Spring protection of garden plants from pests and diseases

The system of protection of fruit and berry plantations is based on the use of mainly pesticides. However, if pesticides can be used in the protection of seed gardens for almost the entire vegetation period, taking into account the waiting period for each drug, in the protection of berry crops (currants, raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries, etc.) they can be used only until the beginning of flowering and after harvest.

Spring protection of garden plants from pests and diseases

In this regard, the question arises what drugs should be used during this period to suppress pests and pathogens. First of all, these are biopreparations, growth regulators and fertilizers with insecticidal and fungicidal properties, for example, pheromone traps, lepidocid, bitoxybacillin against larvae, gooseberry, and caterpillars, strawberry diseases - Fitosporin, etc.

In addition to biologics, good results were obtained from the use of silicon fertilizer Siliplant. It successfully suppresses the powdery mildew of the gooseberry, gray rot and spot of strawberries, increases the thickness of the leaf blade and the mechanical strength of plant tissues, which complicates the nutrition of piercing-sucking pests and the development of pathogens.

Fungicidal properties are inherent in EcoFus organic fertilizer. These preparations are successfully used against powdery mildew and vegetable and flower plant blotches (phlox, roses, etc.). To protect crops with these drugs, they should be used every 7-10 days from the moment the first signs of the disease appear, and it is better immediately after flowering to prevent diseases, increase resistance to adverse environmental factors, stimulate photosynthesis and nutrient supply from the soil, increase yields, its quality and preservation.

Decorative cultures

Recently, ornamental crops appear more and more in suburban areas: coniferous (thuya, spruce, juniper pine, etc.), deciduous shrubs and trees (barberry, bubble tree, cotoneaster, silverweed, maple, oak, birch, etc. ), perennial flowers, lawns and other crops. They require care throughout the year.

With the onset of warm days, many gardeners conduct treatments against pests and pathogens. To do this, they use chemical plant protection products. To increase their effectiveness, growth regulators (Zircon, Epin-Extra) and multifunctional fertilizers (Siliplant, Tsitovit, Ecofus) should be introduced into the working solutions. This will not only increase the death of harmful organisms, but will enhance the growth processes of plants, increase the activity of photosynthesis and provide the necessary nutrients.

Spring protection of garden plants from pests and diseases

To reduce the infectious background, if in the previous year the plants did not suffer much from diseases, it is possible even without fungicides due to regular use of preparations possessing fungicidal properties (Siliplant, EcoFus, Zircon, Epin-Extra, etc.). They are also used to repair damage caused by unfavorable weather conditions during the winter-spring period (frosts, ice rains, etc.). They are used when the soil warms up to + 5 degrees and the air temperature is not below + 10 degrees. To eliminate damage to crops by low temperatures at night, spraying with Epin-Extra (2-4 ml / 10 l) together with Cytite (20-30 ml / 10 l), after 7-10 days spraying and watering under Zircon root (1-2 ml / 10 l) with EcoFus (50 ml / 10 l) to activate the work of the root system. When chlorotic leaves appear, mixtures of growth regulators with Ferovit (20–30 ml / 10 l) are used.

Siliplant (20–30 ml / 10 l) and its mixture with EcoFus (50–100 ml / 10 l) or Cytitis (20–30 ml / 10 l) are used to combat the spots.

Spring protection of garden plants from pests and diseases

Systematic use of drugs and their mixtures will reduce (or eliminate) the incidence of plants with many diseases, provide plants with essential nutrients, and improve their decorative effect.

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