Chicken Feet Chowder is a budget snack option. Chicken paw recipes: with beef, turkey and chicken

Chicken Feet Chowder is a budget snack option. Chicken paw recipes: with beef, turkey and chicken

A product such as chicken legs is bought for pets, considering that this part of the chicken is unfit for human consumption.

In fact, from chicken legs you can cook delicious, rich jelly.

In addition, this product contains a special collagen, which is simply necessary for people with diseases of the joints.

Chicken Feet Steak - Basic Cooking Principles

In addition to the legs, beef, turkey or chicken are added to the jelly, since there are practically no meat in the legs themselves. It is advisable to take wings for the jelly, chicken leg or back of the bird. Chicken legs jelly is also prepared with offal.

First of all, feet are soaked in cold water for three hours. Then they remove the film and thoroughly cleaned with a brush. Paws are placed in a saucepan, peeled whole vegetables are added to them, the meat is filled with drinking water. Cook jelly two or three hours. Be sure to remove the foam to the broth was transparent.

After the allotted time the broth is filtered, the legs are removed, and the meat from other parts of the chicken is removed from the bones and disassembled into fibers. Put it in the broth and put it on fire again. Add spices, spicy herbs and boil forty more minutes. Shortly before the end of cooking add chopped slices of garlic and finely chopped greens. Then the fire is turned off and cold jellied chicken legs are poured into plates or special shapes.

Recipe 1. Chicken legs jelly and chicken


kilogram of chicken legs;

one and a half liters of drinking water;

half chicken carcass;

five black peppercorns;


two bay leaves;


salt and spices.

Method of preparation

1. Lay chicken legs in deep dishes and pour boiling water over them. Leave for a few minutes. Thanks to this, it will be much easier to clean the legs. Remove the skin from the paws and trim the part with the nail. 2. Rinse half of the chicken carcass, remove all excess and cut in half. Put chicken and chicken legs into the pot. Add peeled whole vegetables here.

3. Pour all water. So that it completely covers the meat and cook for three hours from the moment of boiling. The fire should be minimal. Be sure to remove skimmer foam.

4. After the allotted time, remove meat and legs from the pan, add spices to the broth and boil for another five minutes. Salt

5. Cool meat with paws so that they can be picked up. Separate the meat from the bones. This should be done very carefully so that small bones from the paws do not get into the jelly.

6. Throw out the onions and cut the stars out of the carrots and place them on the bottom of the molds or plates. On top of the carrots spread meat in an even layer. Pour all the broth, cool and put in six hours in the refrigerator. Before serving, dip the form or plate for a few seconds in hot water and turn it over the dish.

Recipe 2. Chicken legs and turkey meat


one and a half kg of chicken legs;


kg chicken thighs;

ground black pepper;

turkey wing - 800 g;

two bay leaves;

garlic head;

ten peas of allspice;

three onions;

carrot - 180 g

Method of preparation

1. Wings of turkey, chicken legs and thighs rinse well. Paws pour boiling water and clean them from the skin. Trim the part with the nails. Put all meat products in a saucepan and pour cold water in it. Leave for a couple of hours. Then drain the water, remove the hips, and pour the paws and wings with clean water. Put the pan on the stove and bring to a boil, remove the foam and twist the fire to a minimum. Boil for three hours. After this time, add the hips to the pan, boil, remove the foam and continue cooking on low heat for another two hours.

2. Peel the carrots and onions. Add them whole to the broth. After half an hour, add salt and spices. A total of jelly should cook about six hours. 3. When the brawn is ready, turn off the heat and remove the meat products. Cool them slightly and separate the meat from the bones. Cut the large pieces of meat into pieces. Put the meat in a bowl, salt and squeeze the garlic into it. Mix. From the broth to collect excess fat with a spoon.

4. Arrange the meat in plates and pour broth. When the jelly is completely cool, send it in the refrigerator for several hours.

Recipe 3. Chicken Feet Chicken and “Crisis” Stuffing


chicken legs - kg;

two heads of garlic;

minced chicken - half a kilo;

allspice peas;


Bay leaf;


fresh parsley.

Method of preparation

1. Soak the chicken legs for a few minutes in boiling water and clean the film. Cut off claws. Put the prepared legs in the pan and pour drinking water three centimeters above the meat. Put on the fire and boil, remove the foam and twist the fire to a minimum. Cook paws for two hours.

2. Peel the vegetables. Add them to the pan entirely. Salt and season with spices. Cook for another three hours.

3. Remove the prepared jelly from the heat, remove the feet and cool. Remove meat from pits.

4. In the broth, put the minced meat, salt and cook for another half hour. After this time, add the meat from the chicken legs, chopped garlic and cook for a few more minutes. Mix well and pour into plates or forms. Garnish with sliced ​​carrots and parsley sprigs.

