Beef jelly - transparent yummy. Classic and quick recipes for cooking beef aspic from shank, with chicken

Beef jelly - transparent yummy. Classic and quick recipes for cooking beef aspic from shank, with chicken

Jelly is a “winter” dish.

Great for appetizers and as a complement to side dishes.

Recipes cooking beef jelly set. But for each hostess, he turns out “in his own way.

Today we share our own secrets of cooking beef aspic.

Beef jelly - the general principles of cooking

The main ingredient is beef, necessarily on the bone.

The brawn is made of several varieties of meat.

Therefore, we recommend adding to the broth pork legs and beef pulp. Jelly requires a lot of seasoning and spices.

Suitable as the most simple - bay leaf, allspice and peas, and oriental - ginger, thyme, cloves.

Be sure to need fresh onions, a few carrots, for decoration - fresh parsley, egg.

For serving to the table - mustard is indispensable.

Meat and legs put in a large pot and pour water. The broth is boiled on slow gas, removing the foam the first fifteen to twenty minutes. After five to six hours, fresh prepared vegetables, spices, and seasoning are added to the broth. Give boil.

Meat get skimmer, spread on a dish and allowed to cool. Meanwhile, be sure to filter the broth through a sieve or cheesecloth.

Finely chopped or divided into fibers meat is laid in a form, sprinkled with garlic, decorated with carrots, greens, eggs, can be peas, olives, and pour broth.

Clean in the refrigerator for several hours. Chicken ready!

Shredded beef “Sharp”

This is a recipe of aspic only from beef meat. Taste and wonderful aroma will give a variety of seasonings and spices to the dish.


• One kilogram of beef with bones;

• Three carrots;

• Onion;

• Two bay leaves; • Fifteen grams of thyme;

• Fresh parsley;

• Pepper Peas;

• Carnation;

• Three garlic feathers;

• Mustard;

• One table. spoon olive oil;

• One tea. spoon of acetic acid.


Beef on the bone, carrots, onions, laurel and other spices and seasonings put in a large saucepan. Pour three liters of cold running water. Put on a slow fire for five hours. After boiling, broth is filtered through a fine sieve. Meat spread on a dish, allowed to cool and finely chopped.

Chopped parsley, garlic, mustard, olive oil and vinegar are mixed with chopped beef.

In a special form, pour a little broth, lay out the meat and pour broth again. Put in the fridge for six hours.

Classic beef jelly

The combination of beef legs and tender pulp of veal will make your aspic rich and delicate in taste.


• Beef leg weighing one and a half to two kilograms;

• Two liters of water;

• Pound of veal;

• One onion;

• One carrot:

• Twenty peas;

• Three bay leaves;

• Garlic head;

• Salt.


Beef leg cooked with primary broth. It is completely poured with water and brought to a boil on strong gas. After five minutes, the broth is drained, the leg is washed and again filled with running water.

Secondary broth on slow gas should boil for several hours. Boiling should not be bubbling, but be a slow rise of small bubbles. The cooking process takes five to six hours.

Onions are peeled and cut in half. Flat side put on the pan and slightly fried. Carrots are peeled and left entirely. Pre-boil the meat in a broth in a separate saucepan. One hour before the cooking process is complete, veal and vegetables are added to the leg. Gas is made more and the broth is boiled again. Throw spices and salt.

From the boiled broth get meat and bones. Filter through a saucepan. Boiled cartilage is separated from the stones, cut into small pieces together with meat, or passed through a meat grinder. Garlic is passed through a press or finely chopped, added to the meat and mixed. Veal spread on the bottom of the form for jelly. Pour broth. To the meat was below, and the broth on top, you need to fill with a spoon, without mixing the ingredients. Flooded form clean in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator.

Beef chop in a slow cooker

The quickest way to cook jelly is jelly from a slow cooker. Minimum time, maximum benefit.


• Two pig feet (700 grams);

• One and a half kilograms of beef on the bone;

• One and a half liters of water;

• Five bay leaves;

• Salt and garlic - to taste.


The pork legs are thoroughly washed. Put in a saucepan and pour cold water. Leave in water for five hours. Then the water is drained from the legs and washed again. The beef is washed, the carrots are peeled. Pork legs, beef, whole carrots, bay leaf, and peppercorns are put in the pan from the multicooker. Pour the meat with water. Add salt. Select the “jelly” mode.

Take the meat and legs out of the broth, put it in a bowl, cool it and separate the meat from the bones. Carrots are taken out, they will not be needed anymore. Lay out the meat in the form in which the jelly will solidify. Broth filter and poured into forms. Garlic is peeled and finely chopped, added to the broth. Chicken put in the fridge until it hardens. Enjoy your meal!

Shredded beef steak

You will need a beef leg and knuckle. Usually such jelly turns out rather fat and "sticky" that does not demand use of gelatin.


