Beshbarmak from chicken - tasty and satisfying hot for the whole family. The best recipes of beshbarmak from chicken

Beshbarmak from chicken - tasty and satisfying hot for the whole family. The best recipes of beshbarmak from chicken

A dish common in Central Asian cuisine - Beshbarmak - is translated as “five fingers”. The fact is that the nomads, who often cook it, ate beshbarmak with their hands. That is why in the dish all the ingredients are large: meat, noodles, vegetables.

Traditionally, beshbarmak was made from lamb, but today, thanks to the abundance of various products, they prepare a dish of beef, and pork, chicken.

The most popular is beshbarmak made from chicken and for good reason: low calorie content, low-cost products, minimal time spent on cooking.

Beshbarmak from chicken - general principles

In order to have a real beshbarmak and not standard chicken noodles, you should follow some of the subtleties of cooking:

1. The broth will be rich and tastier, and the meat will be juicier if you cook the chicken whole or in large pieces. It will be possible to cut the bird into portions after cooking.

2. Choose a homemade chicken. Of course, the dish can be cooked from chilled or frozen product, but it will not be so tasty.

3. The roots, spices, onions and carrots, laid out in the water when cooking meat, will add the flavor and special taste to the dish.

4. The broth will turn out beautiful and transparent if, during cooking, periodically remove the resulting protein foam. When the chicken is cooked, the broth should be drained and the vegetables and roots used should be thrown out.

5. Take for cooking dishes with thick walls, for example, a cauldron or a cast-iron stewpan. Due to the uniform heating of such utensils and keeping it warm, beshbarmak turns out juicier, tastier. In the absence of such dishes it is permissible to use a slow cooker.

6. Meat is cooked for a long time, and given that home, not commercial chicken is used, it is better to cook the poultry for at least one and a half hours. This time is just enough for the preparation of other ingredients: noodles, vegetables.

7. Many use noodles of any shape that comes across, but this is wrong. Noodles for beshbarmak looks like a quadrangle. In shops, this is rare, but it can be quite simple to cook yourself from water, flour and eggs. 8. Noodles during cooking will not stick together, if you lower it into boiling broth one by one. It boils 4-5 minutes.

9. Onions are another major ingredient of the dish. It is taken in large quantities, cut into thin half rings or rings, boiled separately from meat in broth until cooked.

1. Chicken Beshbarmak


• chicken - 1 pc .;

• 3 bulbs;

• seasoning, allspice black pepper powder - 20 g each;

• sunflower oil - 3 tea spoons;

• 12 Art. spoons of flour;

• chicken eggs - 2 pcs.


1. Put the washed chicken in a deep container with water and cook over high heat until boiling.

2. After removing the foam, adjust the fire to the smallest, pour seasoning into the pan, salt, pepper and boil for 1.5-2 hours.

3. 30 minutes before the chicken is fully cooked, knead the dough: pour water into the cup, stir it with a small amount of butter, salt and eggs. Slowly pour the prepared flour. Knead to a thick, elastic state and put in the fridge, wrapping it in plastic wrap.

4. While the dough is otlechivaetsya, clean the onions, cut into rings, fry in a skillet with butter until golden brown.

5. Fully cooked chicken out, cool, separate the meat from the bones.

6. Meat tear hands to pieces.

7. Rested dough divided into parts and roll out a thin layer, cut into pieces in the form of a diamond.

8. Part of the chicken broth is poured into a clean dish, and in the rest boil the dough pieces.

9. We put the pieces of dough into plates, on them chicken meat, above the fried onions, next to put the bowl with the broth.

2. Chicken Beshbarmak with spices


• small chicken;

• 4 bulbs;

• 1 carrot;

• fresh celery - 4 stalks;

• Lavrushka - 2 leaves;

• pinch of allspice peas;

• salt - 2 teaspoons;

• a bunch of parsley;

• a piece of butter;

• a couple of eggs;

• flour - 1 cup;

• sunflower oil - 3st. spoons.


1. Boil the chicken carcass in water with the addition of one onion, carrot and 1 stalk of celery for about 3 hours.

2. While the carcass is cooked, we start the dough: pour half a glass of water into a small dish, add salt, eggs, stir well and slowly add flour. Knead the dough until tight. Wrap the dough in a plastic bag and leave for 1 hour in the refrigerator. 3. Cut the peeled three onions into rings, put them into a frying pan with a thick bottom, pour in some vegetable oil and put a piece of butter, simmer for about four minutes, stirring occasionally.

4. Finely chop parsley with a knife.

5. Cut the chilled chicken into pieces, separating the fillets from the bones.

6. Divide the dough into pieces, roll each into a thin cake, cut into squares.

7. Cut the small squares on a cutting board to dry a little, then boil them in chicken broth.

8. Place the cooked squares on a flat plate, put the stewed onion, meat on top, sprinkle with pepper and chopped parsley. On the parsley again put a layer of noodles, onions, meat, pepper and parsley. Repeat several times, pour the broth over the top.