Recipe 4. Chill out of chicken legs with breast


chicken legs - 800 g;

Bulgarian pepper;

two chicken breasts;

finely ground salt;

two bulbs;

fresh greens;

ten black peppercorns;


four bay leaves

Method of preparation

1. Scald chicken legs with boiling water, thoroughly clean them with a brush. Remove phalanges with claws. Put the legs in the pan, cover with water and put on the fire. Boil and drain. Then again fill it with drinking water so that its level is ten centimeters higher than the meat. 2. Put on the minimum heat and cook the paws for five hours. When foam appears, remove it with a skimmer. Add bay leaflets, salt and peppercorns to the broth. Put the peeled vegetables in a pan, twist the flame to a minimum and cook for about an hour. Then strain the legs through a colander.

3. Remove the skin from the breast, divide it in half and boil separately, adding the cleaned onion and bay leaf to the water. Remove the breast from the broth, cool and chop finely. Salted cucumber and finely chopped greens. Mix all the crushed ingredients, and put them in the broth. Mix well and pour into plates or forms. Cool and determine in the refrigerator for several hours.

Recipe 5. Chicken leg chowder with beef


beef shank;


one and a half kg of chicken legs;

drinking water;




Method of preparation

1. Peel chicken legs and remove phalanges with claws. Rinse the beef and feet well and put them in a large saucepan. Pour four liters of water, cover and put on the stove. Bring over high heat to boil. Then twist the fire and remove the skim from the surface of the broth. Continue cooking jelly for about four hours.

2. Peel and rinse the onion and carrot. Put the vegetables for an hour before the end of cooking the jelly. Salt the broth at the end.

3. Put the meat with paws in a bowl and cool it. Separate the meat from the bones, making sure that all the small bones are removed. Chop large pieces of meat. Vegetables are also removed from the broth. Throw out the onion and slice the carrot.

4. Peel and chop a few cloves of garlic into thin slices.

5. Put slices of carrot and garlic on the bottom of deep dishes. Sprinkle all finely chopped greens. Arrange the pieces of meat and pour all the broth. Completely cool the jelly and rearrange it in the refrigerator. Before serving, chop jelly slices.

Recipe 6. Chicken legs jelly in a slow cooker


Half a kilo of chicken legs;

eight black peppercorns;

three chicken necks;

three bay leaves;

two legs;

salt - 5 g;

five cloves of garlic;

large carrot.

Method of preparation

1. Wash your feet and fill them with boiling water. Remove films from them and remove phalanxes with claws. Necks sure to tar on an open fire and rinse thoroughly. Rinse the leg.

2. Put all prepared chicken pieces in a multicooker bowl and fill one and a half liters of drinking water. Salt, pepper, close the lid of the unit and turn on the “Quenching” program. Set the timer to five o'clock.

3. After three hours, add the peeled carrot to the stock broth.

4. After the beep, remove all meat products, cool slightly and separate the meat from the bones. Remove from his skin. Finely chop the meat and place it in deep plates.

5. Remove the boiled carrot from the broth and cut it into a curly shape. Put it on top of the meat. Fill the contents of the plates with broth, pre-strain it.

6. Peel the garlic, cut it into slices and place in a jelly dish. Cool the dish completely, then send it to the refrigerator for six hours. Serve with mustard and greens.

Recipe 7. Chicken leg jelly with gelatin


chicken legs, wings and stomachs - one and a half kilograms;

a glass of green peas;

a bag of gelatin;

garlic head;

large carrots;

two bulbs;

parsley root.

Method of preparation

1. Wash chicken wings. Scald paws and peel them. Cut off the claws. Turn out the stomachs, clean and rinse thoroughly.

2. Put all the meat products in the pan and fill with two and a half liters of drinking water. Put the meat container on low heat and cook, periodically removing the foam. Peel the roots and vegetables. Put them in broth for an hour until ready. Salt and pepper. 3. Soak gelatin in water. Remove meat products, roots and vegetables from broth. Cool it so that you can take it with your hands, and separate the meat from the bones. Broth strain. Put in the broth giblets, meat and cook for another half hour.

4. Strain the gelatin and dissolve it in an incomplete glass of warm broth. Stir well. In a thin stream pour the gelatinous mixture into the broth, stirring continuously.

5. Peel and chop the garlic. Put it in the broth, boil and turn off the heat.

6. Lay the green peas on the bottom of the plates and pour the jelly into them. Cool and transfer to the refrigerator. Before serving, decorate with greens and carved figurines.

Chicken Feet Steak - tips and tricks from the chef

  • Add to the jelly from the legs of the neck or the back of a chicken. The necks will give the brawl tenderness, and the backs will help it to cool faster without applying gelatin.
  • Before preparation, the feet must be very thoroughly cleaned from the skin, as well as remove the claws.
  • Be sure to remove the foam, if this is not done, the jelly will turn out to be muddy.
  • When cooking, add spices and vegetables, it will make the taste of the dish richer.
  • Cook the jelly over a very slow fire so that it languishes. Do not let the boil!
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