• Four kilograms of beef legs and knuckles;

• Two large onions;

• Three carrots;

• Garlic head;

• Four liters of water;

• Lavrushka;

• Black pepper (peas);

• Salt.


Meat ingredients pour water and thoroughly washed, freeing from fragments of stones. The legs are pre-scooping with a knife and singing. The meat on the bones and legs put in a large pot or enamelled bucket, pour water. When the broth boils, remove the foam and leave to simmer for five hours. Cover with a lid.

At the end of cooking, peeled onions, garlic and carrots are added to the broth. Salt, add spices. After that, jelly should rypiet two more hours.

After cooking, take carrots and onions from the broth, boiled meat and bones spread on a dish. Allow to cool, separate the meat from the bone and finely chop. Prepared meat is laid on the forms. For decoration at the bottom of the form you can put bright pieces of boiled carrots, fresh greens, and an egg. Sprinkle with minced garlic on top. Strained broth is poured into forms, closed and left in the cold.

Beef chop with ribs

Beef ribs make excellent broth for aspic. Add more onions, only whole heads.


• Beef shank with a bone (one and a half kilograms);

• One kilogram of beef ribs;

• Two hundred grams of onion;

• One or two carrots;

• Allspice and peas;

• Bay leaves;

• Salt;

• Head of garlic.


Fresh shins and ribs are put in a large saucepan and completely filled with cold water.

On high heat, let the meat boil. The gas is then turned off and the broth is allowed to boil for six hours. Periodically remove the resulting foam.

In the meantime, prepare the vegetables. Peel the onions and carrots. An hour before the end of cooking, put them in the broth, also add pepper, lavrushka and salt.

Then vegetables, meat and spices are removed from the broth. Carrots are left to decorate jelly. Meat is separated from the bones and finely chopped.

Lay out the meat in special forms, sprinkle with garlic, passed through a press.

The broth is filtered through a sieve and poured meat over it. Chicken put in the fridge to freeze. Before serving, remove fat from above.

Chicken beef and chicken

Chicken meat will give the brawl tenderness, and will also guarantee quick roast of the brawn.


• calf tail;

• Knuckle of pork;

• Hen;

• Two onions;

• Garlic;

• Ginger and salt - to taste.


The meat is washed and put in a large saucepan. Water is poured from the tap. Add the whole peeled onion, garlic, ginger and salt. Cook the broth over low heat for seven hours.

After the meat is cooked, filter the broth through a sieve. The meat is separated from the bones and finely chopped. Arrange in portions, add fresh garlic and ginger. Pour broth and refrigerate until it solidifies.

Beef jelly with gelatin

Consider the recipe for cooking beef jelly with the addition of gelatin. It does not affect the taste, but only contributes to the rapid hardening.


• Six hundred grams of beef meat;

• A bag of gelatin;

• One large onion;

• One carrot;

• Pepper Peas;

• Lavrushka;

• Salt.


Meat is washed and dipped entirely in a large pot or enamelled bucket. Flooded with water and put on a strong fire.

After boiling, the gas is turned down and the broth is left to boil for three to four hours. Remove the foam. Foam skimming is most convenient.

After three hours salt, onion, carrots and peppercorns are added to the jelly. Cook for another hour. Before the end of cooking put a bay leaf.

Then the meat is removed from the broth, allowed to cool and cut, finely chopped.

Gelatin pour a glass of boiled water. Gelatin should swell and stand for half an hour. After that, it is stirred and poured into the broth.

Meat spread in molds or deep plates and pour it strained through gauze broth. Leave in a cold place to freeze.

Beef and pork jelly

Add some pork knuckles to your beef tibia. Ingredients:

• Seven hundred grams of pig legs;

• A pound of beef tibia;

• Bulb onion;

• Three carrots;

• Four cloves of garlic;

• Salt.


The meat is thoroughly washed. Onions and carrots are peeled. A large pot filled with water and put in her meat and vegetables. Cook over low heat until the meat is easily separated from the bone.

At the end of cooking broth salt. Shumovkoy get meat, let it cool and separate from the bones. Divided into fibers and laid out in forms. Put sliced ​​carrots and garlic on top. Broth filter and pour them meat. Put in the fridge overnight.

Tips and Tips

• Leg for jelly is better to take already processed and sawn into several parts. If necessary, the foot is singed and soaked in water for five hours, then scooped.

• If the mold for setting the jelly is covered with cling film, it can be easily pulled out and cut into pieces before serving.

• To freeze jelly, you can use a regular split baking dish. Then it is pre-laid with foil so as not to leak.

• In order for the legs to fit in the jelly cooking vessel, they are pre-cut into pieces.

• The ratio of water and meat when cooking broth for jelly should be one to one.

• To make the jelly freeze faster, food gelatin is added to the broth.

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