3. Original chicken beshbarmak


• small chicken;

• 4 bulbs;

• 4 carrots;

• allspice powder, salt - 20 g each;

On the dough:

• water - 1 cup;

• half a kilogram of flour;

• eggs - 3 pcs .;

• vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. spoons;

• a pinch of salt.


1. Boil the carcass in salted water for 2.5 hours on moderate heat with constant skimming. Ready chicken get out of the broth, cool. The broth is not poured.

2. Knead the dough: add salt, a little sunflower oil, eggs to the cup with water, stir thoroughly and add flour. Knead thick dough, not sticky to hands. Cover the dough with a clean cloth and let it rest for half an hour.

3. In a skillet with butter, fry the onion, cut into half rings, 3 minutes, lay out a carrot, grated on a medium grater, and fry until completely softened.

4. We separate the bones from the cooled chicken, and tear the meat into pieces with our hands.

5. Divide the dough into several parts, each roll into a small thin layer, lay them whole in boiling broth and cook for several minutes.

6. Cooked pancakes are slowly pulled out with a slotted spoon, cooled.

7. On each boiled layer of noodles we put the meat on top, roast vegetables, wrap everything in the form of an envelope and spread on a batch dish, next to we put a glass cup with broth.

4. Beshbarmak from chicken with vegetables and herbs


• chicken breast weighing half a kilogram;

• ready beshbarmachnaya noodles - 2 packs;

• Shallot onions - 3 pcs .;

• leek - 4 stalk;

• vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. spoons;

• red and black pepper - 30 g;

• salt - 20 g;

• 5 basil leaves.


1. Pour a little salt in a saucepan with water, add a stalk of leek, lay the chicken breast, cook until boiling over high heat. After boiling, remove the foam and cook over low heat until cooked.

2. Remove the cooked breast, filter the broth.

3. Put the saucepan with the broth back on a small fire, salt it at will, bring to a boil.

4. Lay in broth on 8 plates of beshbarmachnoy noodles and cook for several minutes.

5. Divide the cooled breast into pieces, remove the bones.

6. Shallots are cut into small pieces and fried on low heat until softened with a small amount of butter.

7. To the onion we lay out the chicken meat, on top beshbarmachnaya noodles, mix well, add some salt, if necessary, pepper with red and black pepper, warm up for about three minutes.

8. When serving, we shift all the ingredients to a flat plate, decorate with basil leaves, next to we put a bowl with broth.

5. Beshbarmak from chicken in a multicooker


• noodles;

• 1 medium chicken leg;

• tomato - at will;

• A couple of garlic cloves;

• 2 bulbs;

• a bunch of parsley;

• leaf of laurel;

• floor of celery root;

• 1 carrot.


1. Put a chicken leg, carrot, onion without husk, washed celery root, lavrushka and any seasoning into a multicooker container, pour 2 liters of water, adjust the device to the “soup” mode and cook for 2 hours.

2. Boil the noodles in a separate pan.

3. Peel the second onion, cut into strips, put in a cup and pour in chicken broth.

4. Put the noodles on a batch dish, put meat, onions, separated from the bones, on top, pour over all the broth and sprinkle with chopped parsley, you can put a little tomato.

6. Beshbarmak from chicken with potatoes


• small chicken carcass;

• 6 potato tubers;

• a couple of carrots;

• 3 bulbs;

• fresh parsley - 1 bunch;

• salt, allspice, seasoning for chicken - 1 teaspoon; • 2 laurel leaves;

• flour - 12 tbsp. spoons;

• 2 eggs;

• some sunflower oil.


1. Boil the chicken in water with the addition of carrots, sprigs of parsley, laurel, seasonings, and salt.

2. Remove the cooked carcass from the broth along with the carrot, filter the broth.

3. In a separate saucepan, boil the peeled potatoes, cut into large pieces.

4. Onion cut into strips and fry in butter over low heat until softened.

5. Knead tight elastic dough from a mixture of water, flour, eggs and salt. Give the dough to rest for half an hour.

6. Divide the dough into pieces, roll it into flat cakes 2 mm thick and cut into diamond-shaped pieces.

7. Boil the diamonds in boiling broth.

8. Separate the chicken from the bones, cut the meat into pieces.

9. On a flat plate, lay out layers of boiled potatoes, noodles, chicken, onions, decorate the top with slices of boiled carrots, sprinkle with herbs, pour a little broth.

Beshbarmak from chicken - advice on how to properly serve a dish

There are two main ways of serving, but this does not mean that you cannot serve beshbarmak from the chicken in your own way:

1. You will need four plates, spread noodles on the first, vegetables on the second, and chicken in the third. The fourth plate is given to the guest, it is in it that he will independently collect his beshbarmak from chicken. Additionally put a bowl with chicken broth and a bowl with a variety of chopped greens.

2. In one deep serving plate put a few leaves of noodles in layers, on top of the chicken, after the vegetables. Pour all ingredients with broth, sprinkle with herbs.

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