Effective garden care products: no - for diseases and pests, ...

Spring is a hot season for gardeners and summer residents. Much needs to be done to prepare the site for planting various crops. But among other worries and troubles, it is necessary to find time for already growing fruit trees. After all, it is in the spring that insect parasites wake up and begin their harmful work. But not only pests threaten fruit trees. Often, plants are affected by fungal diseases that spread easily and can affect the entire garden in a short time. The best way to prevent the spread of diseases and pests is to take preventive measures to protect the garden. And the ideal time for this is spring.

Effective garden care products: no - for diseases and pests, ...


  • “Gerold” rescues from the moth and other caterpillars
  • “Aliot” - protection from pest complex
  • “Rajok” - protection of the orchard from diseases
  • “Super Root” - an effective root-stimulator

“Gerold” rescues from the moth and other caterpillars

If the pest reproduction process is not stopped in time, the population may become uncontrollable and turn into a real disaster. The apple moth, leafworm, scoops, hawthorn, American white butterfly, silkworm and other pests can not only leave without a crop, but also ruin the orchard in general.

And they are not only dangerous when fruits appear on the trees. Leafworms, for example, in early spring nibble the buds, then the buds, the leaves, and already their next generation gets to the fruits. Many other insects act similarly to leafworms.

To combat the moth, leafworm, hawthorn and other leaf-eating insects, Augustus offers a unique preparation, Herold. The action of the agent is based on the ability of the active substance to disrupt the formation of chitin, as a result of which the pest eggs laid on the treated plants stop their development and the caterpillars on the apple tree do not turn into an adult insect. After processing, the caterpillars lose mobility and reduce food intake.

Effective garden care products: no - for diseases and pests, ...

Benefits of using

Effective garden care products: no - for diseases and pests, ...

The advantages of the unique insecticide “Herold”:

  • long protection period;
  • no negative impact on bees and beneficial insects;
  • the possibility of using the drug in the water protection zone;
  • ease of use;
  • the presence of the ovicidal, larvicidal and sterilizing action allows to control the number of insects reliably and for a long period of time.
  • Reasonable price.

It is necessary to use “Herald” on fruit trees twice per season - at the beginning of bud formation and after flowering. Ornamental and flowering plants are treated when pests are detected.

Spray the trees in calm weather in the morning or in the evening. The drug is first dissolved in a small amount of water, then topped up with water to the desired volume. For trees and shrubs, the proportion is 10 ml per 10 liters of water. Dilution rates, waiting times and safety measures when working with the drug “Gerold” are described in detail in the attached instructions.

“Aliot” - protection against pest complex

Many harmful insects overwinter in our gardens, hiding in plant debris or under the bark of trees. Autumn measures to clean the garden of fallen leaves, cutting damaged shoots, whitewashing trunks help reduce the number of hibernating pests, but these measures do not bring complete relief. Garden treatment is needed in the spring.

The universal drug “Aliot” is effective against a complex of pests. If traces of unwanted guests are found — twisted or gnawed leaves, sticky spots or cocoon residues — it is necessary to treat the plants with the Aliot solution as soon as possible. If the pests have already hit the plants in your garden - you can not wait for traces of their activity to appear, but to carry out preventive spraying in early spring.

The drug in a short period of time will exterminate such pests as herbivorous mites, moths, aphids, apple moth, creeper, scale insects, sawflies, thrips.

Effective garden care products: no - for diseases and pests, ...

Benefits of using

Effective garden care products: no - for diseases and pests, ...

The main advantage of the universal drug “Aliot” is its triple effect:

  • contact;
  • intestinal;
  • partly fumigation.

That is why the application of the solution is effective against a large number of very different harmful insects and mites.

“Aliot” acts quickly - the death of pests and larvae occurs within 2 hours after treatment. Protective effect lasts for 7 days or more.

To obtain a solution, dilute 10 ml of the preparation in a small amount of water, then bring the volume to 10 l.

Treat the plants can be 3 weeks before harvest.

The description of the work with the drug, consumption rates and safety measures are described in detail in the attached instructions.

