Why it is impossible to put hot in the refrigerator

Why it is impossible to put hot in the refrigerator

When admonishing young housewives, mothers, as a rule, necessarily pay attention to a number of prohibitions: one should not leave dirty dishes for the night, one should not put hot food in the refrigerator. This prohibition to observe, as a rule, is most difficult in the summer heat, when cooked cools slowly, but you do not want to eat hot. So the question arises: why, in fact, it is impossible? After all, the refrigerator is designed to cool, which means it is hot too.

Tips from manufacturers of refrigeration units

First of all, the ban on placing the hot in a working refrigerator comes from the masters of refrigeration equipment. They claim that too hot foods increase the temperature in the refrigerator, which immediately causes the temperature sensors to react. In turn, the sensors start the motor-compressor, which urgently lowers the temperature in the refrigerator. The motor is designed for economical operation, thereby prolonging the life of the refrigerator - emergency unscheduled starts of the compressor can lead to unit failure. In addition, too hot a dish during cooling produces warm steam that settles on the inner walls of the refrigerator. When freezing, steam turns into frost and frost, sometimes into an ice crust, inside the refrigerator, which can be disposed of only by completely defrosting and washing out the refrigeration unit.

Changing the taste of the dish during emergency cooling

The most rational explanation is that a cooked dish placed insufficiently cooled in a refrigerator changes its taste qualities for the worse. For some dishes, it is very important to ensure uniform cooling for a full-fledged taste, while this dish is said to “ripen” and infuse. In case of violation of the natural course of cooling, the taste of the finished product becomes unpleasant. There is also the risk that other, already cold dishes when placed next to them too hot can absolutely deteriorate and turn sour. Consequently, those who are trying to rapidly cool their dish in the refrigerator, risk losing several cooked culinary masterpieces at once.

Damage to dishes with a sharp temperature difference

The modern market offers the hostess a wide range of beautiful and comfortable dishes, including glass and ceramic. However, few people know that a sharp temperature contrast inside and outside the dishes leads to cracks and splits on it. Manufacturers of modern dishes are actively working on this problem, improving its quality, however, it is recommended not to risk it and not to put too hot pans in the refrigerator. The consequence may be that: - first, your favorite dishes will be completely spoiled;

- secondly, the cooked dish will be completely spoiled;

- thirdly, the refrigerator will be heavily polluted, the dish flowing from the bursting pan.

Happy owners of the fridge with special features

Manufacturers of refrigeration units took into account the desire of consumers to quickly cool products: some models of refrigerators are equipped with a special function of emergency cooling. In such refrigeration units you can put hot dishes, closing the refrigerator, you should connect the functions, and after a while the dish will be sufficiently cooled without risking the taste of the finished dish and damage the refrigerator. Therefore, those wishing to use such additional functions of the refrigerator should, when buying a unit, ask the seller whether this model is equipped with rapid cooling technologies. The cost of such a purchase will be somewhat higher, but the possibilities of such household appliances are also much wider.

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