Homemade black chokeberry infusion: with honey, cloves, orange. Incendiary recipes of black chokeberry juice at home

Homemade black chokeberry infusion: with honey, cloves, orange. Incendiary recipes of black chokeberry juice at home

One of the most popular low alcohol drinks in Russia is homemade liqueurs.

Experienced housewives are easily prepared from different seasonal berries and ripe fruits, but black chokeberry is considered traditional.

This is not only very tasty, but also very useful (in moderate doses) drink that will decorate any feast.

For the drink is characterized by dark woody color and a wonderful aroma that can not be confused with other alcoholic beverages. Mountain ash is an excellent aperitif, good with sweet desserts. Drinking homemade rowan brandy is a pleasure! Tasty, fragrant, moderately sweet, pleasing to the soul and lightening the heart, it is considered an ideal “feminine” drink. Cooking it in your home kitchen is easy.

Pouring chokeberry at home - general principles of preparation

You can prepare the liqueur from fresh or dried ripe berries black chokeberry. It is considered the champion in the content of specific substances of organic origin, which received the name tanning. That is why rowan juice is very tart to the taste.

To make the berry suitable for consumption without a large amount of sugar, it must be removed from the bushes slightly frostbitten, after the first light frosts. If the black chokeberry is harvested earlier, then before preparing the fruit liqueur the berry needs to be frozen artificially. For example, hold in the refrigerator for two or three days. After such a “frosty conclusion”, the nature of the berry becomes softer: it loses a fair amount of natural tartness.

It is very important to choose and prepare the raw materials. Filling of chokeberry at home at home is successfully preparing only from selected, ripe, large berries. After going over mountain ash, you need to free it from the “legs” and leaves, and quickly rinse with cool water. Rowan very poorly tolerates prolonged exposure to water, so you need to wash the berry through a metal colander or a rare sieve.

The technology is very simple and consists in the separation of the juice, fermentation and mixing with quite strong alcohol and sugar. Juice can be diluted with high-quality vodka, properly diluted with pure alcohol, brandy or good moonshine. The elementary way is to simply knead the berries, lay them in the prepared dishes, add sugar, various additional ingredients to taste and pour alcohol on two thirds of the whole height. It is necessary to stand the liqueur for at least a month (and ideally six months) in an ordinary living room, periodically shaking vigorously. Ripe grapes gently strain through a gauze or cotton filter, bottled.

You can add spices to the brandy, leaves of fruit bushes, zest of citrus fruits. Instead of sugar, you can take honey. If you want to increase the degree of the drink after straining, you can “strengthen” it with a small amount of high-quality vodka.

The second method of making liqueurs is quite controversial, since it involves blanching the berries at a temperature not higher than 70 degrees. However, the plus of this method is significant: try a dark brown noble drink can be quickly.

In order to guarantee to get a tasty blackcurrant liqueur at home, it is necessary to choose the right dishes. Ceramic container or glass bottle is ideal. These materials are resistant to acid and alcohol.

Pouring chokeberry at home “Classical”

Wonderful blackcurrant liqueur at home turns into a fabulous drink. A pleasant light drink will warm you up after a hard day.


• kilogram of black rowan berries;

• three hundred grams of sugar;

• liter of high-quality vodka.


Pour the prepared berries in a glass jar.

Pour the mountain ash with vodka so that it covers the berries for a bit.

Pour sugar - only at will.

Cover the container, put in a dark room for two months.

Shake the berries from time to time.

Strain the pouring, pour into clean containers, cork and send to storage.

It is possible to store some liqueur Time will only benefit her.

Pouring of Chokeberry at Home “Spicy”

Clove gives a warm, spicy flavor to homemade blackberry ash. Drink lovers of Oriental cuisine.

Ingredients: • one and a half kilograms of black chokeberry berries;

• liter of high-quality vodka;

• pound of sugar;

• three clove inflorescences.


Prepared berries gently knead the end of the rolling pin or wooden pulverum.

Pour sugar into prepared raw material, add clove buds.

Transfer the raw materials to a jar, cover with a gauze napkin, remove for two days in a dark warm room.

Pour the berries with high-quality vodka, cork a regular cap of nylon.

Insist liquor for at least three months in a warm room.

Strain the drink through a gauze or cotton filter, pour into a container for storage.

The drink does not dry out at least three years.

Infusion of chokeberry at home “Honey”

Gorgeous, soft, light and healthy drink will delight lovers of honey. If you put blackcurrant liqueur at home not on vodka, but on cognac, you can get additional flavors.


• a pound of rowan;

• a pound of brandy;

• two large spoons of honey with a hill


Pour the prepared berries in a glass bowl.

Melt the honey in a water bath and pour it into the jar in a liquid state.

Cork a container with a regular lid, insist two to three months.

Store unlimited time.

Pouring of Chokeberry at Home “Lemon Quick”

The original recipe liqueur from chokeberry at home can be prepared in just two weeks. A delicious drink will bring true pleasure.


• one and a half kilograms of berries;

• liter of vodka;

• three hundred grams of sugar;

• lemon peel.


Fill a wide, but low heat-resistant capacity with berries to the neck.

Pour high-quality vodka.

Add spices, lemon zest and sugar if desired.

