Dieffenbachia: Benefit and Harm

Dieffenbachia: Benefit and Harm

Dieffenbachia is an indoor plant with large, beautiful leaves with white dots or divorces. It is very decorative and serves as an authentic decoration of any room. With good care, the flower grows over 2 meters in height. Dieffenbachia blooms extremely rarely.

Useful qualities of dieffenbachia

Large and wide leaves of a flower are able to trap dust and toxins. This plant not only provides aesthetic pleasure - it cleans the air from formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances. A large flower can attract dust from around the room. Wiping dieffenbachia leaves every day, you can significantly reduce the level of dust in a room by making the air much cleaner.

Due to the large leaf area, dieffenbachia intensively saturates the air with oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide. It is useful to put a pot with a plant in a room where there are a lot of computers - a beautiful plant can “pull off” a part of the harmful radiation of monitors.

Little is known yet another unique property of dieffenbachia - weather prediction. If you notice a drop of moisture on the tip of a leaf, it will surely rain in the next day or two.

Caution, Dieffenbachia!

Luxurious flower has a significant drawback - its milky juice is very poisonous. Having broken off a piece of dieffenbachia or accidentally tearing off a part of it, you will see how a cloudy liquid acts - this is the milky juice. Once on the mucous membrane, it causes severe burns and edema. If you are hypersensitive to certain substances that make up this juice, it can cause an allergic reaction even when it comes into contact with the skin. Accidentally or out of interest, you will instantly feel a pungent and foul taste when you lick a drop of liquid. If you do not immediately rinse your mouth, you can get swelling of the mouth and tongue. When in contact with the eyes, dieffenbachia juice causes temporary loss of vision.

That is why the plant is not recommended to keep in homes where there are children: there are cases when dieffenbachia caused serious poisoning. Even just licked droplets of moisture protruding on the leaves before the rain, the child can provoke a strong intestinal upset.

If you have a cat that likes to nibble the flowers, it's better not to start a dieffenbachia. Chewing a piece of paper, the animal is likely to die. The same can be said with regard to feathered pets - it is not worth the risk and release the bird in the room where Dieffenbachia is standing. Even just sitting on a flower, the bird can pierce the surface of the leaf with a claw and get dirty in the milky juice. Having cleaned this claw, the birdie will simply recover.

The series will be associated with dieffenbachia

Many believe that this flower "dares" the suitors. Therefore, it is not recommended to place young girls and unmarried women in the room. At the same time if Dieffenbachia blossomed - loneliness does not threaten you in any case. This is a sure sign that your family life will be very successful. Especially if the plant blooms regularly.

Another sign says that dieffenbachia "survives" a man from home. This is generally a very dubious fact, which rather refers to prejudice. Cats and here got an honorary role - according to signs in the house where dieffenbachia grows, cats do not take root. Here the explanation is very simple - some animals adore biting the leaves of plants and, as mentioned above, are very sick and even die because of the rashness of their owners.

Can you keep dieffenbachia at home?

If you like this plant, then of course you can. But only with all necessary precautions. Transplant dieffenbachia or removing dead leaves, avoid contact with the skin of the milky juice.

Keep pets out of it, restrict access to a flower for a small child, and explain to older children that white juice is poisonous and in no case should you try it. Although if you are not sure that the child will obey you, it is better to remove the plant higher.

Are you afraid to stay “in the girls”? Create ideal conditions for your flower and make it bloom - use the sign for your own good!

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