How to store thyme

How to store thyme

Thyme or thyme refers to fragrant herb, which is used in cooking and as a medicine.

Sprigs of plants make the taste of food more vivid, but most importantly - improve digestion. Thyme tea is able to relieve fatigue, improve body tone. The plant is a powerful immune stimulant that helps to successfully cope with viruses and infections.

Methods for storing fresh thyme

Fresh grass is used as a spice in meat, poultry and fish dishes.

There are several ways to preserve thyme:

  • Thyme is placed in a sealed plastic bag with a clasp and sent to one of the shelves of the refrigerator - the one that is located away from the freezer. The container should not be filled too tightly - the sprigs of grass should lie free. In this state, thyme will survive well for about a week.
  • Load the thyme into a glass jar so that there is free space between the stems. Close the container with a lid of polyethylene and put it in the refrigerator. Use fresh thyme, which is stored in a glass jar, can be for almost three weeks.

Before planting it is necessary to sort the plant, but not to wash it. Thyme will receive water procedures immediately before use.

Drying thyme and storing it

In the dried state, thyme retains its beneficial properties, since a significant proportion of biologically active substances remains with it. It is important to just dry them properly, because without observing certain conditions, the grass will become moldy. Prepare thyme as follows:

  • Thyme is sifted through - we throw out foreign inclusions and spoiled leaves.
  • Fold the plant on a metal baking tray covered with paper or a thin cloth.
  • Cover with gauze to protect the thyme from insects and dust.
  • We place a baking sheet with a plant under a shed or in a room in which it is dark and dry. A prerequisite - unhindered access of air.
  • Every day the thyme is turned over. This will protect it from rotting.

Instead of folding the plant on a flat surface, small bunches can be formed and hung in the same room.

Thyme will dry in 5-7 days. Compared to other herbs, it retains its pleasant smell better. It is important to note that it is not worth crumbling dried thyme into small pieces or turning it into powder. In general, he retains healing qualities to a greater extent.

Store thyme preferably in this container:

  • in durable paper bags;
  • in glass jars;
  • in ceramic or wooden containers;
  • in cardboard boxes.

Thyme is stored only in a dry place. Grass should be placed away from sources of light and heat.

Dried thyme is stored no more than two years. Outdated grass can not be thrown away, but added to bathing water.

Other storage methods

To store thyme, you can use other methods that are applicable for spicy herbs:

  • freezing;
  • salting.

Before freezing, thyme thoroughly washes and dried. The procedure is carried out in one of the ways:

  • Place the thyme in small bags, seal it, and fold it in the freezer.
  • The leaflets of thyme are torn off, crushed and placed in an ice mold. Fill it with water and freeze in the freezer. The frozen cubes are removed from the form cells, placed in a container and sent to the freezer for long-term storage.

In this form, thyme persists until spring. After thawing, the plant should be used immediately, as it becomes soft and watery. Spicy and healing properties are quickly lost.

Salting is another easy way to save thyme for 6-8 months. The plant should be finely chopped, sprinkled with salt and put in glass jars or ceramic containers. Contained container with thyme in the refrigerator.

Adhering to simple methods and rules of storage of thyme, you can ensure its presence on the table all year round. The plant will not only decorate the taste of food, but also help to improve well-being, restore vitality. Medicinal herb, which is stored in normal conditions, will be able to gain more than one year after collection.

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