Chicken and jelly - what's the difference?

Chicken and jelly - what's the difference?

Jelly is a popular and even healthy winter dish. There is a lot of meat in it, the composition is 100% natural, any sausage is not suitable even for a candle. Or “nervously smokes on the sidelines,” as they say now. Often jelly called jelly. Is there any difference between these meat dishes that it is better to cook for the holiday?

Meat and meat are different

The main difference is the type of meat. Jelly is always prepared from beef, and this is not discussed. Shanks, various articular parts, tails, mosly with meat, ribs are used. Take those pieces that are rarely used in other dishes. They are usually a lot of cartilage. Aspic is mainly prepared from pork, legs, knuckles, heads are used. They have a lot of gelling agents that provide solidification. But it is allowed to add other meat products.

What is added to brawn:

  • beef;
  • mutton;
  • bird;
  • game

It all depends on personal taste. Chicken to pork is administered to reduce fat. Beef gives its taste and aroma. Any other products diversify the dish.

The method of preparing meat products is also different. Pork, as the legs and skin parts are used, must be soaked in cold water. Ingredients are poured, left for several hours or overnight. It is advisable to put in the fridge or take out the street. If possible, change the water several times. It will burn, soot, ichor and other contaminants.

The beef is also soaked, but to remove the ichor. If the meat is not fresh, had time to lie down, then you can not do this, rinse well enough. But here we are talking about products without skin, it is always removed.

How much boiled jelly and jelly are boiled

Many housewives argue that the brawn must be cooked exactly six hours. But there is one amendment. During this time, the legs from a young piglet will fall apart, fall apart, go into broth. It will become cloudy, white, the amount of meat will decrease.

4-5 hours is enough for pork jelly. As soon as the meat begins to lag behind the bones, you can remove the pan from the stove.

Beef jelly in four hours just will not have time to get ready. The meat will be cooked during this time, but the gelling components will not go into the broth. Beef is desirable to cook six or even eight hours. In the old days, the meat was left on the edge of the oven, where it slowly languished all night.

Which is better freezes

Pork jelly freezes much faster than beef jelly. It can be stronger, cut with a knife, like a sausage. It is from pork aspic that various snacks are made in curly shapes and bottles. You can turn it from a bowl onto a flat dish, decorate it with greenery, beat the serving beautifully.

Beef jelly is softer, softer, sometimes there are problems with freezing.

But the brawn may have them, if you add a lot of other meat products or miss the amount of liquid. If in doubt, a thickener is immediately injected into the broth. This is usually gelatin. But there are options with agar-agar.

What is added to jelly and jelly

Classic jelly with garlic, it is also injected into the jelly, but in no case during cooking. It is wiser to use fresh minced teeth when pouring. It is administered to meat or broth. Garlic is combined with all kinds of meat and poultry gives the “same” taste of a dish from childhood.

What is added when cooking:

  • onions;
  • carrot;
  • laurel;
  • peppercorns;
  • roots, greens.

It is important to lay this in the middle of the process when the foam is already removed. You can choose additives to your liking, something to enter or exclude, there are no strict rules.

By the way, boiled carrots, eggs, peas and other decorations are not added to the jelly. All this is introduced into the jelly and aspic. These dishes are distinguished by clear broth, the additives in them look really beautiful.


  • Jelly is an exclusively beef dish. Aspic can be cooked with different types of meat, including beef or veal.
  • Beef jelly is in most cases lighter and lower in calories, no fat is formed on the surface.
  • Jelly is usually light, dense, it is difficult to achieve a clear broth. The top layer of jelly looks like golden jelly, pieces of meat shine through it.
  • Both dishes are cooked for a long time, using a limited amount of liquid.
  • Cooking time for jelly is shorter than beef jelly.
  • Gelatin or other thickeners can be added to both jelly and jelly.
  • Types of spices and vegetables when cooking can be chosen at your discretion, there are no clear rules and differences.

Classic beef jelly

Chicken and jelly - what's the difference?

The recipe of brawn is an incredible amount, which cannot be said about jelly. Here is the classic version of beef with carrots and eggs. The dish turns out incredibly tasty and beautiful, great for a festive table. If you do not like the additives, you can exclude them, leaving only the meat and broth with spices.


  • 3.5 kg of beef on the bones;
  • 2.4 liters of water;
  • 1 head of garlic;
  • 2 laurels;
  • 2-4 eggs;
  • 1 onion;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 5 peppercorns;
  • 1 clove;
  • salt to taste;
  • greens for decoration.

Preparation Method

  1. Soak the meat for an hour in cold water, the liquid turns pink, and then wash the beef. Fill the prescription water, send to the stove to cook. When boiling we collect all the foam. Sometimes jelly cooked on the second broth. You can drain the first water, pour again.
  2. Cook meat at low boil for 4 hours. Then we throw one onion, you can with the husk, add laurel, cloves, peppercorns, washed carrots. Tomim another 2-3 hours.
  3. At the end add salt and broth. This is not recommended before.
  4. Take out the meat and cool it. Strain the broth through gauze or cloth. Try, salt or pepper, do to your liking. Meat is removed from the bones, broken into pieces by hand or cut.
  5. Chop the garlic, mix it with meat, put it in bowls, pour broth so that it covers the meat. We put it in the fridge so that the top froze a little.
  6. Cook the eggs, peel the carrot, chop. We lay on the frozen meat, pour the remaining broth. For beauty, you can skip some greens, throw peas or corn.
  7. Put the jelly in the fridge, withstand at least eight hours.

Since the jelly is prepared exclusively from beef, it can be put on a Muslim table, you can safely give it to children and those people who do not like fatty dishes. Jellied meat is much more nutritious, but it has its advantages, it is different in taste. In any case, both dishes are worthy of a place on the table.

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