Wine from viburnum at home is an exotic drink available to everyone. Recipes wine from viburnum at home

Wine from viburnum at home is an exotic drink available to everyone. Recipes wine from viburnum at home

Viburnum wine has an original aroma and a slightly tart taste.

With moderate use, it strengthens the immune system and contains many vitamins and trace elements that are beneficial to health.

Wine from viburnum at home - the basic principles of cooking

The process of making wine from viburnum consists of three stages: starter, filtering, fermentation and clarification of wine.

Preparing berries. Kalina is removed from the branches, sifted, kneaded and poured into a jar where the future wine will roam. Here, add sugar according to the recipe and pour in water. The throat of the container is tied with gauze and left to warm for three days.

Straining and fermentation. The contents of the jar are filtered, well wring out a lot of berries. Pour the liquid into a clean glass container and add water. Sugar, unlike water, is added in three stages. The first portion is poured immediately after straining. How much sugar to fill depends on what kind of wine you plan to make, dessert, table or liquor. The second time sugar is poured in three days, after the same time, add the last portion of sugar. Capacity for fermentation is closed with a water seal or rubber glove lid, having made a needle puncture in it. Wine is left to ferment for about a month. During this time, the first time it is drained from the sediment, and poured into another container.

Lightening. Banks are closed with plastic caps and left for a month for settling and clarification. Then, with the help of a thin rubber hose, the wine is poured into bottles, sealed tightly with stoppers and cleaned in the basement.

Experimenting with different combinations of viburnum and other berries, you can get different flavors of wine from viburnum.

Recipe 1. Dry wine from viburnum at home


kilogram of viburnum;

sugar - 300 g;

water - 1 l 700 ml;

a handful of raisins.

Method of preparation 1. Kalina clean from branches, sort through them and rinse. Dip the berries into a homogeneous mass and put them in a glass jar. Add 100 g of granulated sugar, an incomplete glass of water and raisins. Tie the throat of a jar of gauze folded several times, and leave to wander for three days in a warm place.

2. As soon as foam appears on the surface, strain the wine, pour it into a new container and add the rest of the water. Every three days, add sugar in equal proportions two more times. Put a rubber glove on the throat of the can, puncturing one finger with a needle. Put the jar in a dark place where the temperature is constantly kept around 25 degrees. Add sugar to the container as follows: drain a liter of liquid, dissolve the sugar in it and pour back.

3. A month later, the fermentation process is completed. Carefully pour out the wine without disturbing the sediment, and pour it into bottles. Insist the wine at least a month in the cellar.

Recipe 2. Viburnum dessert wine at home


viburnum berries - two kg;

sugar - 400 g;

water 750 ml.

Method of preparation

1. We remove the viburnum berries from the branches, sort out the garbage, and without washing, knead. In the mass of berries, add 100 g of sugar and grind until it dissolves. Leave the mixture warm for three days.

2. After keeping for three days, the berry mixture, which began to ferment, is filtered, squeezed out a mass of viburnum and diluted with water. Pour into bottles, filling them at 2/3. Add sugar, at the rate of 100 g per liter of juice. Close the jar lid with a water seal.

3. As soon as the juice stops fermenting, add sugar again in the same quantity. Sugar is added several times, until 400 g of sugar are consumed per liter of juice, taking into account the amount of sugar that has been added to the crushed berries.

4. After complete fermentation, we remove the bottle in a warm, dark place for 14 days. Then the wine is carefully poured to the sediment did not rise, and bottled. Corked bottle, leave for storage in the basement.

Recipe 3. Viburnum liqueur at home


Kalina - two kg;

liter of alcohol or vodka;

half a kilo of sugar;

half a liter of water.

Method of preparation

1. Separate viburnum from the twigs and pour boiling water over them. Half an hour later we drain the water. We do this in order to remove bitterness.

2. Pour the berries into a glass bowl, add a pound of sugar and mix.

3. Capacity tightly close the lid and leave to warm for three days. Add alcohol or vodka. It should cover the berries at least two centimeters. Again, close the lid and stand for ten days in a place where the sun's rays fall.

4. Pour half a liter of water into a saucepan and dissolve a kilogram of sugar in it. Send to the stove, bring to a boil and cook on low heat for five minutes. At the same time constantly stir and remove from the surface of the white foam. Cool the syrup to room temperature.

5. Add syrup to the viburnum tincture and mix. The resulting mixture insist month in a warm, dark place. Every three days the liquid is shaken. Strain the finished liquor, bottled and tightly close the lids. Store liquor in the cellar can be three years.

Recipe 4. Tsarskoe pink wine from viburnum at home


Fresh berries of viburnum - 900 g;

ripe bananas and raisins - 450 g;

sugar - 900 g;

citric acid - 3 g;

pectin enzyme and wine yeast - 5 g each.

Method of preparation

1. Remove the viburnum berries from the twigs, sort them, pour boiling water on it and leave for 20 minutes. Then knead the berries, squeeze and strain the liquid. Pour viburnum juice into a large bucket.

2. Grind the raisins with a meat grinder. Add it to the bucket of juice and pour in a liter of boiling water. Pour half a liter of water into the pan, dissolve the sugar in it and bring the mixture to a boil. Add syrup to the wort.

