Strawberry compote for the winter

Strawberry compote for the winter

Strawberries appear on the market one of the first.

It is not only a tasty and aromatic berry, but also a natural remedy for anemia, atherosclerosis, neurasthenia, hypertension, insomnia, stones in the liver and kidneys.

In its berries are vitamins C and B9, tannins, essential oils, phosphorus, copper, iron, citric, malic, quinic acids.

The hostesses are happy to cook from her all sorts of desserts in the form of cold delicacies and delicious cakes.

Strawberries quickly go away, so they try to prepare it for future use. Make it jam, jams, roll up compotes.

Preparation for cooking strawberry compote for the winter

Bombing cans often occurs due to poor sterilization of both the product itself and the cans. Therefore, prepare the container in advance. For this purpose, glass jars, which are sealed with metal lids, are best suited.

Wash the jars with soda, and then put in boiling water for a few minutes. Sterilize the banks can be in the oven. So that they do not burst from the temperature drop, they are put in a cold oven and only then start heating.

Wash the caps, put them in a saucepan with water and put on the fire. Let them simmer a little.

Turn the clean jars upside down on a towel and keep in this condition until use.

In addition to the cans, you will need a basin to hold the berries in syrup and a pan with a wide bottom to sterilize the finished product.

If the recipe requires pasteurization of compote, then it is better to take a container with a capacity of not more than a liter. In such banks, the berries are not too deformed, and the color is preserved to the maximum.


For compote for the winter, varieties with intense color and a dense consistency are best suited. This berry is less boiled soft and deformed during heat treatment.

Strawberries spoil quickly, so it can not be stored. Immediately after collecting or buying you need to do its processing.

  • Sort the berries by size, removing trash.
  • Wash the strawberries very carefully, trying not to mash them. Therefore, put the berries in small portions in a colander and dip several times in cold water. Strawberries can be washed and under running water, making a weak pressure.
  • Carefully remove the sepals from the berries. Now you can start cooking compote.

Strawberry compote for the winter: the first recipe

Ingredients for ten 0, 5 l cans:

  • strawberries - 3 kg;
  • water - 2 l;
  • sugar - 600 g.

Method of preparation

  • Rinse the strawberries by dipping the colander with berries into a container of clean cold water. Allow the fluid to drain.
  • Carefully remove the stems with sepals from the berries.
  • Fold the strawberries into prepared half-liter jars, filling them in 2/3 volume.
  • Pour water into the pan, add sugar. Boil until sugar is completely dissolved. Strain through several layers of gauze or a fine sieve.
  • Pour the berries with hot syrup.
  • Close the cans tightly with tin lids. So that the increased pressure inside the jar does not break the lid, it is fixed with a special clip. If there is none, then cover the cans with compote with clean covers, and roll them up only after sterilization.
  • Put in a wide pan with hot water. At the bottom of the dishes pre-put a wooden grid or a circle, so that the banks do not burst when heated.
  • Bring the water to a boil and sterilize the cans with the compote for 10 minutes at 80 ° C, starting the countdown from the moment water is boiled.
  • Remove the strawberry jars from the water. Cork. Turn upside down. Place on a flat surface covered with a soft cloth. In this form, cool.

Strawberry compote for the winter: the second recipe

Ingredients for ten 0, 5 l cans:

  • strawberries - 3 kg;
  • water - 2 l;
  • sugar - 700 g.

Method of preparation

  • sort the strawberries, rinse. Remove the sepals. Fold the berries into an enamel bowl.
  • Pour water into the pan, add sugar. Put on the fire. Boil the syrup until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Fill them with berries. Soak them in syrup for two hours. It is impossible to mix, but for a better soaking of the berries with syrup, the pelvis should be gently shaken periodically.
  • After this exposure, pour the syrup berries into half-liter cans. Close the lids.
  • Put the jars with compote in a pot of water and sterilize for 20 minutes at 85 °.
  • Seal the caps. Turn upside down and cool in this position.

Strawberry compote for the winter without sterilization

Ingredients (designed for 3 l cans):

  • strawberries - 800 g;
  • water - 2, 5 l;
  • sugar - 1-1, 5 tbsp.

Method of preparation

  • sort out the strawberries. There should not be any berries that would cause suspicion.
  • In small portions, fold the strawberries into a colander and rinse by immersing them several times in a container of cold water.
  • Trying not to mash the berries, remove the sepals.
  • Spread the strawberries on sterilized jars, filling them in 1/5 volume.
  • Pour water into a large pot. Bring to a boil.
  • Fill the berries with boiling water. Cover with a clean lid and leave for 15 minutes. During this time, the berries will warm up well, and the water, on the contrary, will cool.
  • Close the jar with a plastic cap with small holes. Through them, pour the rosy water back into the pan. Put on the fire.
  • As soon as the water starts to boil, add sugar. After the sugar has dissolved, boil the syrup for 2-3 minutes.
  • Fill strawberries to the top with boiling syrup.
  • Roll up the lids.
  • Turn the jars upside down, cover with a blanket or something warm. Leave to cool.

Strawberry compote for the winter with mint

Ingredients (calculated on a can of 1 liter):

  • strawberries - 150 g;
  • sugar - 100 g;
  • water - 900 ml;
  • mint - 2 leaves;
  • citric acid - 3 g.

Method of preparation

  • sort out the strawberries. Rinse out. Carefully remove the sepals.
  • Prepare the cans in advance: wash them with baking soda, rinse well. Before filling with strawberries, hold them over the steam, placing the neck down on a regular kettle.
  • Pour water into the pan, add sugar. Put on the fire and boil until sugar dissolves.
  • Spread the berries in hot jars. Pour boiling syrup.
  • Add mint.
  • Cover the jars with tin lids and leave for 10 minutes to warm the berries well.
  • From each jar pour the syrup into the pan, using a capron lid with holes. Remove mint leaves from the cans.
  • Bring the syrup to the boil again.
  • Add citric acid to each jar and immediately fill the berries to the top with boiling syrup.
  • Hermetically seal. Turn upside down. Leave to cool.

Mistress to note

  • Strawberry compote in canned lids is stored in a dark cool place: in a cellar, basement, or pantry. But there should not be damp, otherwise the covers will be covered with rust.
  • If you put more sugar in the compote, it will turn out to be concentrated, and it can be diluted with boiled water or mineral water.
  • Strawberry compote is boiled with the addition of lemon peel or orange and cinnamon.
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