Use for the protection of the garden and the prevention of the drug "Aliot" and you forget what the caterpillars in the garden and wormy apples!

“Rajok” - protection of the orchard from diseases

Not only from harmful insects it is necessary to protect the garden. Fruit trees are often subject to various fungal diseases. It was in the spring, with the arrival of heat at high humidity, ideal conditions for breeding powdery mildew and scab spores are formed.

Scab - one of the most dangerous diseases of fruit plants. It is easy to distinguish it - in the spring on the leaves appear spots of olive color, which eventually darken and crack. The same spots, often with blisters, can be found both on the shoots and on the fruits. Powdery mildew on apples can be seen in early spring, when buds start to bloom and the first leaves appear. The inflorescences are covered with white bloom, dries out and often fall off, not having time to quit the fruit. The same raid can be found on shoots and leaves. The plaque darkens with time, and the leaves roll up along the main vein in the form of a boat and dry out. On fruits, powdery mildew appears as a white bloom, which gradually turns into a mesh, similar in structure to cork tissue.

Those who have already experienced these diseases know from their own experience that it will not be possible to grow high-quality fruits without the use of protective equipment. Of course, garden cleaning is obligatory - both pruning and garbage collection must be carried out, but these measures will not replace the preventive treatment of fruit trees.

For the protection of fruit crops from scab and powdery mildew, the August company offers the highly effective preparation Rajok. This modern tool is successfully used for the prevention and treatment of fungal diseases in fruit crops.

The systemic effect of the drug provides rapid penetration into the plant tissue. Wintering pathogens at the same time lose the ability to reproduce.

Effective garden care products: no - for diseases and pests, ...

Benefits of using

Effective garden care products: no - for diseases and pests, ...

An important advantage of the “Rajok” preparation is its prolonged prophylactic and therapeutic action. When spraying, the solution quickly penetrates the plant tissue, and after 2 hours it is no longer washed off by rain.

“Rajok” protects both leaves and fruits, prevents the appearance of a “grid” on fruits, thereby ensuring a high-quality harvest.

Spraying of fruit trees with the preparation “Rajok” is carried out 4 times during the growing season:

  • in the green cone stage;
  • in the “rose bud” stage;
  • after flowering;
  • 10-15 days after the previous spraying.

The last use of the preparation should be no later than 20 days before harvesting.

To obtain an effective solution you need only 1, 5-2 ml of product per 10 liters of water. Details on the application, consumption rates and safety measures can be found in the instructions for the drug.

“Super Root” - effective root-stimulator

Spring is the best time for planting and transplanting many garden crops. Fruit trees and shrubs, especially those acquired with an open root system, are under serious stress when transplanting. Long-term transportation sometimes leads to drying and damage to the roots, and such seedlings are particularly difficult to root, and often die.

In order to increase the survival rate of fruit, berry and ornamental crops, the firm “August” suggests using the Root Super root stimulator.

Soaking the root system of seedlings in a solution of the drug (1 g per 1 liter of water) for 6 hours contributes to:

  • accelerated formation of a powerful root system;
  • increase survival rate;
  • stress relief during planting.

In order to achieve the best effect, manufacturers of the “Super Root” preparation recommend 10 days after planting to water the seedlings under the root with a vehicle diluted in water.

Effective garden care products: no - for diseases and pests, ...

Benefits of using

Effective garden care products: no - for diseases and pests, ...

“Root Super” will also help those who reproduce plants using grafting. Not all cultures grow the root system equally well, and gardeners often have difficulty reproducing particularly capricious plants. “Super Root” will easily increase the percentage of rooted cuttings of even the most demanding crops.

It is enough to powder the moistened slice of the cutting with the preparation (10-20 mg per cutting) and the process of root formation will accelerate, and the powerful root system promotes good development and growth of the young plant.

All the intricacies of the drug can be found in the accompanying instructions.

Use modern means to protect the garden from pests and diseases, as well as effective preparations for the care of trees and shrubs, and your garden will please you with healthy plants, organic crop and bright flowers.

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