3. Peel bananas, cut into large pieces and cover them with half a liter of water. Put on the stove, bring to a boil and boil on low heat for 25 minutes. Strain the banana liquid into the wort. Cool to twenty degrees, add acid, enzyme and diluted yeast. Cover with a lid and leave to wander in the heat for three days. Shake every two days. 4. Strain and drain the wort into a glass jar. Top up with cold, boiled water to the shoulders. Cover it with a water seal. At the end of fermentation pour out the wine from the sediment. Drain until the wine is clear. You can consume this wine in a year.

Recipe 5. Viburnum tincture with honey at home


two kg of viburnum;

honey and brandy - 500 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Separate the viburnum berries from the branches, remove the rotted fruit and debris and wash. In a 3-liter glass tank pour Kalina to half the volume, pour in honey and brandy. Fill the jar to the top with chilled, boiled water. Close the lid tightly and insist for a month in the heat, occasionally shaking the liquid.

2. After this time the infusion is poured, filtered and bottled. We cork and send for storage in the cellar.

Recipe 6. Viburnum liqueur with lemon at home


350 grams of viburnum berries;

vodka - half a liter;

sugar syrup - 150 g;

Method of preparation

1. Remove the viburnum berries from the branches, remove the spoiled fruit and debris, wash and dry. Pour into a liter glass container, mash with a pestle and pour in vodka. Insist week in a cool, dark place. Then strain through a fine sieve.

2. Add lemon juice and sugar syrup to the filtered liquid. Insist 14 days, strain again and run through a filter of gauze and cotton. Bottle and store in the basement.

Recipe 7. Tincture of viburnum and sea buckthorn at home


viburnum berries - three kg;

sea ​​buckthorn - kilogram;

sugar - two glasses;

vodka - two liters.

Method of preparation

1. We remove the berries of viburnum and sea buckthorn from the branches, remove the garbage and rotted fruit. We wash the berries and fold them into a colander and sprinkle them on a clean towel to dry them a bit. Then pour the berries into prepared, dry jars. Fill them with vodka and leave for two weeks to insist. 2. We decant the liquid from the cans and place it in a dark place. Berries in containers we fall asleep with sugar, close the lids and shake well. Leave berries with sugar for 14 days. During this time, a syrup is formed, which is drained and mixed with tincture of alcohol. Ready to drink bottled and tightly plug. Store tincture in the basement.

Recipe 8. “Kalina Krasnaya” liqueur at home


one and a half kilogram of red viburnum;

half a kilo of sugar;

vodka as much as you get juice from the berries;

three cloves of badian;

teaspoon pink pepper peas.

Method of preparation

1. Remove the viburnum berries from the branches, put them in a jar, cover them with sugar and leave them to let the berries make juice. Stir occasionally until sugar is completely dissolved.

2. Pour the juice into the bottle and add the same amount of vodka. Add pink pepper and star anise.

3. Drink insist about two months, occasionally shaking it. Then filter the liquor, and bottled. You can store the drink in the basement or refrigerator.

Recipe 9. Viburnum liqueur “200 berries”


viburnum berries - 200 pcs .;

currant leaves - 100 pcs .;

sugar - 250 g;

500 ml of water and vodka.

Method of preparation

1. Remove the berries from the branches, remove the rotted fruit and debris, put on a colander and rinse under running water. Put them on a clean towel and dry. Pour water into a saucepan, dissolve sugar in it and simmer for five minutes.

2. Crush Kalina, put in a saucepan and pour syrup. Add washed leaves here. Put on the fire and boil on low heat for about five minutes. Cool the resulting mixture, strain and mix with vodka. Pour into bottles, stoppered with corks and send to the basement or refrigerator for storage.

Recipe 10. Pouring of viburnum with lemon peel


viburnum juice - 200 g;

sugar - 150 g;

lemon peel;

vodka - half a liter.

Method of preparation 1. We remove the berries of viburnum from the twigs, sort, wash, spread on a towel and dry. Then Kalina fray through a sieve. The resulting juice is filtered. From sugar and water, boil the syrup and mix it with the juice of viburnum. Instead of syrup, you can use honey.

2. We rub the zest of one lemon, pour it into viburnum juice, pour in vodka. Capacity close the lid and leave for two weeks. The liquid is periodically shaken.

3. We filter the pouring through gauze, bottled and closed with traffic jams. It is desirable to use the liqueur in the same year.

Wine from viburnum at home - tips and tricks from winemakers

  • You can squeeze juice from viburnum with the help of a manual juicer. The remaining pulp is rubbed through a sieve and discarded.
  • The more sugar you add to the wine, the stronger and sweeter it will be.
  • In the room where the tank will melt during fermentation, the air temperature should be from 18 to 27 degrees. If the temperature is too low, the fermentation process will stop, at high temperatures, the yeast will die, and will not have time to process the sugar into alcohol.
  • Berries contain very little wine fermented bacteria, therefore when making wine from viburnum, it is recommended to add a handful of raisins.
  • In order for homemade wine from viburnum not to lose its unique taste and aroma for several years, it is necessary to follow the rules of storage. Bottles of wine are placed horizontally in the refrigerator, or a room where the temperature does not exceed five degrees Celsius.
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