Mix half a glass of water with two tablespoons of water, knead a dense “dough”.

Cover tightly with a quick “dough” lid.

Put the container in the oven, warmed to seventy degrees (not higher), stew for exactly one hour.

Reduce the temperature to sixty degrees, hold the raw material for another hour and a half. Again, reduce the temperature to fifty degrees and heat the liqueur for an hour and a half.

Brandy must be infused for at least four hours in total.

Turn off the oven, wait for the drink to cool completely without removing it.

Hold the container with the liquor in a dark room for four days.

Strain the beverage by squeezing the pulp.

Add sugar to taste, pour into bottles and cork.

You can try the pouring in a few days.

Infusion of chokeberry at home “Rowan-cherry”

The magical aroma of ripe cherries gives summer bliss this option of brandy. Cherry fresh leaf and citric acid complement the ingredients of the classic recipe. If the quantities of rowan seem insufficient, you should proportionally increase the number of ingredients.


• a glass of chokeberry;

• a full plate of cherry leaves;

• liter of clean water;

• three hundred grams of sugar;

• A spoon without citric acid for clarity;

• half a liter of vodka.


Mix berries with cherry leaves in a wide saucepan.

Pour the raw water, bring to the first bubble boil.

Simmer for half an hour.

Leave to insist for a day.

Strain, add sugar, reheat again.

As soon as the first bubbles boil, turn off the stove and cool the broth.

Pour in good vodka, throw in citric acid, cover with a clean lid and remove the container in a dark room for a week.

Strain, bottle and store.

Pouring of chokeberry at home is done quickly and easily. You can taste!

Infusion of chokeberry at home “Summer Garden”

This variant of black chokeberry fruit juice is very easy to prepare at home. A delightful bouquet of aromas of raspberry, cherry, currant dizzy. Citric acid allows to achieve transparency of the drink.


• a glass of mountain ash;

• bunch of cherry leaves;

• a bunch of currant leaves;

• a bunch of raspberry leaves;

• litere of water;

• teaspoon of citric acid;

• half a liter of high quality vodka.

Preparation: Mix leaves of fruit bushes and black chokeberry berries.

Pour in water.

Bring the raw material to a boil and boil for half an hour. Cool it down.

Pour sugar, citric acid, vodka into billet.

Remove to insist at least two months.

Strain, pour into bottles, remove for storage.

Pouring of chokeberry at home “Orange-vanilla”

The festive, jubilant aroma of black chokeberry, home-cooked with this recipe, makes this drink indispensable on the festive table.


• three hundred grams of black chokeberry berries;

• five liters of purified vodka;

• a glass of sugar;

• natural stick or a bag of powdered vanilla;

• a crust from one lemon;

• three buds of a carnation;

• half a cup of fresh liquid or melted honey;

• half a bottle of vodka.


Mash the berries with a rolling pin in a glass jar.

Add sugar. Optionally add your favorite spices and cloves.

Pour vodka on two-thirds of capacity.

Remove the workpiece in a dark warm room for a month.

Strain the pouring.

If desired, add another half bottle of vodka or diluted alcohol.

Full ripening will end in three months. The pouring will become transparent, acquire a rich ruby ​​color.

Infusion of chokeberry at home “Frosty”

Frosted by natural frost berries allow you to make a fantastic drink. Pouring of chokeberry at home can be prepared not only in a modern way - in bottles. An interesting traditional recipe will please supporters of originality, although it will take a long time to wait for the first test.


• Kg of rowan;

• half a cup of molasses;

• pure water;

• vodka.


In a ceramic keg pour berries.

Heat molasses and add it to the rowan raw material.

Completely fill the mountain ash with water, cover tightly with a lid, put into a dark warm room.

When the raw material is fermented, pour a glass of high-quality vodka into it, shake it, mix the contents of the barrel, and cover it loosely.

Repeat the procedure after secondary fermentation, and then pour a glass of vodka and shake up the keg until fermentation is complete. Tightly cork a keg and put in a cellar.

With the onset of summer, put the tara with brandy under direct sunlight. The fermentation will start again, and the keg will start rolling on its own.

Remove it in the cold and wait for cooling.

Repeat the procedure again.

After the secondary cooling of the container heated to the sun, pour the bottle into bottled and cork tightly.

Insist on scent further. The longer the infusion is infused, the tastier it is.

Pouring chokeberry at home - tricks and tips

  • To get the fullest possible flavor of the liqueur, you need to pierce the berries with a thick needle or a toothpick.
  • Pouring on chokeberry is not just tasty, but also a healing drink that preserves the properties of fresh berries. It strengthens the immune system, reduces “bad” cholesterol, normalizes digestion, reduces pressure, strengthens blood vessels, restores their elasticity.
  • Cherry leaves can be added as desired to any type of liqueur. You can make a great drink with apples or lingonberries.
  • To prepare the correct alcohol solution, you need to mix 400 grams of water (preferably boiled) and 600 ml of medical alcohol. You can add it to recipes instead of vodka.
  • It is possible to get a more interesting taste if you put up the berries of mountain ash in the oven. The temperature should be no higher than seventy degrees. It is important not to overdry the berries - they need only a little pull up.
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