with a disposable towel and cut into bars. For salad take fleshy tomatoes.

6. Open the jar with corn and drain the brine.

7. Put all crushed products in a deep bowl. Season with ground pepper, mayonnaise and salt. Mix everything well. Put the finished snack in a beautiful salad bowl and sprinkle with chopped greens.

Recipe 6. Cod liver salad with rice and green peas


15 g fresh parsley;

80 grams of rice;

150 g cod liver;

10 g of fine salt;

2 onions;

90 g of mayonnaise;

2 pods of Bulgarian pepper;

2 chicken eggs;

green salad - 50 g;

80 g green peas;

3 pickled cucumbers.

Method of preparation

1. Put the washed out under a stream of water into a saucepan, pour water so that it covers the rump with two fingers. Add a couple of pinches of salt. Boil, then we twist the fire to a minimum and bring rice to readiness. We turn back the grits on the sieve, rinse it under the tap and cool it.

2. Clean the onions, rinse, lightly dry and chop. Large - half rings, small heads can chop the rings.

3. Rinse the sweet pepper, wipe with a disposable towel and cut into thin strips. Washed lettuce leaves tear stripes. 4. Boil hard-boiled eggs, peel and finely crumble. Salted cucumbers are cut along the entire length and chopped into thin slices.

5. Remove cod liver oil from the butter and cut it into pieces.

6. We shift all the prepared ingredients in a deep dish, add the peas and mayonnaise. Salt and mix until smooth.

7. Rinse parsley, dry with a napkin and grind. Put the salad in a beautiful bowl and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Recipe 7. Cod liver salad with rice and pickled mushrooms


half a glass of drinking water;

cod liver - 240 g;

marinated mushrooms - 250 g;


green peas - bank;


green onion;

sea ​​salt;

three eggs;

50 g onions;

30 ml of vinegar.

Method of preparation

1. Transfer cod liver to a bowl in a jar. Spread it with a fork.

2. Peel the onions, wash and chop the half rings. Put it in a deep plate. Half a glass of water dilute with vinegar and cover with chopped onion with this marinade.

3. Open the jar with mushrooms and drain the marinade. Each fungus cut in half, and then crumble into thin plates.

4. Wash carrots and boil until soft. Cool the vegetable, peel it off and coarsely rub it.

5. Boiled and peeled eggs finely crumble.

6. Put all the crushed products in a container with liver, add the peas and salt.

7. Pickled pickled onions on a sieve and wait until the entire marinade has drained. Add the onion to the bowl of salad and mix. Pour in some liver oil and mix again.

Recipe 8. Cod liver salad with rice and tomatoes


large fleshy tomato;

sea ​​salt;

cod liver - 240 g;

ground pepper;

canned peas - 60 g;


onions - 70 g;

boiled rice - 80 g

Method of preparation

1. Shift the cod liver in a bowl and knead with a fork.

2. Put the pre-boiled and chilled rice to the liver. For this salad it is better to take steamed rice. Here we rub the boiled and peeled egg. 3. Add the green peas and peeled and finely chopped onions. Tomato wash, wipe with a disposable towel and cut into small cubes. We also shift it to the salad.

4. Salt and pepper appetizer. Fill with oil left over from cod liver and mix until smooth.

5. Put a serving ring on the plate. We spread salad in it, slightly tamping, then carefully remove the ring and decorate the snack with a sprig of parsley.

Cod liver salad with rice - tips and tricks from the chef

  • To prepare a delicious cod liver salad and rice, you need to choose high-quality canned food. The bank must be marked “natural”. When shaking, the product should not hang out in the can.
  • For this salad it is better to take steamed rice, it always turns out crumbly, and it does not need to be washed after boiling.
  • Salad can be served by putting on toasts.
  • Instead of mayonnaise, you can use the oil left over from cod liver oil as a dressing.
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